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Ashlee Simpson's Red Hairstyles

Ashlee Simpson Red Pepper HairIf you are an Ashlee Simpson fan, watcher, critic or all of the above, you knew it was only a matter of time before she changed her hair color. Since she appeared on 7th Heaven as a short blonde her acting, reality TV, SO and singing career can be tied to her various hairstyle and hair color changes.

Since Ashlee's celebrity hairdresser is often Ken Paves (when availability permits), or one of his trusted assistants, I have been lucky to get some of the inside scoops about her various hairstyle and hue changes.

Ashlee's new hot red pepper hued hairstyle has been debuted along with news of her latest CD due to be released on or about April 22nd. The rocker is working the circuit by posing for the March 24th issue of US Weekly Magazine and sharing her hairstyle histories.

(Image of Ashlee Simpson at 2008 Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Awards Party 02-09-08 - - all rights reserved).

What do I personally know about Ashlee's hair color/hairstyle transformations?

1. Ken Paves attached bang extensions when Ashlee was on 7th heaven to help her get a more balanced and softer look.

2. Ashlee went from her Seventh Heaven and reality TV show blonde to smokey black when she released her first CD. Why? To put difference between her and her big sis (Jessica) and because she wanted to honor her hard core rocker roots.

3. When Ashlee wanted to go black, she did it at home in her sink with a little guidance from celeb haircolorist Rita Hazan in NYC by phone.

Ashlee Simpson Platinum Blonde 4. On the back trip, when Ashlee wanted to go from black to blonde she spent many many hours in the hair colorist chair and then the best they could achieve was an orange tinged reddish blonde. Not one to quit the haircolor/hairstyle wars, Ashlee went back to the color mat and emerged a buttery blonde.

5. From her butter blonde the rocker went platinum ala Marilyn Monroe and Pamela Anderson. She also went shorter, which is good with platinum tresses since tresses take a beating from bleach.

6. The singer/performer/actress does NOT like to talk about the fact she often wears both clip-in and fusion type extensions. This is a no-no. Why? Not sure but the status of her nose has been a major topic of conversation so hair extensions seem minor considering her big sis and her hairdresser sell them.

7. Ashlee loves to feel her hair move and shake when she performs. She likes to change her hairstyles and hair color to keep things new and fresh and interesting.

8. Ashlee's celeb makeup artist - Mary Phillips - has been quoted in US as saying "she has skin color that can wear any color.....I love her as a blonde...... (Image of Ashlee Simpson at 2005 Billboard Music Awards Arrivlas - 12-06-05 - All Rights Reserved).

Me too. I think Ashlee's best hairstyle is long with waves and curls to balance her prominent chin. I think she look stunning with sideswept bangs and when she is a soft blonde with lots of highlights and lowlights for dimensions. I thought her platinum was "fun" but she looks so pretty as a softer blonde.

What do you think about Ms. Ashlee Simpson's latest hair color and hairstyle, which is long, a little choppy and edgy?

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