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Short Hair: Blunt Red Bob Of Jennifer Love Hewitt


Jennifer Love Hewitt March 26, 2006

I was recently visiting my friend, celebrity hairdresser, Ken Paves in Hollywood. We were chatting about current hair trends for women and whether they are migrating towards shorter, longer, straighter or more textured styles. "All of the above" Ken enthused.

How is that possible you ask? Ken debunks the mystery by pointing out that "woman now view hair as the ultimate hair accessory".

Not only do they enjoy "changing their hair color, style and length as often as their shoes", they adore the option to honor their "true moods".

Ken explained that "with the major advances in wigs, half wigs, temporary extensions and put on pieces, any woman can follow her true whims and use her hair as the ultimate form of expression".

Jennifer Love Hewitt perfectly demonstrated this "hair as the ultimate accessory" and "do your own hair thing" at the March 26th US Weekly Hot Hollywood Awards. Trading out her recent below the shoulder smoky black straight layered locks that she wore on Ghost Whisperer for a short sassy rich golden red hued bob, Jennifer instantly created a completely different image by changing her hair.

Jennifer Love Hewitt March 26, 2006

Jennifer's choice was a classic blunt cut bob style (made famous by Louise Brooks in 1928) with a deep side part, long side swept fringe and lots of volume around the crown. The sides were angled in traditional bob style to flow softly around the perimeter of her face ending shortly below her chin. Because Jen has a prominent chin as part of her heart shaped face, the blunt cut bob style that ended just below her chin area added perfect balance to her face shape. The short bob style looked spectacular on "Love" as her friends call her.

My first thought was that the new blunt Bob look was a wig since it was such a departure from her normal below-the-shoulder layered style.

The more I looked at Jennifer's images the more I suspected that maybe it was her own hair that had been cut and styled into the classic bob style.

Her celebrity hairdresser, Robert Hallowell when reached by phone confirmed that "the blunt bob style that she wore at the recent US Weekly awards is Love's real hair length and color at this point in time".

Jennifer Love Hewitt 2005 Ghost Whisperer

Robert confirmed that Jennifer's hair looks "great, really amazing" and that because shooting for her TV series Ghost Whisperer is over for the season, Jennifer has the option to wear her "real hair" out and about for appearances and the Red Carpet. Which is exactly what she did.

Robert confided that the long dark chocolate brown strands that she wears on Ghost Whisperer is a add-on hair that is worn as part of her Ghost characterization. Once filming is over for the season, actresses are free to go back to whatever length or color they wish to wear their own hair. Which is exactly what Jennifer did.

Robert noted that Jennifer's make-up was recalibrated from the Ghost Whisperer image to offset the sizzling new Bob style and hue.

This is a key point to consider. When utilizing hair as an accessory it is important to make sure that you alter your makeup palette and clothing to work in harmony with new hues.


There is no reason why anyone can't constantly change the length, color or texture of their natural hair through add-on hair pieces. Why not change your hair as often as you change the rest of your fashion accessories?

Hair is the ultimate fashion accessory. Which explains the rampant rush to wigs, half wigs and other related hair accessories.

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