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Summer Skin Care Tips From Robin Evans


Robin Evans

NYC brow and skincare expert, Robin Evans is an expert on dealing with summer skin care needs.

Robin says that during the summer, many skin types tend to get a bit oilier.

Therefore, Robin suggests cleansing twice a day and treating the skin both internally and externally for the most amazing results.

“As skin is the largest organ of the body, it shows tell tale signs on our skin when something is going wrong on the inside.”

Combination skin:

If you have oily skin accompanied by dryness, Robin recommends using an exfoliant to get rid of the dry flakey surface skin, or possibly even schedule an appointment for a facial peel.

Product Recommendation:

Astara Skincare makes a great exfoliating mask called Violet Flame Enzyme Mask which is like an at home peel.

Oily/ Extremely Oily Skin:

Astara Violet Flame Enzyme Mask

Oily skins can also benefit from following a low fat diet, especially avoiding animal fats. If you tend to break out, eat a diet rich in antioxidants like spinach, kale, broccoli, carrots and berries.

These foods are high in vitamin A, C, and E and are very healing to the skin.

For people that break out and have food sensitivities and allergies, Robin suggests trying to eliminate wheat, sugar, and dairy; as they can be triggers for acne sufferers.

Product Recommendation:

For extremely oily skin, Robin prefers Dermalogica™’s Dermal Clay Cleanser.

Do not cleanse more than twice a day, as over cleansing can dry the skin which can actually cause the oil glands to produce more oil, as well possibly cause black heads and congestion because of the dry skin covering the pores.

More of Robin’s Favorite’s Listed below are more of Robin's favorite products:

Murad’s Refreshing Cleanser: Great for normal to oily skin and also contains salicylic acid to gently exfoliate.

Astara Blue Flame Oil Free Moisturizer

Astara’s Blue Flame Oil Free Moisturizer: An organic skin matt-ifying moisturizer with antioxidants. Cosmedicine Medi-Matte Oil Control Lotion: This one contains an SPF 20. Cosmedicine Medi-Matte Oil Control Spray: This product is so innovative. It’s an oil control spray that you spray on your face throughout the day and even helps to hold your makeup. Astara Blue Flame Purifying Toning Mist: With Totora Tree extract; great for oily acneic skin.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 4: This is great for extremely oily skin and also has salicylic acid to gently exfoliate. A primer is another way to absorb oil, and it also helps your makeup last longer. My favorites are Face Stockholm and Laura Mercier.


For summer makeup, Robin prefers the look of really bronzed skin.

Product Recommendation:

Robin recommends Decleor Aroma Sun

Decleor Aroma Sun

Bare Escentuals Foundation:

This product has a natural SPF 15 and comes in the form of a loose powder with 12 shades to choose from.

Another great attribute of Bare Essentials Bare Minerals is that it is 100% natural, where as most mineral makeup is only 60%-70% natural.

If you're looking for that perfect bronze eye shadow, Tan Lines and in The Buff by Bare Escentuals are beautiful, and like the foundations, are 100% natural.


Citrus based perfumes in the summer are also fun and make you feel so fresh and clean.

Fresh Hesperides Eau de Parfum is simply delicious and contains grapefruit extract; for a balanced odor. It is also available in a shower gel and body lotion.

Perfect Summer Facial and Overall Body Skin

The “Perfect Summer Facial” would consist of a lot of pore cleansing extractions, as skin tends to get more clogged in summer due to more oil production, perspiration, and sun block. Also, using products in the facial to help absorb excess oil will help control shine during the summer months.

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Glimmer Tan Lines


During the summer it's important to take special care of your skin.

Robin Evans suggests cleansing your skin twice a day as well as treating your skin both internally and externally for the most amazing results.

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