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Reality TV Hair Show

Introduction - Reality TV Hair Show

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Reality TV has invaded every aspect of life.  Why not a reality TV hair show?  What could be more addicting than watching hairstylists compete with other hairstylists?  The possibilities are endless ranging from hair color competitions to styling and cutting events.  If reality TV can be successful in the world of fashion - think Project Runway - why not in the world of hair?

Obviously Bravo, which is considered the best producer of reality TV shows agrees.  The Emmy-award winning producers of The Biggest Loser, The Office and Blow Out (a reality hair show set in a salon) want to fine tune their craft and do a hair competition show.

In order to move forward with the show, with the current working title of Top Hair, the producers and show runners are putting out casting calls to the hair world.  Currently Bravo is look for talented, ambitious, creative hairstylists who love healthy competition.

Bravo is looking for a hair professional who can lay claim to the title of America's next top hair stylist.  Bravo is looking for licensed stylists who can cut, color and style like no one else! The producers point out you do not need lots of years of experience.  However, you do need to be creative, highly skilled and ready to compete!

The show runners will be holding open calls to interview prospective hair competitors.  The open calls  will be held in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago and Miami.

To schedule an interview and to find out more information about becoming the next top hair stylist, please e-mail Bravo at [email protected].    Visit for more information.

Reality Hair Contestant Rules

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All contestants must meet the following requirements:

1. Must be 21 years of age or older.

2. Must be a legal resident of the U.S.

3. Must have a current and valid U.S. license to cut, color and style hair.

4. Neither you nor anyone in your household can be an employee of Reveille, NBC, Bravo or their affiliates.

Should You Consider A Reality Hair Competition?

Although initially the idea of being on a reality TV show to compete for America's next top hairstylist, consider all the less that stellar aspects of the situation.

Consider the following questions before proceeding:

1.  Do you currently have a job you love which might be required leave to be on a reality TV show?

2.  How will your current hair clients feel about the possibility you might be unavailable to do their hair for weeks or even months?

3.  Will you be comfortable being away from your family for anywhere from a few weeks to potentially months?

4.  Are you prepared to air your personal dirty laundry to the world?  Do you have any behavior patterns or secrets you would rather not share with reality TV?

5.  How will leaving your current life impact you financially?

6.  Are you willing to showcase your skills, or possibly lack of skills to the world?


Being on a Reality TV show has its advantages and disadvantages.  If you think you might like to pursue this opportunity, locate previous reality TV contestants and ask them whether they believe it is a worthwhile experience or not.

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