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Steve Carell Dishes On Office Mate Ricky Gervais At Golden Globes


Steve Carell as Michael Scott

Steve Carell took time to stop and chat with Ryan Seacrest on a very wet and drippy Red Carpet at the recent 2010 Golden Globes award show. He appeared to be solo without his lovely wife Nancy Carell, who in the past has played Carol Stills on 5 past episodes of NBC's "The Office"

Ryan greeted a very dapper looking Steve by saying "Steve Carell joining us from "The Office" always a nominee. Steve, who was wearing his hair impeccably style replied "perennially I think."

Ryan pointed out that it was raining by telling Steve "I think this is a little different. We never experienced a downpour ever before since we have been talking through all the years."

Steve agreed "very exciting" Ryan asked Steve "your buddy, Ricky Gervais. Do you think he's going to go after you at the top of the show." Steven "I hope he does, I really hope he does."

Ryan said "I know that there's fun that you (Steve and Ricky) have by going after each other with some of these jokes but is there a tight relationship personally? Between you and Ricky?"

Steve explained "Yes, he has been nothing, but supportive through the entire run of our show. So I have to say he is an excellent guy and he's been very kind to me."

Note: Ricky Gervais originated "The Office" in the UK long before it because a USA show. The British version of The Office, which in 2005 was adapted by NBC with Steve Carell at its helm, has won two Golden Globes.

Ryan wanted to know "is he the right guy to host (The Golden Globes) tonight?" Steve "It's going to be great. I guarantee you it will be great."

Ricky Gervais - Creator Of The Office

Ricky Gervais Hosting 2010 Golden Globe Awards on NBC

As Steve predicted, Ricky did a great job hosting the Golden Globes and indeed, he started his hosting duties with a segway into his connection to "The Office" and Steve.

He said "you probably know me as the creator of "The Office." He paused, smiled and said "no you don't do you." Ricky raised his voice and waved his hands and said in a high mocking tone "you think Steve Carell did it all. Ohhhh, he's brilliant isn't he, Steve Carell."

Playing along with Ricky the cameras panned to Steve who was sitting in the audience with a stare that could melt ice cubes. He glared at Ricky as the British comedian, and the creator of the original British verson of "The Office" went after him.

The celebrity studded audience loved Ricky's barbs at Steve and laughed. Ricky continued "he's amazing as the bumbling office manager."

Then Ricky waved his hands and raised his voice again to a thrill and said "wherever does he get his ideas from?"

Steve Carell Tells Ricky He Will "Kill Him"

Ricky paused, the audience laughed, Steve glared at Ricky and Ricky pointed to himself (as the guy with all the ideas). The cameras panned to Steve who mouthed to Ricky "I will kill you."

Ricky continued about Steve "lets pay him hundreds of millions of dollars and put him in every movie. If you can't be well enough to go see Steve in the cinema in action just watch him every Thursday, here, on NBC." Ricky did a double thumbs up and gave a megawatt smile. Steve smiled and laughed at that comment.

Steve Carell as Michael Scott

It was Ricky's way of doing a little advertisement for "The Office", NBC and Steve Carell and all in good clean fun. Then the British actor said "or if you think that particular version of the show has jumped the shark a little bit, this ones a bit boring."

He smiled "then watch the original Fridays on AdultSwim. He again shot his two thumbs up and gave a brilliant smile.

Then he said "or get the box set. It's still available" and he held up a boxed set sample. Just twelve episodes and it's special quality, not quantity. That's what counts. So go and get that. I will be making the most of this opportunity. Not used to these celebrity figures, let's face it, neither is NBC."

Which was Ricky's little jab against the beleaguered network.

Ricky Won The Hearts Of Some Critics And The Ratings gods

NBC's Golden Globes award show shined a little brighter in the ratings with Ricky at the podium according to Nielsen numbers released Monday.

"The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards" had 14 per cent more viewers than last year's show. The three-hour shindig won its time slot and drew 16.9 million viewers in the U.S., beating an audience of 14.9 million viewers in 2009.

Originating from Los Angeles at 5 p.m. local time, the event was aired live by NBC in all time zones, rather than delayed for prime-time broadcast in the West, as in past years.

But even with the audience upswing, viewership remained far below the biggest year for the show. In 2004, 26.8 million viewers tuned in.

Steve Carell And Tina Fey In "Date Night"

Ricky Gervais 2010 Golden Globe Awards on NBC

Ricky referenced Steve's movie career which indeed is chugging right along. One of Steve's upcoming films for 2010 is the romantic comedy "Date Night" scheduled to be released in April of 2010. The film is about Claire and Phil Foster, whose lives have become routine.

Trying to reignite the marital spark, they set a date by visiting a trendy Manhattan bistro where a case of mistaken identity turns their evening into the ultimate date night-gone-awry.

As Claire and Phil try to escape from people who try to kill them, they begin to remember what made them so special together. The supporting roles include Mark Wahlberg, James Franco and Mila Kunis.


Ryan asked Steve "what else is happening with you? I read every week in the trades that you signed on to do another movie."

Steve answered "I have 14 movies that I'm shooting now." Ryan said "how many are you actually in?" Steve smiled, shook his head and said "uh, none of them."

Ryan said "are you really doing 2 or 3?" Steve said "I just have 2 movies coming out. Three in the next five months." Ryan said "you have your wife keep track of your schedule? Right?" Steve said "it's so sick of me, so obnoxious."

Ryan said "it's so ubiquitous and we love you for it." That says it all for Steve Carell fans, doesn't it?

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