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Beverly Hills, California - In her most recent collection, Paul Mitchell Master Associate Pamela Perrettie plays with texture and color to create original looks of unexpected design.

Funky Firefly (short red hair, off the face)

To create this vibrant color, Pamela relied on Paul Mitchell the color and an "inside shadow" color technique of her own design. She started with a pre-lightened level 7. She created a vertically-placed diamond pattern around the crown of the head, alternating diamond-shaped sections lightened with Dual Purpose Bleach with 20 volume Cream Developer and overlaid with Orange INKWORKS™, with diamond-shaped sections of Paul Mitchell the color 7OR (from the new True Red Series). (Note: The three possible shades are 5VR, 6RR or 7OR, not RO).

To style, Pamela prepped her naturally curly-hair model with Color Protect Daily Shampoo, Daily Conditioner, and Locking Spray, then blow-dried Extra-Body Daily Boost into the roots of the hair. Using a mix of Wax Works and Gloss Drops (blended in her hand), she then took random sections of hair and twisted them for a funky, avant-garde shape. She finished with a light mist of Super Clean Spray.

Quick Change (same red-haired model, hair on the face)

To create a more daytime look that preserved the funky appeal, Pamela applied NEW ReWorks versatile styling cream on top of the already-created style.

She then combed through the hair towards the face.

Natural Drama (dark and curly, chin-length hair)

In order to make this model's blue eyes really pop, Pamela took this pre-lightened level 10 dark and deep.

She applied Paul Micthell the color 2N over the entire head, then applied separate overlays of Black INKWORKS and Clear INKWORKS for depth and shine.

To style, Pamela prepped her naturally straight-haired model with the Color Protect system and then applied Sculpting Foam™ to achieve a fuller lived-in feel. She did a random set with wooden dowels of various sizes to create a natural curl, and set her model under a hood drier. She finished with Soft Spray

Faux-hawk (dark-hair, mohawk shape)

Pamela took this natural level 4 darker and shinier with an overall application of Paul Mithcell the color 2N, followed by an overlay of Clear INKWORKS.

For fun texture and definition, she lightened the ends to a pale yellow with Dual-Purpose Bleach and then applied Blue INKWORKS to this area.

To style, Pamela prepped this fine-texture, wavy-haired model with the Color Protect system. She then dried in Sculpting Lotion™ with a rough blow-dry and pinned the hair up in random sections to create the mohawk shape, using Wax Works on individual strands and sections for definition. She flat-ironed the ends, and finished with Freeze and Shine Super spray.

Color Moves (shoulder length hair with blond and red/orange panels)

Pamela added dimension and movement to this pre-lightened level 8. She colored the under-layer of the model's hair with Paul Mitchell the color 7OR NEED REAL SHADE USED (from the new True Red Series), then created panels on the top layer alternating Dual-Purpose Bleach (developer?) and the model's starting level of pre-lightened level 8.

To style this disconnected and geometric shape, Pamela prepped with the Color Protect system and then blow-dried with Super Sculpt™ and Glow Drops™. To finish, the flat ironed with Spray Wax™ and Gloss Drops.

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Hair: Paul Mitchell Master Associate Pamela Perrettie Make-up: Kolina Fernandez and Janine Taylor Photo: Jeremiah Sullivan

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