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Short Hair: Radha Mitchell


Radha Mitchell Short Bob w/Side Fringe 4-20-06

Radha Mitchell who hails originally from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (November 12, 2973) has garnered a lot of recent attention for her role as frantic mother Rose Da Silva in the uber spooky Silent Hill.

Although Radha may not be a familiar face to you, she has been acting since 1988 when she appeared as Pixie Robinson in the TV series Sugar and Spice. From that auspicious start, Radha moved onto many other roles including the acclaimed Neighbours set in an Australian neighborhood. She had a great role in 2002's Phone Booth with Colin Farrell, playing the poor suffering wife of the cheating husband (Farrell). Woody Allen took quite a shine to Radha's acting chops and offered her the leading role of Melinda in his critically acclaimed Melinda and Melinda. In that film she also appeared with a different male Ferrell (Will). I took a special shine to Radha when I first saw her in Phone Booth. Her role was not huge, but she definitely was a presence and did a fine job. I noticed her again in the Silent Hill promos and admired the fact that Radha almost always wears her buttery blonde tresses in a series of short bobs, crops and chops. The shorter hairstyles suit her face and body shape. She appears to have a face shape that leans on the square jaw side. Her bobs tend to extend to just below the cheekbone which works well to highlight her beautiful bone structure.

Steal Radha's Short Bob Style

Radha Mitchell Short Bob w/Side Fringe 4-20-06

Radha's current short hairstyle which she wore to the premiere of Silent Hill is not a traditional bob. Her style consists of a deep side part on one side with a full sweep of fringe hair extending over the top of the fair eyebrow.

One side is flirtatiously tucked behind one each while the other side appears to have been finger tousled to create the soft yet sassy movement.

The back of the style has been cut with a series of graduated layers that lengthen from the crown to the nape of the neck giving a full roundness to the back of the shape.

Radha's hair has been skillfully highlighted and lowlighted which add instant depth to the shimmering blonde style.

Styling Tips

Radha Mitchell Short Bob w/Side Fringe 4-20-06

If you would like to re-create Rahda's luscious short bobbed hairstyle, follow the steps listed below:

1. Shampoo with product that is designed for your hair's type, texture and current condition.

2. Rinse shampoo well and follow with an application of Shine Booster Conditioner. Note: If your hair is thin, fine or tends to collect grease, you may wish to skip this step or only use a product that will work with your hair type. Or you may only wish to "spot" condition.

3. Finish with a cool/cold clear water rinse to remove all remaining conditioner, to help close the cuticle and build in natural shine. 4. Towel blot excess water and then apply a few drops of Love That Shine Treatment Elixer or similar leave-in conditioner product, working it into the tresses with fingertips.

5. After the Love That Shine Treatment Elixer or similar product has been worked into the damp hair with fingers, add a small dollop of Flat Factor or similar product to the palms of your hands and then working it into the hair on top of the Love That Shine Treatment Elixer".

Do not cocktail the two products together since it might weaken the integrity of each product. Add the Flat Factor on top of the Love That Shine to give hair a rich glossy quality and get it perfectly straight so that the hair had bend and movement.

To achieve more optional volume along the crown area apply Super Volumizing Tonic or a similar volumizing product to the area where fullness is desired.

6. Once the various styling products have been carefully and completely distributed from roots to ends use a long tail comb and create a deep side part and direct fringe hair over to one side. The hair should extend deep fro the part up to the top of one eye. Blow dry fringe area completely flat to avoid development of wrinkles or hair creases.

Radha Mitchell Short Bob w/Side Fringe 4-20-06

7. Once the fringe is completely dry, work on the rest of the hair. Select a wide boar's bristle paddle brush (for more coverage and to dry hair faster) combined with a blow dryer. Using your head like a roller, direct hair back and forth with the brush and blow dryer to build in body, movement and remove all remaining moisture". 8. After the strands are completely dry use a medium sized flat iron on just the top 1/4" section of the hair surrounding the part to add spectacular sheen and swing.

Using a flat iron on isolated sections adjacent to the part gives hair lots of nice movement and flow. It also prevents the development of pesky fly-a-ways".

9. For extra height around the back and crown separate hair into 1- 1 1/2" sections and back comb. Smooth hair and finish with a spritz of Love That Shine Spray."


What's next for this beautiful blonde actress who hails from down under? Already working on several new projects including some important film roles, the actress is happily living in California and enjoying the results of her hard work.

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