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Summer Hair Doldrums: Fast Fix Ideas


Hair In Summer Sun

The July 4th weekend signals the fact Summer is half over. Although sun-bleached, frazzled hair is still regarded by many as the ultimate banner ad for fun in the sun, it's definitely not a healthy look.

It is a proven fact that the natural process of sun-lightened hair is a lot more damaging than having it done at the salon.

If your hair has already undergone chemical coloring or processing additional sun exposure will add damage that is probably irreversible in the short term.

If you have been hanging in the sun, you may have some new sun-related damage to your hair and skin. If your skin is peeling and your hair looks faded or feels dry and scrunchy, don't despair, there are tricks that can help you to easily recover from hair or beauty problems.

Dry & Damaged Locks

While it's always best to protect your hair by applying serums, sprays or gels containing sun protection during the day, be sure to replenish moisture with extra-nourishing shampoo and conditioners created for sun parched hair that has been spending time in the sun.

Saturate frazzled dry as a gulch hair with a product line designed to help your hair recover from sun and surf dryness. Or dig out your favorite deep conditioning treatment or moisture masks for instant moisture replenishment and sun damage reversal. Don't forget to use a more moisturizing shampoo and always finish with a cool/cold water blast to lock in added moisture.

Although you should always shampoo out pool or similar chemicals from your hair as soon as possible, when you are not exposed to similar contaminants, consider giving your hair a rest from a daily shampoo schedule.

Home Hair Treatments

Pooltime in Summer

If you prefer home treatments try the following options:

1. Take two or three Vitamin E or Flaxseed oil capsules (depending on the thickness and length of your hair) and carefully prick with a straight pin. Squeeze the contents of the capsules into 1/4th to 1/2 cup of your favorite rinse-out conditioner. Apply this special mixture after rinsing out your shampoo.

Work the mixture through your hair from the tops of your ears to the ends. Be careful not to saturate the mixture near your roots. Focus the mixture on your most damaged sections.

Use a wide tooth comb or pick and carefully comb the mixture through your strands.

Leave the mixture on your hair for 10-20 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Some of the oil will remain on your hair to help re-moisturize it and protect if from additional sun. If possible, let your hair air dry for extra benefits.

2. Take a few drops of jojoba oil and massage into the clean palms of your hands. Massage the mixture into the damaged sections of your hair. Concentrate some oil on the ends. Use a wide-toothed comb or pick to distribute through to the your ends.

Pin your hair up, braid it, put it into a low slung ponytail or slick it back. Allow the oil to remain on your hair all day for extra moisturizing and protection.

3. Make a customized Sesame Sun Oil for your hair and skin. Sesame offers a small dose of UV protection so you if you burn easily, you may want to add your sunscreen on top of the sesame hair and skin mixture. To make the oil follow these instructions:

Enjoying Summer Pool

Mix 2 1/2 tablespoons of high quality sesame oil with 2 1/2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Add 4 teaspoons of grapeseed oil, 5 drops of lavender essential oil, 40 drops of petitgrain or lime essential oil.

Apply the oil through your hair and your skin. Use a wide-toothed comb or pick to distribute the oil through your ends.

Pin your hair up, braid it, put it into a low slung ponytail or slick it back. Allow the oil to remain on your hair all day for extra moisturizing and protection.

Halt Future Damage

If your hair appears to be suffering from extra dryness or other summer related hair problems, make a conscious decision to opt for wearing a hat for the rest of the summer.

A hair covering with a good brim is the perfect choice. This is especially true if it's comfortable and provides extra coverage from the rays of the sun. Not only will it protect your hair, but it will help protect your skin from damage.

Sunburnt Scalps

While it is always best to prevent a burnt scalp by using sunscreen on delicate exposed areas, once you have a burn it is just as important to get some instant relief. Dip cotton balls into a glass of ice cold milk and dab on the burnt scalp parts. Do this repeatedly until your scalp stops burning. The fat in the milk will naturally moisturize and soothe the sting.

You can also apply this same mixture to burnt faces and bodies. It is very gentle and does not contain any damaging chemicals.

Once your scalp starts to peel or scale you can dab a small amount of baby oil on the burnt sections. This will help to gently remove the peeling without damaging the skin. When your scalp is burnt it is more sensitive to chemicals and other hair care products.

If you must wash your hair during the first days of the burns, avoid applying shampoo near the raw areas. Wash only the lengths and ends of your hair. Use a cool water to shampoo and rinse and hot or warm water may irritate the burn.

Fading Hair Color

Windy Summer Day At Beach

Nothing will strip your beautiful hair color faster than sun, sand, salt and pool chemicals. It's a known fact the UV rays from the sun can fade or alter the color of both natural and treated hair. Redheads usually find their color fading the fastest.

While it is always best to take preventive action, there are ways to bring back your sparkle. You can use some of the fabulous color enhancing shampoos currently on the market.

Make Herbal Tea Rinse At Home

If you prefer the natural route you can make an herbal tea rinse at home.

Use chamomile or lemon teas for blonde hair, strong black tea for brunette or black hair and red teas fro red hair. Brew one cup of tea using a tea bag or loose tea. Allow the tea to cool. Use a spray bottle and mist into pre-dampened hair.

If you prefer you can use cotton balls and dip them into the tea and then apply to your hair. Leave the tea on your hair for 30 minutes and then shampoo.

Split Ends

Whether you have been having too much fun to stop and focus on your ends or you haven't had time to zip by and see your stylist, make sure that you contain your split ends. Although you can't glue a split end back together, you can use a good leave-in conditioner to help the ends from splitting further. If your ends are getting creepy or split, be sure that a leave-in conditioner is added to your must have list for your current hair care regime.


The mid-point of summer is a great time to stop and access your hair and skin. Although prevention is always the best medicine, never fear, there are always ways to repair the damage so that your hair lives for yet another day.

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