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Hot Haircolor Combo For Fall 2008

When I really want to know what's going on in the hair color world I hit the streets and visit a hair colorist who works with color all the time.  Who would know better?

Today I went to see my fav Dallas haircolorist - Rose Zuniga. The fabulous Rose and my hair have a long history together. She saved my prized strands from a past color nightmare when a so-called haircolorist turned my baby blonde highlights to Day-Glo Orange. Yes it was traumatic, mainly because I was warned by other hair color experts that the only recovery from the killer orange would mean drastic action.  That action? Chopping off my thigh length tresses to chin length to remove the orange.

Twenty years of babying my tresses from chin to thighs meant I was not going to undergo a chop. Nope. Not gonna happen.  No matter what.

Enter hair color heroine Rose Zuniga.

Through a series of color correction steps she got me back to where my hair had started - a dark golden blonde with baby blonde highlights carefully foiled around my face and through the interior. Since that major recovery effort I have only trusted my hair to Rose.

While I sat in her comfy salon chair and she foiled my head, we chatted about what was happening within the realm of her bustling color business. I asked her what her hair color clients were clamoring for. "Darker" she said, "much darker".

I asked her to define "darker". She reported a really new hot haircolor trend, at least amongst her clients. The trend? A rich medium to dark chocolate base with gorgeous auburn highlights foiled around the face and throughout the top. She said it looks really amazing with lots of depth, dimension and shimmer.

Going darker is a hard concept for me - a Dallas blonde - to ever imagine. So why darker? "Well" she said, it's Fall and time to tone down the lighter hues while changing it up a bit. Makes sense to me.

Rose also told me that the new red is actually a rich orange red rather than a ruby red. Orange red? Really? Yes, it's very popular with the younger crowd (20s). Also popular, according to Rose, is a light chocolate base with yellow accents? Sounds interesting.

Leave it to Rose to be fabulously creative. This sassy Leo knows her colors. Afterall, I walked out of the salon today with shimmering blonde highlights.  My hair looked so awesome I received immediate compliments from the clerk at the local GNC when I stopped to load up on EmergenC.

Will I go darker? Heck no. But it's nice to know the latest Fall 2008 hair color trends directly from the expert haircolorist's mouth.

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