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Short Hair Style Star: Sienna Miller


Sienna Rose Miller is giving Jessica Simpson a run for the headlines. Sienna burst into public view when she snagged one of the hottest male movie stars in the world.

(Image of Sienna Miller with new short "chop" - The Times BFI London Film Festival - 10/30/2005 - Wire Image - all rights reserved).

When Jude Law confessed his love for Sienna, her star shot through the heavens. Instantly Sienna became the object of intense paparazzi attention. The lovely Capricorn (December 28, 1981) born in New York City captured Jude's attention when they filmed the remake of Alfie together in 2004. Although born in the United States, Sienna was raised in England.

Everything about Sienna became photo worthy from her fashion style to her beautiful blonde tresses. The 24 year old actress has a funky, edgy fashion style that she cranks up with a series of hats, caps and hair accessories.

(Image of Sienna Miller with new short "chop" topped by a bowler hair - 10/30/2005 - Wire Image - all rights reserved).

Recently Sienna chopped her long golden strands off. Was it the result of her current on again/off again relationship with the Jude, who admitted to cheating with his children's nanny? Or was it because the changing winds of short hair styles are blowing gently in the background?

Fellow Brit actress Elizabeth Hurley was quoted in the press as saying "Sienna Miller's new haircut exposes her "flaws". Elizabeth who has called Sienna "a bit pedestrian" in the past was not complimentary about her latest chop.

(Image of Sienna Miller - - 5-21-03 - all rights reserved).

So why did Sienna go for the chop? The actress is playing the role of Andy Warhol's tragic muse, Edie Sedgewick in the upcoming movie, Factory Girl.

Although Ms. Hurley is less than thrilled with Sienna's Edie style chop, Sienna is fine with it. She was quoted by the Daily Mirror "this was the 60s so when I do Edie I'll chop off my hair: And chop she did.

Did Sienna have to chop her tresses into a short Edie do? Many actresses will opt for wigs or other hair enhancement systems to give them a new character look without undergoing the scissors. In Sienna's case she may have felt ready for a style change. Or possibly, she wanted to really get into the true essence of her character.

Regardless, her experiences brings up the question of whether to chop or not to chop off your tresses based on how they will impact your over look.

Finding The Right Short Cut For You

Although Sienna had a work related reason for chopping off her previously long locks, many people can take their time before going with a radically different shorter style.

(Image of Sienna Miller - - 5-21-03 - all rights reserved).

Choosing a great short hair cut that works for your face shape, natural coloring, lifestyle, age, pocketbook and maintenance starts with some research.

Just as it is true that not every person looks great in every hair style, it is also true that most short cuts can be custom modified to work with a wide variety of ages, face shapes and other variables.

A good short hair style, like any hair style, should be built around basic styling principles that balance the hair's natural texture, type and natural form with ultimate movement and flow.

(Image of Sienna Miller - 12-07-03 - Cold Mountain Premiere - - all rights reserved).

The reason that short styles can be custom designed to work with just about any face shape, coloring or other variables is because there are so many different short hairstyles to choose from. Even better, short hairstyles can be coupled with a dizzy array of parts, bangs, layers and other techniques to make every chop, crop or short bob to be truly unique.

Steal Sienna's Short Style

To steal Sienna's short and sassy bob complete the following steps:

Step 1: Shampoo and condition your hair with your normal products designed for your current hair type, texture and condition.

(Image of Sienna Miller - AFI Fest 2005 "Casonva" Closing Night Gala - 11-13-05 - all rights reserved).

Step 2: Gently towel blot your hair with a thick towel designed to help absorb moisture. Avoid rubbing hair vigorously to avoid frizz. Continue to gently blot hair until all excess moisture is removed.

Step 3: Mix a cocktail of leave-in conditioner and frizz buster in the palms of your hands. Apply to damp strands to help keep hair soft and frizz free. Distribute well.

Frizz Fighters to try: Phytodefrisant - Relaxing Baum - 3.3 fl oz (100ml) and John Frieda - Frizz Ease - Original Formula Hair Serum Dropper

Note: If your hair has natural waves or curls and you wish to have a straight sleek look, mix a cocktail of frizz fighter and straightening balm together.

(Image of Sienna Miller - AFI Fest 2005 "Casonva" Closing Night Gala - 11-13-05 - all rights reserved).

Premixed Combo Product to try: Paul Brown Hawaii Stray Straight offers both an anti-frizz and smoothing balm wrapped up into one simple product.

Step 4: Use a wide toothed comb to detangle gently and make sure that the applied styling products are well distributed.

Step 5: Use a flat or paddle brush to lift and anchor two inch sections of hair straight while directing blow dryer air flow down from the roots to the ends. Use the brush to slightly turn the ends under as you blow dry. The results will be a sleek style.

Note: For a more textured look substitute a round brush instead.

Step 6: Work in two inch sections around the entire perimeter of your head until all of your strands are 100% dry.

Step 7: For more definition apply a tiny bit of hair wax to the palms of your hands. Soften the wax and then using fingers, lightly apply to random strands to add definition.

Note: For a softer look that still offers control, try working with hair paste instead of wax.

Step 8: Apply one or two drops of shine serum to the palms of your hands. Mix well and then lightly brush your hands over the top of your tresses.

Step 9: Spray lightly with a soft hold hairspray.

Step 10: Attach an elegant hair flower, jeweled barrette or other chic hair accessory to complete the look.


Short hairstyles may or may not be the best bet for you. While Sienna Miller took on a short cut for a film role, make sure that before you select a new short cut that you have weighed all the options.

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