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Emeli Sande's Hair

Emeli Sande's Hair

EmeliSande-1_250h Emeli Sande - in Concert at The Fillmore Miami Beach - October 11, 2013 - Copyright © 2014

English born, Scottish recording artist and songwriter Emeli Sande's hair is often a topic of conversation.

Not only does she rock bold iconic tresses, she's a global trend setter in the celebrity hair arena.

Known for her previous platinum blonde Mohawk, pompadours and undercut hairstyles, Emeli's short sassy hairstyles never disappoint.

The Journey To Shaved Off Platinum Blonde Hair

An unusual hair experience took Emeli (Adele Emily Gouraguine) to her signature platinum blonde style. After moving to London, the English born singer (of Zambian descent) was in the mood for a new and more liberating lifestyle.

The Heaven singer entrusted her formerly "really big" hair to a London based short tressed blonde hairstylist which ultimately she decided to shave off.

EmeliSande-2_250h Emeli Sande - The BRIT Awards 2012 - Raymond Weil Pre-Brit Awards Dinner - Arrivals - Copyright © 2014

Emeli told Glamour she would always tell her London stylists "oh, just take a little bit off the sides."

It used to be really big (in a Fro), and I'd be like "a little bit more, a bit more, a bit more," and finally she was like, "should I just shave it?!" and I was like "yeah!" And that's how it (my hairstyle) came to work."

Emeli's Hair Will Continue To Evolve

It was a liberating moment. From her shaved head, her hair grew into a series of very interesting super short hairstyles along the lines of Pink and Miley Cyrus, who both have transitioned through a range of similar platinum blonde chops.

Emeli-3_250h Emeli Sande - 2011 Jingle Bell Ball Concert - Day 2 - Copyright - All Rights - Emeli Sande, 2011 - 12/04/2011 - Landmark / PR Photos - Copyright © 2014

Emlie seems to take the same attitude with her platinum blonde short crop hairstyles as we does with her music career. She has famously stated "These days nothing lasts, music is like fast food, you're in then you're out."

Fashion Rocks Magazine for September 2014 reported that after hair and makeup pro Yasmina Bentaieb's blow-dryer zonked out right before a Chicago performance, she styled Sande's hair "under a hair drier in the bathroom - and it turned out great."

Honesty & Raw Emotion In Songs & Hair

Although the singer who possesses a soprano vocal range has been performing in many noteworthy venues, since the beginning of 2013, she's been working on her second studio album, slated to be released in 2015.

Sandé said the key to a good song when she writes is using "honesty" and "raw emotion".

It's no wonder the formerly fro haired performer whose dad cut her hair into triangular shapes when she was young, has shed her big strands for a more honest and raw style.

EmeliSande-4_250h Emeli Sande Tiffany & Co. Presents the Winter Party Celebrating the Opening of "Skate at Somerset House" Ice Rink in London on November 21, 2011 - Copyright © 2014

Emeli Sande's Hair How To Options

With one basic super short buzzcut, Emeli Sande's on-the-scalp bleached hair can morph into a series of styling options.

These options include, but aren't limited to:

1. Wearing all of the new hair growth gelled tightly to the head.

2. Keeping both sides and back super short while encouraging hair on top to explode out into an array of styles.

3. Working the white blonde platinum tips with darker roots and/or sides.

4. Growing buzzed hair out into an array of hawks, faux hawks, pompadours or similar.

5. Adopting alternative hair color accents. Zebra stripes anyone?

EmeliSande-5_250h Emeli Sande, V Festival 2012 - Day 1 - Venue & Location: Hylands Park / Chelmsford, Essex, UK - 08/18/2012 - Photographer: Landmark / PR Photos

Emeli Sande's Hair Is Compatible For All Hair Types & Textures

The beauty of Emeli's hair styles is that it works for any type, texture or condition of hair.

Will it look great on everyone?  Maybe not. However, by adopting any of her styling options, it's possible to achieve an edgy, customized hair look.

Because her hair is clipped so short, going with the lightest platinum blonde poses no threat to her tresses long term.

Why? The hair she's lightening is undamaged new growth.

Even better, she can be styled from a performance look to red carpet ready in literally a few minutes.

Summary - Emeli Sande's Hair How To

Even when Emeli Sande buzzed most of her hair off, she still had enough tresses on top to look sassy and sexy.

Emeli just has the right hair attitude to rock any imaginable style. With her current hair style Emelie can go sleek, sophisticated, punk or contemporary.

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