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Short Sassy Hairstyle: Triangular Shapes


Short Season Collection From Zano Salons Hair Collection

Photographs by Gary Trantasel All Rights Reserved ZanoSalons & Spas

At Zano Salons there is belief in the old say "seeing is believing" and the Zano Artistic Makeover team puts their spectacular makeover talents to work creating fabulous new looks.

The gorgeous style shown in this Short Hair Collection is based upon the concept of triangular shapes.

Based on the sophisticated use of regular and inverted triangular shapes, the Short Season Short Style featured in this article has endless permutations which means it can work for just about any facial shape, hair length, texture, condition or style.

This gorgeous triangulation inspired short hair design illustrates long term trends in hair and fashion design" says Liza Espinoza, creative director for Zano Salons & Days Spas. "There is a focus on creating points of interest through movement by using different shapes and weight distributions".

The various colors utilized in this Short Hair Collection accentuate geometric hair vision. Liza explained "there is definitely a trend towards more self-expressionist colors instead of traditional colors, which means the shades will point you through every new hair season".

Steal This Short Hair Style

Short Season Collection From Zano Salons Hair Collection

Photographs by Gary Trantasel All Rights Reserved ZanoSalons & Spas

If you love this short style and want to copy it, ask your hair stylist to recreate the cut by snipping a fringe that's long, moves slightly down at the side and looks slightly rounded.

Or print the images from this article and take them to your stylist as a guideline.

Liza Espinoza cut this style with a triangular shape in the back. The style is carefully designed to move along a diagonal-back line with the point located as the center back.

Once the hair style is carefully cut and styled, Zano's hair color expert Reynaldo Achurra added red and gold tones along with appropriate highlights and lowlights added in triangular and inverted triangular patterns adds gorgeous movement and luscious dimension.

The final style can be slightly modified by snipping the fringe so that is can be worn in a modified side swept manner rather than worn completely covering the forehead.

Styling Tips

Short Season Collection From Zano Salons Hair Collection

Photographs by Gary Trantasel All Rights Reserved ZanoSalons & Spas

Shampoo and condition with products designed to address your hair's current texture, type and condition. Since red and golden tones were added, it would be advisable to utilize products designed to prolong and maintain colored or highlighted strands.

Towel blot newly washed hair to remove excess moisture.

Apply a styling cocktail, depending on your hair's needs, that includes a defrisant mixed with a styling mousse designed to provide fullness and lift.

For maximum volume, apply a volumizing spray or similar product to the roots.

Finger pick hair partially dry. Depending on your preference, use a boar bristle paddle or round brush in conjunction with a blow dryer fitted with an air concentrator attachment.

Working in individual 2" sections, dry the hair with the brush while directing the air flow down the hair shaft from the ends to the roots. Use the brush to lightly curl ends under.

For a sleeker finish, go over all of the strands with a medium barrel hot iron. Finish with a few drops of shine serum applied to the palms of your hands and lightly brushed over the top of the style.

Experiment with different brushes and hot tools to create different angles.


Short Season Collection From Zano Salons Hair Collection

Photographs by Gary Trantasel All Rights Reserved ZanoSalons & Spas

Founded by the husband and wife team of Ron and Denise Provenzano in 1985, Zano Salons & Spas were built upon the foundation of excellence, service and dedication.

Every client visiting Zano Salons, whether a true celebrity or someone who wants celebrity treatment, is treated with an extraordinary experience.

Each one of the different Zano locations have been carefully designed to provide the clientele with the latest services in hair, body and mind wellness. Sixty full service treatments are available at the various locations.

For more information, to locate a Zano's or book an appointment call (630) 357-4425 or visit

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