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How To Get Fuller Lips Naturally

After much research and several trial and error attempts, I think I have finally nailed down how to get full sexy lips without the cost of injections. And trust me, at $400 a syringe and three syringes a visit - getting your lips done every 5 months practically becomes a second car payment.

I have compiled below, tips and tricks from various sources - some from friends, some from my insider at M-A-C, and some from my trial and error adventures as well as recommended products. Enjoy!

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Step 1 - Start by gently brushing your lips with a toothbrush in a small circular motion. This will help remove any dead skin particles as How To Get Fuller Lips Naturallywell as get the blood circulating to the area - which helps give a plump appearance.

Step 2 - Using a small amount of gentle exfoliant, repeat your small circular motions using your finger or the toothbrush. Gentle is key! The idea is to remove dead skin, increase blood flow, and to smooth out any skin build-up - not make yourself look like you fell face first into the sidewalk, so easy does it!

I recommend the got2b Facial Scrub or the Karin Herzog Mild Scrub depending on your budget, both smell delicious and do the job well.

Step 3 - After removing the scrub and drying your lips, apply a thin layer of concealer on both lips and lightly around the top and bottom ridges. This will not only fill in any creases and give an even base but also give your top and bottom ridges a fuller appearance, leaving your lips looking overall larger.

How To Get Fuller Lips NaturallyStep 4 - To lock-in and set the concealer, apply a light layer of powder. For best results use theBalm's Sexy Mama Translucent Powder or Karin Herzog's Magic Moonlight Powder.

Step 5 - With a pencil the same as your natural lip tone, line your lips paying special attention to your newly full ridges thanks to the concealer. For an even poutier look - don't line the corners of your lips. This will bring the focus to the fleshier more plump section of your smile. How To Get Fuller Lips Naturally

Step 6 - Get two colors of your favorite gloss, one light shade and one slightly darker. Prep your lips with a thin application of the darker shade. For an extra added effect, use theBalm's Plump My Pucker Lip Gloss.

How To Get Fuller Lips NaturallyStep 7 - Using your favorite brush, I enjoy Bloom Cosmetic's Sable Lip Brush, apply the lighter shade on the center more fleshier part of your lips. The lighter shade will cause more light reflection, giving the illusion of a fuller lip.

Step 8 - Enjoy your new smile.

All products mentioned aboved can be found at

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