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Shine On With Conair's ION Shine Dryers


How do ions affect the hair? Ions always exist in the atmosphere. An ionic dryer generates clouds of negatively charged ions to neutralize positive ions.

They surround the hair shaft much like a hair conditioner does and they aid in reducing static electricity and fly-away frizzies which can dull the hair.

The result is shiny, conditioned, healthy hair for men and women of all ages, races and nationalities.

Conair makes two state-of-the art Ion Shine Stylers. Both of the Ion Shine Stylers generate ions via an electronic device as opposed to other ionic dryers which use powders and are not as effective.

Both Conair Ion Shine Stylers have the special Quiet Tone motor with sound level of between 65 and 70 DBA which is equivalent to light office noise.

This means that even with a powerful 1875 watt dryer, the Conair Ion Shine Stylers make it easy to carry on a conversation, watch TV or listen to music while drying. The typical 1875 watt full or mid sized dryers often operate at sound levels of 85 to 90 DBA which makes it extremely difficult to carry of a normal conversation or listen to music or television.

Another great feature on both the Ion Shine Stylers is the speed drying diffuser attachment. Just add the diffuser attachment and both of the dryers will work faster by drying the top and underneath layers of your hair while at the same time aerating the roots with turbo action to add lots of great volume.

Model 146I - Full Sized Model

Model 146I has the sci-fi marvel of ionic energy - plus the equally advanced engineering feat of a quiet full-power fan motor with 75% less noise but not less power. This dryer has a full 1875 watts of drying power along with an impressive list of features that make it an overwhelming success with its users. It features the ionic device which provides ionic energy to help reduce dulling and static electricity while promoting healthy, shiny hair.

The 146I was engineered to include a quiet fan with 75% less noise and all the the power of other dryers. In addition, the 146I has the following features:

  • 1875 Watts of Drying Power
  • Quiet Tone Motor
  • Full Size Silver/Black Colored Casing
  • Ionic Device with On/Off Switch
  • 2 Heat/Speed Rocker Switch Settings
  • Cool Shot Button
  • Professional Length Line Cord
  • Hinged Filter
  • Concentrator Attachment
  • UL Listed
  • Two Year Limited Warranty

Model 149 - Folding Handle

Testing on the Model 149 Ion Shine Styler indicated that this model runs approximately 30% cooler than regular hair dryers. Less heat uses less energy and also minimizes potential heat damage or burn spots on hair. You will definitely notice the difference right away with this dryer. Not only will it be cooler and easier on your hair, it will be faster and much quieter. What more could you want in a dryer?

Market research with focus groups indicated a favorable response and interest in the Model 149 Ion Styler. Consumers were attract to a product like this model that could be helpful in minimizing static electricity and frizziness.

Model 149 is a mid-sized dryer compared to the full sized 146I. It has the added advantage of having a folding handle and dual voltage which makes this dryer ideal for travel and storage. In addition, the 149 contains the following features:

  • 1875 Watts of Drying Power
  • Quiet Tone Motor
  • Mid Size Green/Black Colored Casing
  • Ionic Device
  • 2 Speed/Heat Settings
  • Folding Handle For Easy Storage
  • Cool Shot Button
  • Professional Length Line Cord
  • Removable Filter
  • Dual Voltage
  • Concentrator Attachment
  • UL Listed
  • Two Year Limited Warranty

How The Models Stack Up

Although both models offer all the innovative Conair ion technology, the 146I is classified as a full size dryer while the 149 is considered a midsize dryer and has a convenient folding handle for easy storage and travel.

Listed below is a table of the basic comparisons of the two Conair ion stylers currently available to hair consumers.

Product Model Watts Speed Settings Heat Settings Cool Shot Dual Voltage Size Other Features
Ion Shine Hair Dryer 146I 1875 2 2 Yes No Full Ionic Device w/ On/Off Switch, Silver w/ Black Casing, Quiet Tone Motor, Professional Length Line Cord, Concentrator Attachment & More
Ion Shine - 1875 Hair Dryer 149 1875 2 2 Yes Yes Mid Green w/ Black Casing, Folding Handle, Quiet Tone Motor, Ionic Device, Concentrator Attachment, Professional Length Line Cord

Both dryers are currently available at and through some nationwide retailers.

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