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Do You Want Your Hair To Smell Like A Salad?

Besides the hundreds of emails I receive every day from a myriad of sources ranging from PR announcements to companies offering us new lines, I receive all sorts of random hair tips and snippets.

Most of the time I read them with interest and if they're good, file them away for future reference.  Other times I read a tip and want to bang my head against the nearest wall because I'm so frustrated.

Nothing drives me crazier than misinformation.  I see it all the time all over the Web and even in well-known magazines.  Most of the time I try to ignore it but sometimes it really bothers me because I know hair consumers will believe the info and act on it.

I know I'm not always 100% perfect with the info I provide, but I try my very best to completely research everything I write about.  If I'm unsure, I just don't include the info or I'll consult with one of the hair and beauty experts who verify the hard core facts.

No, not everyone agrees with everyone.  Two experts may agree on the same topic.  Therefore, the more input I get, the better.

Why I am ranting at this moment?

It started with a recent email tip from a source, who shall remain nameless.  The tip advised that the next time I'm eating a mixed green salad dressed with an oil based salad dressing (not Olive Oil either but the most inexpensive kind), I should pour any excess oil from the salad into a little bowl and apply it to my strands for an "instant hair conditioning treatment".



Ewwwww. I did a double take when I read the tip and wondered how many people saw it.  Even worse, how many people believe it and will actually start to pour their leftover salad dressing onto their strands.

Yes, I actually do oil my hair.  But I use oils designed to be applied to my strands like Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) or jojoba oil.  Not leftover salad dressing.

I can just see it now....I'm in a restaurant and people start pouring part of their salads onto their heads.  Maybe bits of lettuce will be sprinkled throughout their tresses instantly becoming the hottest new hair accessories.  Geez, I certainly hope not.  Afterall, real lettuce wilts.  How would we ever sell real lettuce based accessories?

So hey, after pouring bits of salad onto your hair, why not grab the mayo off the table and slather it on your face for an instant facial?

OK, OK.  Maybe I am making a big deal out of nothing but hopefully you get my drift.  Yes, we're all trying to be more frugal these days with the roller coaster economy but if you want to use oil on your hair, you can still use a relatively inexpensive oil without sharing it first with your greens.

For some ideas on oiling your hair refer to: And of course there's a proper time and place for applying oil to your ends or strands.  If you want to oil your strands please take the time to research it first before just pouring leftover salad dressing on your strands.

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