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Zano Salons' Expert Tips Help Hair, Skin & Nails During Harsh Winter Months


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Easy winter beauty tricks from the experts at Zano Salons can save your hair, skin and nails from the dry air and ruthless winds.

Every client visiting Zano Salons, whether a true celebrity or someone who wants celebrity treatment, is treated with an extraordinary experience.

"Two of the biggest beauty concerns during the winter months are dry skin and hair and "bad hair days," says Denise Provenzano, Zano Salons owner and experienced hairstylist. "Our beauty experts have some terrific secrets that work for just about anyone."

For Hair: Don't shy away from wearing your warm winter hat, Provenzano says.

In the winter, a great deal of body heat is lost through your head, so wearing a hat can keep you warm.

To avoid the downfall of "hat hair," try an add-on hair piece that matches your hair length and color. The hair clip will keep its shape and volume to fill in flattened areas.

A ponytail piece attaches to your hair like a pony elastic, while a large piece (the size of a saucer) stays on securely with a claw, jaw or similar pony clips. Just for fun, try an extra-curly or super-spiky texture that's different from your own hair.

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Remember to also treat colored or highlighted tresses with TLC during drying Winter months.

For Skin: Give your skin a boost of much-needed moisture with a tinted sunscreen that you can wear under your foundation.

In the winter, a tinted sunscreen gives your skin the three things it needs most--color, moisture and sun protection.

For Nails: Tough, dry skin and cuticles can make your hands look and feel like a lumberjack's.

To fix them quick, just apply a layer of your favorite facial mask to your hands, including the cuticles. Rinse off with warm water and gently push back cuticle with an orange stick.


Zano Salons offers clients extraordinary experiences in beauty, personal attention, relaxation and rejuvenation in four locations throughout Illinois.

For more information or to locate a salon, call (630) 357-4425 or visit:, located in Naperville, Illinois.

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