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Thanksgiving Hair Care Treats


If you have been reading any of my articles or columns over the past five years you have figured out that I have a one track hair obsessed brain. Everything that I deal with eventually boils down to hair.

Jaqua Girl's - Pumpkin Papaya MaskSo there I was last night shopping for the annual Thanksgiving feast at my house. As I was picking through stacks of cans of pumpkin for the traditional pie I was thinking how I might be able to use the leftover pumpkin as a hair or beauty treatment. Yeah, sounds nuts but after all, The Jaqua Girls are famous for their Pumpkin Papaya Mix designed to give you a glowing complexion. As I threw another can of pumpkin on the pile I grabbed a nearby papaya. I decided to experiment and whip up my own version of a pumpkin mask while I baked my pies.

And speaking of whipping, I remembered my book review from a few years ago about washing your hair in the white creamy whipped stuff. I fondly recalled my own trial by stickiness when I tried the recommended cream treatment on my own strands. Yes, it made my hair softer but a tad sticky although definitely sweet smelling. For days after I glopped whipped cream on my tresses I had the vague aroma of sugar and spice, well you get my drift.

Jaqua Girl's - Brown Sugar Shimmer Body Powder -  1 ozAs I rolled by the sweet potatoes I made a note to pick up some brown sugar for the candied yam dish. Of course this triggered my memories of Jaqua Girls Brown Sugar Body Shimmer Powder (shown to the side) which is definitely yummy in every respect. Yes, I have puffed by entire body from head to toe with the yummy confection. Deciding to pass on making my own brown sugar body powder I moved toward the pyramid of canned cranberries. I debated buying the real berries and then racked my brain for beauty uses.

Although Burt's Bees has wonderful lip glosses made with strawberries and raspberries they don't have any with cranberries. However, there is an all natural recipe around that uses cranberries from the natural beauty empress, Janice Cox. The recipe from Natural Beauty for All Seasons was also featured in the December 2003 issue of CosmoGirl. This cool recipe requires you to mix together 1 tablespoon of almond oil, 10 fresh cranberries and 1 teaspoon of honey. For detailed instructions click on the link above. If you decide to buy the real deal for your cranberry salad keep a few berries in reserve and try the recipe from Janice.

Of course my good friend, celebrity stylist Robert Hallowell has a ton of natural hair care recipes that would dovetail nicely with the Thanksgiving Holiday cooking spree. Since Robert uses eggs and baking soda for some of his famous recipes, keep a few extra eggs out during your pie making and you can create his famous kitchen beauty treatments while the real pumpkin and cherry pies are baking in the oven.

Jaqua Girl's - Cherry Facial Scrub - 4 ozOf course if you are in the mood to experiment, you can make your own cherry facial scrub and mask. If you love the thought of a face full of cherries but don't want the gooey mess, never fear, Jaqua Girls to the rescue. Check out their Cherry Face Scrub and their Berry Mask.

Unfortunately I have yet to crack the mystery of how to use any of the turkey or dressing for any type of beauty treats.

Whether you decide to gorge with the real food treats or slather your face, hair and body with the byproducts, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, have a wonderful Turkey Day.

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