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Thank goodness I have this Rant Section of my blog to help be blow off some steam. After all, in Japan where the workers literally drop dead from overwork and stress - I need something to help me release frustrations because my treadmill (which helps but is not always available for me when I'm at Starbucks) doesn't fit in my small car.

The cause of my current rant? It happened again. My work was published without credit to me. No, I can't say what publication because that would be so rude and of course my editor would hate me forever.

But I feel used and abused and totally picked on. Yes, I'm a full grown adult CEO who is supposed to roll with the punches and I roll so much that I often have lint all over my suit coats. BUT mess with my creativity and I crumble like the top of an Oreo cookie that isn't perfectly lifted off the icing.

Yes, I run not one, but two companies and I work 7 days a week, often 18-20 hours a day. I have my business hat on most of the time. My fun hat is my writing. For me, writing is joy. I just wish I could figure out how to write like the Harry Potter lady so I could do it full time because it is highly likely I would. Screw all the problems with lost deliveries, moody fashion designers and Millenium kid employees (had to write one up on Friday for coming in 2 hours late and AFTER he had a wake-up call - shesssh).

Writing gives me peace. I feel like I'm accomplishing something, even if it is just telling people how to fatten their hair in whatever number of steps with whatever number of volume sprays and bigass round brushes.

So when I submit a piece that I have toiled over and poured my heart and soul into and then my byline is hurts more than when I have to fire an employee, have laser hair removal (and that really hurts like a dickens) or my fingers swell from too much typing on my notebook.

No more details. It happened and I found it tonight while I was reading the magazine. So now I've ranted and raved and I feel better. Thanks for listening.........

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