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Siggers Hairdressers: The Balayage Experts


For months I heard the term balayage mentioned in passing. I never quite figured out exactly what it meant until I encountered Dee Dee Wallace from the fabulous Siggers Hairdressers in Atlanta, Georgia.

Siggers is considered to be Atlanta's #1 hair color specialists. Baylage is one of their trademark specialties. (After photo of Emily to the side by Tony Riley, photograph by Tom Fahey - all rights reserved Siggers Hairdressers).

DeeDee graciously provided me with the entire scoop on Baylage including some fabulous photos that show the technique along with the ultimate result.

So what is Blayage? According to DeeDee baylage is a French word meaning "to sweep". To Balayage the hair is to use a brush to handpaint a thick mixture of lightener onto a section of hair using one of three paint designs. These designs are singles, slants and V's. The designers use a "sweeping" motion to apply lightener from thin at the roots to thicker towards the ends.

The balayage technique provides ultimate control over color application and allows for less outgrowth and more contrast in the hair. The result is the most natural looking highlights ever. Since the process requires no heat or foils, the hair is left in superb condition. (Model Emily is shown receiving Balayage with Lowlights as applied by Tony Riley and photographed by Robert Drake).

The Balayage technique can be used on any color of hair from blonde and brunette to red. It can be painted on hair that is wet or dry. The only limits to Balayage are the limits of your own imagination.

Balayage consists of the following main techniques:

Basic Balayage: The lightener is painted onto hair strands with a paddle and brush using single, slant & V paint designs.

Baly-Color: color is first applied to the roots and then Balayage is applied to the ends. This 2 step process gives all-over natural looking color & highlights while saving time for client and hairdressers.

Balayage with Lowlights: Basic Balayage technique is used while adding contrasting lowlights to create a softer, more natural look. Darker streaks are controlled by using lowlight papers.


The Balayage masters at Siggers combine innovative technology and street smart performance to create the best in Balayage.

Siggers Hairdressers are located at I-285 and LaVista Road in Atlanta Georgia.

Call for a Balayage appointment at: 770-491-0800. For more information visit or

All photos were taken on location at Siggers Hairdressers in Atlanta, Georgia.

Model: Emily Hairdresser: Tony Riley Color Technique: Balayage w/ Lowlights Photographer: Tom Fahey "after photo" Photographer: Robert Drake "application photos" Make-up Artist: Tiffany McCullough

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