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Wella Trend Vision 2002 Report City Bird Of Paradise


WOODLAND HILLS, CA. February 12, 2002 - The Wella Corporation, global leader in professional haircare, with the help of Trend Union, an established Paris trend agency, has identified the top three hair and fashion trends for 2002.

(All photos courtesy of Wella Corp. - all rights reserved. Model - Anat, Hairdresser - Gabrio Giunti - Italy).

Those three trends: City Bird of Paradise, Modern Eve & Adam, and Prismatic Lord & Diva will be individually featured over the next six months in the Wella Trend Vision 2002 report.

(All photos courtesy of Wella Corp. - all rights reserved. Model - Anat, Hairdresser - Gabrio Giunti - Italy).

Trend Vision is all about pushing the envelope on creativity, fashion and imagination.

Six of Wella's most influential hair stylists from different countries, along with Creative Directors Sonya & Christopher Dove, have created visionary hairstyles derived from the trends identified by Trend Union.

(All photos courtesy of Wella Corp. - all rights reserved. Model for both photos above - Tatiana, Hairdresser - Laszlo Hajas - Hungary).

City Bird of Paradise in the Urban Jungle

The City Bird of Paradise woman loves to stand out in a crowd. She has a distinct quirkiness about herself and is not always taken seriously. She lives to have fun and find the hottest party.

She likes to create her own unique look. Much like the modern Moulin Rouge girl or Madonna in her "like a virgin" days. (Model above & to the side: photos - Hollies, Hairdresser - Masatomo Takahashi - Japan - Photographer - Gilles-Marie Zimmermann).

City Bird of Paradise Hairstyle

The hairstyle of a City Bird of Paradise is wild and free-spirited. The haircut is well-executed and has a loose, shaky internal structure with feathered ends. Haircolor is bold, expressive -- orange and black, though not necessarily solid colors, the use of underlying strong panels of color throughout is also the way to go.

Women with long hair will love the elaborate look of the City Bird of Paradise. (Model above & to the side - Renee - Hairdresser - Doves' City Bird Of Paradise - Photographer - Alberto Tovar)

Wella Trend Vision Workshop

For the past six year, Wella has commissioned renowned Paris research firm Trend Union to identify trends for the future. Trend Union not only identifies provocative names for the trends, they also provide details on precise definitions, colors, and fabrics and other pertinent information about the top trends. Wella AG then selects six top Wella international guest artists to their annual Trend vision Workshop to transform the presented trends into contemporary hairstyles. (Model in both photos above: Nykky Doves' City Bird Of Paradise - Photographer - Alberto Tovar)

City Bird of Paradise - The Artists

Wella's renowned international artists John Donato of Canada; Laszlo Hajas, of Hungary, and Masatomo Takashashi of Japan, bring you their interpretation of City Bird of Paradise in the urban jungle.

Additionally in the US, Wella Creative Directors Sonya and Christopher Dove conducted their annual trend shoot featuring the mega-trends identified by Trend Union. (Model in both photos above & to the side: Stefan - Hairdresser - John Donato - Canada - Photographer Gilles-Marie Zimmermann).

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