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Un-BEAR-Ably Cute Jeweled Hairsnaps


Did you know that there are only a few months left until Christmas? How scary is that? But Hair Boutique, as always, has the help you need for gift-giving right in the Marketplace.

P.S. If you haven’t checked out the Hair Boutique Marketplace yet, then do—you will be amazed at the wide variety of fantastic items! At last count they had 750 different hair and beauty related items from over 50 different brands with more new items arriving daily.

These gorgeous little jeweled flower hairsnaps are just the thing for wearing to all those upcoming holiday parties, and will be in great demand for gift-giving as well. And the colors are to die for! The pair I tried out were dropdead lovely—a deep delicious lake-in-the-sunshine blue, surrounded by six aquamarine-blue “petals.”

They look fabulous with blue jeans, and are unbelieveable with dressy outfits in blue, white, fuschia, green, gold, silver, red, and more! Plus they come already packaged in the sweetest little white polarbear plush box.

The bear sports a darling little bright red bowtie, and has a black nose and eyes. Can’t you just see this as the perfect Christmas/birthday/anniversary/thank-you gift for grandmothers, aunts, moms, teens, kids, and the baby/cat/dogsitter?

About the Hairsnaps

These pretty and versatile hairsnaps are fantastic fashion accessories that will remain in vogue for years to come.

HairBoutique's Karen Shelton personally designed these hairsnaps based on years of buying hair jewels for all of the visitors.

Karen's designs were manufacturerd by one of the largest jewelry firms in the world and then shipped to Dallas to the warehouse. In fact, Karen is designing a complete line of hair jewels from snaps to jeweled magnets, pins and clips.

These beauties are thoughtfully attached to nickel clothing snaps. They easily snap onto and into your hair to make a great look. Seven crystals adorn each individual snap to create the look of a small flower, and several different colored jewels are used in the snaps. This is good news because you can create loads of color combinations. They easily attach to your hair in the same way a regular snap works on clothing. The backing of the snap on the underside of the hair makes placement secure, and they don’t damage or hurt hair.

The snaps are easily removed by separating the front of the snap from the back--just use your fingernail to open it, or you can simply slide it out of your hair. By all means enjoy these for everyday wear, not only special occasions. Three or four hairsnaps look wonderful for an everyday look with denim or for any type of casual/business-wear. Wear them singly or in groups for eveningwear, and get ready to rake in those compliments. The white crystals would look fantastic as a hair accent for any bride. The sparkle is brilliant and eye catching.

Since hairsnaps can go anywhere on your hair, they can be worn with all hair types and lengths. Try them with straight, curly or wavy hair, in French twists, braids, ponytails, hair pulled back with a comb or just sprinkled in short-short hair.

Just a quick word on today’s hair jewelry—I am so pleased that us shorthairs can wear so much of it now. Truly, the wonderful new hairsnaps and hair magnets make it easy to sport jeweled hair, no matter how short it is!

Jane Tests Out the Hairsnaps

My own hair is very short and spiked, not much longer than 1.5-2” anywhere. I played around with these pretty little sparklers on a Saturday, dressed in blue jeans and a t-shirt. I tried them in my bangs, over my ears, and even at the back of my head, and I loved them!

They really do stay in place, and are lightweight on the hair and easy to deal with. I found them very “hair friendly” in that even when you pull them out of your hair they are so well-made that they just slide right out. Best of all, you don’t have to be 16 to carry them off. The next time you visit your favorite supermarket, browse through the magazines and you’ll see them on women of all ages.

Jane’s Rating

On my own scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, I give the jeweled flower hairsnaps a 9!

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