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The Bachelor: Reality TV's Love & Hair On The Air!


"The Bachelor," an original one-hour primetime reality television six-episode series that gives one lucky man and 25 lucky women the unique opportunity to find true love, premiered on Monday, March 25 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

This new program replaces "The Chair" which had originally been scheduled for this time and has since been cancelled. (Photo of The Bachelor - Alex Michael - ABC/CRAIG SJODIN - Copyright ABC all rights reserved - 2002 ABC, INC.)

After an extensive nationwide search, one of America’s most eligible bachelors was revealed on March 25th on the new ABC reality romance show. Alex Michael (shown above) an attractive, accomplished businessman (with, I might add, very GQ hair) comes from a supportive, close-knit family. This Bachelor is reported by the producers to have a great sense of humor and a greater sense of adventure, both of which he will need as he embarks on a quest to find true love.

Well educated and charming, Alex begins this search in earnest when introduced to 25 attractive, successful and talented women from all walks of life (shown below).

Although they had never met the Bachelor, these women were given an opportunity to learn about him beforehand and see his photos. (Photo of The Bachelorettes - ABC/CRAIG SJODIN - all rights reserved - 2002 ABC, INC.)

During the premiere episode, the Bachelor hosted a cocktail party and was introduced to all of the 25 bachelorette women for the very first time.

By the end of the first evening, he faced the daunting task of selecting 15 women whom he would like to know better for the course of the entire show.

Once Alex made his initial selections he presented each one of his choices with a single red rose. (Photo of Alexa on the left & Amy on the right were two of the first 15 selected - BC/BOB D-AMICO).

Being obsessed with hair I immediately scooped out all the hair styles on the 25 initial bachelorettes. Obviously the women were picked with Bachelor Alex Michael's female tastes in mind. Since the goal of the show is to find Alex a wife, it makes sense that the producers would cater to his initial visual needs. (Amanda on the left & Angela on the right from the first 15 - ABC/BOB D-AMICO).

Although anything can happen on these reality shows, just look at Marry A Millionaire, it is obvious that ABC is trying to do a better job of making a matrimonial match than other shows from the past. (Angelique - One of the first 15 - ABC/BOB D-AMICO).

I was very impressed with the healthy and shiny manes that appeared on the majority of the women on the first show. I am not sure if a staff of hairstylists helped to dress the tresses but whatever the reason, the show started off on a good hair foot. (Long haired blonde beauty Christina was one of the first 15 - ABC/BOB D-AMICO).

One thing that was especially interesting to me was the large number of bachelorettes with shoulder length or longer locks. Even more notable was the fact that of the fifteen women that he chose for the first cut, Alex selected eight who were brunette, one who was "cinnamon brunette" and one who had a dark auburn/brunette hue.

The remaining five bachelorettes had various shades of blonde hair. No vibrant redheads were in the group.

There also was an absence of funky or Goth colors including pink, orange, blue and white. Also MIA were wild streaks, multi-colored hair or other unconventional hues. This hair color phenomenon would make sense since one of the women interviewed on the first episode made the comment that "Alex seems like the type of guy who wants a classy lady". (Kathryn - left & LaNesse - right - from the first 15 - ABC/BOB D-AMICO).

Although the women could either accept or decline the Bachelor’s invitation to continue on the journey, every one of the 15 women (Alexa, Amanda, Amy, Angela, Angilique, Cathy, Christina, Kathryn, Kimberly, LaNesse, Melissa, Rhonda, Shannon, Tina and Trista) that he chose accepted the rose, many with a kiss. (Shannon shown to the side was one of the first 15 - ABC/BOB D-AMICO).

The women who accepted the roses will move into a sprawling mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean for much of their courtship with the Bachelor.

During the subsequent five episodes, via a series of dates and social gatherings, the number of romantic hopefuls continues to narrow, from 15 to eight, then four and, ultimately, to the one woman who captures his heart. (Photo of Melissa shown - from the first 15 - ABC/BOB D-AMICO).

Although Melissa shown above, Rhonda (left), and Cathy (below) all have the shortest of the chin length bobs, the rest of the first group of bachelorettes have shoulder length or longer locks. (Photo of Rhonda shown - from the first 15 - ABC/BOB D-AMICO).

Other than Rhonda who has a slight side sweep of long bangs, none of the other bachelorettes have bangs of any kind. This is interesting in light of the fact that bangs are very big for 2002. I also noticed that the sizzling hot shattered, razored cuts of 2002 were not present on any of the first finalists.

There wasn't a crop or short shaggy capped do in the lot. Does this mean that Alex prefers women with longer hair? It would seem to be the case. Although the majority of the women have longer locks, none have hair that cascades longer than mid back. (Cathy - from the first group of 15 - ABC/BOB D-AMICO).

Also notable is the fact that only one of the women, Kimberly, had hair that was not worn sleek, smooth and very straight. Absent from the first group was any curly girls.

Kimberly appeared on the first show with wavy hair that might have been shaped by one of the hot new crimping tools or a great set of hot rollers. (Kimberly shown to the side - from the first 15 - ABC/BOB D-AMICO).

As the show unfolds it will provide an in-depth, behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lives of each participant involved in this unique dating process. During the show's six episodes the Bachelor will have more time to get to know the bachelorettes.

The Bachelor travels to exciting, romantic locations with the ladies that he selects, introduces them to his closest friends and his family and visits their hometowns to meet their parents, all in an effort to identify the woman with whom he is most compatible. (Tina - from the first 15 - ABC/BOB D-AMICO).

At the end of the journey, this young man will have had an unforgettable experience, made new friendships and, quite possibly, found true love. We will also get to watch the entire event.

OK, so we explored the hypothesis that Alex is attracted to classy women who have longer hair. This hypothesis will be proven or disproven as the show progresses and Alex continues to narrow his choices to just one woman. (Trista - from the first 15 - ABC/BOB D-AMICO).

But the big question is: After all of this, if he pops the question, will she accept?

Chris Harrison (host of HGTV’s popular primetime series "Designers’ Challenge") guides this romantic journey — serving as friend and confidant, as the Bachelor and the women learn more about each other. (Photo copyright ABC - ABC/BOB D-AMICO - 2002)

"The Bachelor" is produced by Next Entertainment in association with Telepictures Productions for ABC. Mike Fleiss ("Magic Secrets Revealed") is executive producer. Information courtesy of ABC Media. A special thanks from

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