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That 70s Show Hair Happenings - 2002


Fox/TV's That 70s Show kicked off its highly touted season premiere on Tuesday, September 17th. Besides the celebrity guest appearance of Jessica Simpson (shown to the side - copyright 2002 FOX Broadcasting Company - all rights reserved), the Life's A Beach opening episode held some noteworthy new hair surprises for several members of the cast.

The show kicked off its fifth season on the beautiful sandy beaches of Southern California where the longer coifed Kelso (Ashton Krutcher shown above with Simpson) was attempting to frolic with the beautifully styled Annette (Simpson). In previous seasons Kelso has worn his hair much shorter and shaggier than it appeared on the opening season. With his hair parted to the side and longer in the back, Kelso appeared to be better coiffed than ever.

Although Jessica's hair looked beach bunny stunning, the real surprise was Donna's (Laura Prepon) famous deep copper red tresses. (Photo to the side of Donna and Eric in the basement which serves as the official That 70s Show gang hangout. Copyright 2002 Fox Broadcasting Company - all rights reserved).

Famous for her bra-length, off the face, copper red tresses, Donna appeared to have shed several inches from her formerly long mane. Her hair seemed to have newly added blonde streaks and muted copper tones. Maybe the network's intent was to simulate natural highlights from Donna's long summer spent on the beach.

Or maybe Prepon wanted to update her look with richer highlights and lowlight. (Photo of Donna with longer signature locks - Copyright 2002 Fox Broadcasting Company - all rights reserved).

Part of the current season's hair changes could be the fact that the kids are now entering their senior year in high school.

It makes sense that the cast member's locks would reflect this natural aging of the show's plot lines and directions.

Whatever the reasons, there was definitely a noticeable change to Donna's do. Besides nestling right at the shoulder and showing hints of newly acquired highlights, Donna's hair was parted in the middle and appeared to be much thicker and slightly layered. (Photo of That 70s Show Teen gang from previous season shown above - Copyright Fox Broadcasting Company).

While Donna's hair appears to have morphed into a shorter, highlighted style, Eric (Topher Grace shown to the side) seems to be moving towards a more finished and well-designed style.

In season's past, Eric's wavy hair often appeared unruly and a little off-center. In the opening episode his hair definitely showed some positive new directions from season's past. Not only did Eric have a well-defined side part, his hair appears to have been texturized or layered. It definitely looked carefully styled and well-shaped.

Jackie's (Mila Kunis shown to the side) hair also appeared to be more polished and was definitely a lot longer than the previous season. Although she still has her trademark 70s style "hair wings" (shown to the side) the length of her silky black locks is definitely moving South towards the middle of her back. Jackie's wings for the opening show were softer than season's past and appeared to be lower and closer to her head.

Jackie looked fabulous as usual and definitely seemed to be happy without Kelso, her cowardly ex-boyfriend. The lovely Jackie is definitely growing up and appears more poised, confident and sophisticated.

Good buddies Hyde (Danny Masterson) and Fez (Wilmer Valderrama) also appeared more mature in their overall appearances. Hyde's formerly wild mop top appears more tightly arranged and was joined by new facial hair that offered a brief focal point to the opening series. Although still wearing the retro 70s style of glasses, Hyde appearance hints at more maturity. Hyde's budding new relationship with Jackie could provide all sorts of possibilities for Hyde's looks to change for the upcoming season.

Darkly handsome Fez appeared much more polished and less nerdy with a clean-cut sculptured do. (In real life Valderrama recently parted ways with his long term love Mandy Moore). According to the show's press reports, Fez will mature this year trading his candy addiction for the love of an older woman at the DMV. It will be interesting to see how the show portrays Fez's overall look as he grows into manhood.

Red and Kitty Forman who play That 70'S Show star parental units (Shown in the photo to the side L-R: Red Forman (Kurtwood Smith, L), Kitty Forman (Debra Jo Rupp, C) always appear to be follicle challenged because of their roles as parents in Middle America in the 70s.

My heart goes out to mom Kitty Forman who has worn the classic 70s helmet head do since the beginning of the show. My only hope is that Kitty is wearing a wig and can dump the heavily sprayed tightly curled flip at the stage door before she goes out into the real world.

Dad Red Forman, who has long aged past his red headed nickname, doesn't seem to change from season to season. Maybe he gets a little thinner, a little grayer and has a little less hair, but overall Red looks pretty much the same. In many ways, this is a good thing and provides an anchor to the show's overall theme.

What new hairstyles can we expect from the show that has had such stellar guests as recent visitor Luke Wilson? Stay tuned. I am sure the stylists and the writers will put their heads together to come up with some new and noteworthy dos for the current Season.

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