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Hair Layers - How To Grow Them Out

Camila Alves Wearing Classic Bob On Bravo/TV Camila Alves Wearing Classic Bob On Bravo/TV

Introduction - Hair Layers - How To Grow Them Out

The Bob, popularized by Louise Brooks in the 1930s, has been making a huge comeback with celebrities like Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice and Katie Holmes) showcasing the 2007-2008 versions.

Now that the Bob has been popular for awhile, the big question is how to grow out those hair layers that came with the bob haircut.

Can you win the battle with the layers while trying to grow your hair out? Absolutely. How? Work out a plan with your fav hairdresser to help you get from Point A heavy layers to Point B without layers.

Listed below are some great tips for surviving layers as they grow out:

1. Keep your tresses well-shaped and lightly trimmed. Don't fret about stretching out the life of your layers with regular trims.

Have your hairdresser shape the top layers and do small trims on the bottom layers which will get you to one even length much faster than with no trims at all. Trimming 1/8 to 1/4 inches every 5 to 9 weeks works best.

Camila Alves Wearing A Classic Bob - Bravo/TV Camila Alves Wearing A Classic Bob - Bravo/TV

2. Try on a transitional in-between hairstyle.  Consider going either shorter or longer. If you have a chin length Bob, consider going shorter to an ear length cap or crop which will instantly even up any longer layers.

On the flip side, consider having extended wear fusion or similar hair extensions added which will allow current layers to all grow out gracefully to the same length.

3. Disguise layers as they grow out with lots of volume. Shampoo with volume products, rinse with cool/cold water, add volume root lifters and use a vented round brush to build in max volume.

Blow dry hair bent over at the waist to get even more lift and volume which will hide individual layers.

4. Cheat with clip-in hair extensions to add fullness or individual clip-in strands to blend with current layers.

5. Use a wide range of hair accessories to instantly blend random layers. Bandeau style headbands can help hold back growing out fringes. Elastic headbands may work for those with heads not compatible with soft bands.

Fractured Bob With Fill Fringe - Bravo/TV Fractured Bob With Fill Fringe - Bravo/TV

Sleeper clips, tiny jaws, clips and mini barrettes can anchor messy side layers.

6. Play with messy half buns and ponies for a new look which takes advantage of layers. Buns and twists with loose strands pulled out as accent pieces are back in style.  Use those uneven strands to your advantage.

7. Be creative with different parts which will redirect top strands over to one side.  Try deep side parts along with zig zag versions.

8. Experiment with lots of styling products such as gels, pastes and sprays to help hold back rebellious layers.

Styling hair while it's still damp may help anchor braids, buns, twists and updos better than styling them bone dry.

Summary - Hair Layers - How To Grow Them Out

Have fun, be creative and remember that regardless of what you ultimately do, hair always grows.

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