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Short Hair Style: Instant New Looks!


Jennifer Aspen

Jennifer Aspen looks fabulous in a sexy chin length bob with a soft sweeping fringe that extends from a side part to over the top of one eye - Veronica Lake style.

The lovely Libran actress (October 9, 1973) currently stars on ABC's comedy, Rodney, set in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jennifer, who has been acting since 1995 when she guest starred on the defunct Hope & Gloria series, plays "Trina Hamilton" who has to deal with a husband who suddenly quits his job to become a stand-up comic.

Jennifer is a great role model for someone with short hair that wants inspiration on how to create instant new looks.

Start By Altering The Length Of Your Style

One way to instantly change up your short hair style - or any style for that matter - is to alter the length. If you have a short chin-length bob like Jennifer Aspen, you can do what she did and go shorter. Or you can pull the short sides back over your ears and pin into a faux hair twist. Viola, you have a completely different look.

Jennifer Aspen

Jennifer usually wears her beautiful blonde tresses chin length or shorter, but is always popping up with new looks.

Listed below are some ideas on how to instantly get a new look for your short strands:

1. Go short with a hot new cut.

2. Fake a shorter look. Experiment with your pulling sides and crown back into a faux twist. Use bobby pins the same color as your natural hair to blend perfectly.

3. Go instantly longer. An add-on ponytail, half wig or wig creates instant length in just a few minutes.

According to her celebrity hairdresser, Ken Paves, "Jessica Simpson loves chin length or shorter hairstyles. Especially in the Summer months when longer hair is hot on her neck".

Having naturally chin length or shorter hair doesn't slow Jess down. When she has a big red carpet event, she just pops on a half-wig or full add-on pony and creates a myriad of new ponies, twists or combinations.

Ten Piece Wavy

4. Alter your part. Change your part from left to right or from center to one side. Go to a deeper part or play with an uneven or zig zag part.

5. Change your fringe. Add one or subtract one. Or wear it to the side.

6. Opt for texture changes. Add waves, curls or a combo for an instant change to your look. Or go stick straight and sleek.

7. Add lots of volume. Add fullness around the crown or the sides and the crown for a completely different look.

8. Change the color. Go lighter, darker or play with highlights and lowlights. If you don't want to permanently change, use temporary rinses or pin some fun multi-hued colors in with random hair strands.

9. Tuck hair behind the ears. Try it with one or both ears for a sassy look.

10. Weave accent braids along the fringe area. Or pop in add-on tiny braids to function as instant headbands or perimeter accent pieces.

11. Play with Zulu Knots. Try just a few or go wild and do your entire head.

12. Brush all hair to one side. Use a brush to direct hair to one side and then pin or clip in place.

13. Create a faux mohawk. Even if it is a little one, use gel or the styling product of your choice to create a fun hawk.

14. Change your styling product selections. Experiment with gels for a wet look, wax for a pieced out look, mousse for a soft swingy look or a cream for a carefully finished look.

15. Add finger waves. Either a few along the side or all over the head.

16. Pin a silk or real flower over one ear. Or go wild and group a few right in the front of your fringe or along your crown.

17. Experiment with hair accessories. Try headbands, hair clips, bobby pins or other fun hair accessories.

18. Wear a sizzling newsboy cap. Cock it to one side. Or match it with a under the cap durag for a radical look.

19. Try a durag or bandana. These work best when you have a great shaped head. If you feel comfortable with this style of headwear, give it a whirl.

Jennifer Aspen

20. Crimp your hair. Add just a few crimps or do the entire head.

21. Play with mini-pompadors or mini-quiffs. Why not experiment with one along the hairline or at the back near the crown.

22. Twist in a few temporary dreads. Even one can make a statement.

23. Braid wet strands. Let them air dry and go with lots of natural waves.

22. Create a mini pony. Or try a few carefully spaced.

23. Separate hairline strands into tiny sections. Twist gently to form a unique hairband. Hold in place with tiny jaw or claw clips.

24. Scrunch your strands. Even super short hair can benefit from crunching.

25. Consider an asymetrical cut.

26. Add spikes. Even better, make them soft and messy.


Just because you have a chin length bob or shorter it doesn't mean that you can't instantly create a new look. Experiment with some of the ideas above to completely change your short hair in an instant. Remember, have fun and be willing to experiment.

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