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Intensive Hair Conditioning

Intensive Hair Conditioning

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Hair consumers and professionals have been seeking great intensive hair conditioning products  since the introduction of damaging strand altering chemicals.

Intensive hair conditioning products can range from the following two primary options:

1.  Pre-treatment - Hair conditioning products can be utilized for pre-processing of any type of chemical and/or pre-washing treatments.

They can also be utilized for pre-treatment of heat styling and before subjecting hair to dangerous exposure to UV rays of the sun.

Intensive hair conditioning products may include, but not be limited to hot oils, pre-treatment serums, oils,deep conditioning products, {{asin=B00DXOISQS,text=leave-in conditioners}} or similar.

2.  Post-treatment - Chemical treatments often compromise the hydration balance within some types and textures of hair.  Intensive hair conditioning is often recommended for hair which has been chemically permed, straightened or colored.

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Post-treatment for color treated hair is designed to stop the oxidation process as well as to help maintain the brilliance of color-treated and/or highlighted hair.

Salon Or At-Home Intensive Hair Conditioning Treatments

Intensive hair conditioning serums might be applied at the salon after a color treatment or in the form of a glaze or gloss.

Or post-color intensive hair conditioning treatments can be applied at home as an instant color refresher, to improve manageability and shine between color treatments.

These treatments are also designed to hydrate chemically processed strands, protect against UV radiation and slow color fade.

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Popular Ingredients In Intensive Hair Conditioning Treatments

Intensive hair conditioning treatments have evolved from the heavy cream conditioners of the past which weighed hair down to {{asin=B00991IQLG,text=lighter products.}}

Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acids

The new generation of conditioning products offer efficient treatment along with easily comb-able, manageable and beautiful shine.

A popular ingredient for the new intensive hair conditioners include Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acids designed to sell moisture into the cuticle, smooth the hair cuticle and add resistance to splitting and breaking.

Aloe Vera, Avocado & Almond Milk

Aloe Vera milk moisturizes and protects for intense and luminous color.   Avocado milk is also a frequently utilized ingredient which helps restore lipids and vitamins specific for intensive care, leaving dry and porous hair smooth, supple and protected from further dryness.

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Almond milk is a known texture stabilizer which conditions hair without weighing it down, leaving the natural texture bouncy and brilliant.

It also contains a balance of complex proteins and caring oils.  They strengthen the hair structure and restore moisture and lipids to ensure long lasting curls and waves.

Vitamin E, UV Filters & Panthenol

Vitamin E and UV filters are also included to protect against sun and environmentally induced stress.  Panthenol conditions and nourishes the hair shaft with moisture.

Summary - Intensive Hair Conditioning

Intensive hair conditioning products fall into two primary categories which includes pre and post treatment.

Intensive hair conditioning can be performed in the salon or at home with DIY products.

Ultimately intensive hair conditioning treatments are designed to address hair which is chemically treated, damaged, dehydrated and/or in need of some Tender Loving Care (TLC).

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