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New Oils For Hot Oil Hair Treatments

Whether you're a long hair fan or not, using oils you buy at the local health food store or on the Web and whipped up into a hot oil treatment for your tresses can be a fabulous treat.

Yeah, I know, who has the time to hang around the house with their hair slathered in warm oil? Well if a chronic 7/20 work-a-maniac like me can make time to heat up 100% organic jojoba oils and apply to my strands (from the ends down only please), then so can most people.

I have experimented with a wide range of oils for my naturally coarse and dry below-the-waist tresses. I have even figured out how to get the oil onto my strands without slinging little oil spots all over the kitchen or the bathroom. Oiling your hair can actually be part of a wonderful at-home spa treatment. Since saving a few pennies these days is a good thing, there's no reason not to indulge at home.

Anyone who is a fan of oiling their tresses usually has a favorite oil. Jojoba is always a safe bet because it is the oil closest in composition to the oils produced by human scalps. Others love the lusciousness of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) but the danger in the heavier olive oil is that it can strip hair color for some users. Also, it is important to make sure the EVOO is stored properly (cool dry place) to avoid the oil from becoming rancid.

Other great hair treatment oils include coconut, almond, sesame and avocado.

I was reading recently about the latest new beauty oils to make the scene for 2008, These oils can be found in some new skin and hair care product offerings, or the oils can be purchased separated and used alone on your hair or skin.

The latest oils, as reported by the October 2008 issue of Good Housekeeping, include the following:

  • cranberry seed oil
  • linseed or flaxseed oil
  • a rare oil known as Argan oil made from the nuts of the Moroccan argan tree.

Cranberry seed oil is very moisturizing and contains antioxidants. Although cranberry seed oil and linseed/flaxseed oil can usually be found in health food stores, the Argan oil is more rare and harder to find.

Meanwhile, some tips on oiling your tresses include the following:

1. Purchase the highest quality oil possible and store it properly. A good oil that is preserved properly can be stretched a long way for many hair treatments. Some oils can also be applied to dry elbows, hands and legs to moisturize.

2. Measure out the desired amount of oil and heat it in a double boiler or pour the oil into a non-breakable cup and place into a pan or pre-heated water to heat gently. It is important not to get the oil so hot that it will burn fingertips or delicate strands.

3. Avoid placing oil on or near the scalp. Although some people prefer to apply oil directly to their scalps, for most hair consumers repeated application of oils to the scalp can cause building and clogging of delicate roots.

4. Consider applying oil to dry strands in the bathroom. Cover the floor and surrounding areas with an old towel or rags to catch any oil flicks. Once hair is oiled, wrap in a plastic cap or towel wrap.

5. While allowing oil to penetrate, take a warm bath with scented candles and aromatherapy oils. Why not pamper the rest of your body while you nourish your strands?

6. After soaking in the tub for the desired time, take a shower to remove the oils from your hair and body.

7. Finish with a cool/cold rinse from head to toe. Not only will this close the cuticles and add instant shine, it will invigorate the body.

8. When possible, let your hair air dry to preserve the benefits of the oiling. If you would rather not sleep with a damp head, blow dry on a slow, cool setting to remove the majority of moisture. Wrap in soft sponge rollers or rags rollers if curls and waves are desired. Drink a wonderful cup of relaxing tea, pop a melatonin and go to bed. Changes are you'll sleep deeply and soundly with newly moisturized strands and skin. Enjoy!

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