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Sneak Peaks At Hair Worn At The Spring 2001 Fashion Shows


Barbara Lhotan is known as the "Personal Trainer" for long hair stylists. She is a National Educator for John Paul Mitchell. Her book, 5 Minute Trendy Updos is stunning and it features leading edge styles.

When Barbara Lhotan is not creating spectacular new styles for long hair she is traveling around the country creating long hair masterpieces for hair shows and extravaganzas.

I caught up with Barbara a few days ago and discovered that she was busy creating hot new styles for the New York Fashion Extravaganza 7th on Sixth.

Since its inception in 1993, 7th on Sixth has become the backbone of the fashion industry and one of New York City's most prestigious fashion events. 7th on Sixth had guaranteed New York's position as an international fashion and style center.

Barbara told me that over 100 different designers were showing their designs for Spring 2001. These designers included the likes of Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Randolph Duke, Nicole Miller, Rebecca Taylor and many others. (Big textured hair)

Barbara told me that the tents where the designers unveiled their hot new Spring looks were crammed with journalists, photographers, celebrities and lots of makeup and hair artists frantically working on the hordes of models.

Hair Styles On The Runways

I asked Barbara to give visitors a sneak peak of the hair that was popping up on the 7th on Sixth runways. After all, the hair that is seen in the fashion shows is very often a good indication of what styles will be hot over the next 6-12 months. (Spot crimping at the crown)

Barbara told me that there were some very different hair trends at the shows which included the following:

  • Very long hair (yes, it is still hot)
  • Crimped hair (both full crimping & spot crimping)
  • Super textured looks
  • Big hair with lots of backcombing
  • Waves

Long Hair Is Still Popular

I expressed surprise that long hair was still a popular hair option. Barbara explained that many of the fashion models had been growing their natural hair longer and were not willing to cut it. (Add-on fishtail braids)

In fact, Barbara said that some of the styles involved very long extensions or add-on hair pieces. Long hair, natural or enhanced, was differently very big and looks like it is here to stay.

Barbara also reported that some of the models with long hair were concerned about their hair and any potential damage from all the styling that was being done to it. The trend is for the models to be concerned about taking good care of their hair and growing it longer.

When I have chatted with Barbara in the past she told me some distressing stories about the things that are done to the model's hair to get them ready for the runways. Since the majority of the models work for several designers, they literally run from show to show.

The model's hair is changed to fit the designer's styles. This means that their hair goes through many changes in a short period of time. Barbara told me several stories. One story in particular involved the time she had to cut wire out of one model's hair.

Crimped Hair

crimp1.jpg (12977 bytes)Most people aren't aware of the fact that modern crimping was originally invented in 1972 by Geri Cusensa, the original founder of Sebastian hair care products for Barbara Striesand's hair. At the time that Barbara's new look emerged (see photo to the left) it was sizzling and copied everywhere.

While it is possible that a form of crimping was used in other periods of history, the modern form was ushered in just for Barbara.

Since 1972 crimping has rotated in and out of style with a variety of new looks. Crimping for 2001, according to Barbara, was a combination of spot crimping and lots of big styles composed of crimped hair.

Crimping, if created all over the head, can give hair a lot of texture and volume. The style shown to the right combines the texturizing traits of overall crimping with unusual bangs, a crooked part and an updo.

When crimping hair it is important to always use a good leave-in conditioner or heat protector.

Big Hair, Lots of Texture

Very big, texturized hair, was also a hot trend. Barbara Lhotan reported that the big hair was created with lots of scrunched in texture and backcombing. Lots of volume was the desired look.

This style shown to the left was created by using gel or mousse. To create this look you would need to apply a glob of mousse or gel directly to the roots of damp, towel blotted hair. Use a blow dryer and fingers to dry the hair. While drying the hair take individual sections and "lift" or "scrunch" the hair as it dries. Scrunch and lift from the roots. Direct the heat flow from the ends to the roots to ruffle the cuticle. After your hair is completely dry apply a good Shaping Spray and then backcomb your hair to give it a big textured look.

Waves Were Hot

Thanks to Super Model Giselle, Leonardo DiCaprio's lady of the moment, waves are sizzling hot. Giselle has naturally wavy hair that looks stunning. Those blessed with naturally wavy hair (like me) can seize the moment and let their waves go wild.

As Barbara reported, waves were definitely a major style featured on all lengths of hair on the Spring 2001 runways.

If your hair is naturally wavy you can comb a little hair serum through your dry hair and then set on heated bendy rollers. Make sure your hair is completely cool before removing the rollers. Remove the rollers and then use your fingers to "pick" the individual waves. The rollers will help to define and accentuate the natural wave.

If you hair is not naturally wavy you can get a body wave perm or you can blow dry your hair and then set on bendy rollers.

Another trick is to braid damp hair with lots of individual braids. Let the braided hair dry, remove the braids and be rewarded with lots of soft waves.


Barbara Lhotan has spent the last week working on hair for the runway models doing the Spring 2001 show. Barbara reported that there the hairstyles that were spotlighted on the runways could be categorized into a few major trends. These trends include long hair, big, textured and crimped hair and soft waves.

Keep your eyes open to see how these hair trends that were spotted on the Spring 2001 runways will impact hair for the next six months.

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