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Shawn Pyfrom's Hair & Fashion Trends On The Desperate Housewives


Shawn Pyfrom 2009 All Rights Reserved

Since he first made his splash as the angst ridden Andrew Van Kamp on ABC's Desperate Housewives, fans have watched Shawn Caminiti Pyfrom literally grow up in front of their eyes.

The 5'7" actor was born in 1986, he was reared in Tampa, Florida, but according to IMDB, Shawn left for LA at the tender age of seven.

Shawn instantly showcased his acting abilities commercials before moving onto other acting venues.

Shawn started traveling to LA along with his brother, Chris and sister, Amber. He has a natural talent for acting and a real love for the entertainment business.

He has two very supportive parents that have helped him fulfill his dream. His future plans have been listed as going to college to become an entertainment lawyer.

Shawn Pyfrom was originally included in the November 27, 2006 issue of People Magazine that named George Clooney as The Sexiest Man Alive. Shawn was included in the Sexy At Every Age section for the 20 Somethings.

Shawn's Hair And Fashion Changes As Andrew Van De Kamp

Shawn appeared as Andrew in over 100 episodes between 2004 and 2010. During that time his hairstyles and fashion have morphed and changed to reflect his character's evolution and storylines.

Shawn Pyfrom 08-05-06 All Rights Reserved

The actor's hairstyle and attire appropriately reflected various significant changes in Andrew's character including the episodes where he famously came out as gay to his mother Bree.

There was also a storyline involving Andrew living as a homeless person after his mother evicted him from her home. Most recently, Andrew has matured, entered into a committed relationship and became a key member of Bree's budding business.

Most recently, Shawn, who has had a diminished role since Fall of 2009 in Desperate Housewives, has grown his hair longer throughout the top and in the back. He also has been growing trendy facial hair.

On Playing A Gay Character On Desperate Housewives

On playing a gay character on Desperate Housewives: "What I really liked about it was that he was already developed as this strong little bastard who runs over old women, and now he's developing into a gay youth. I'm glad they had that other story line first, so people didn't categorize him as 'that gay kid'." (Out magazine, April 2006).

Shawn is not gay in his private life and has had a long time girlfriend.

Video Game Preferences

Shawn Pyfrom 11-08-06 All Rights Reserved

In an interview with Shawn confessed he's not a big fan of video games. When pressed about what video games he might play if he was into them, he said "I don't really play video games, but I suppose if I had to choose one it would be old Mario.

Some of the new stuff is amazing, but some of the games coming out are just way too complicated. Maybe they're just trying to get people to use their minds more, which is good."

How Shawn Snagged His Role As Andrew

Shawn explained snagging his role as Andrew on the hit show in 2004 doesn't have any unusual or amazing story. He said he happened to know "the casting director" who brought him in to meet with Marc Cherry who gave him the role.

And no, he had no idea he was going to play a gay character who had to have on-screen love scenes or that he was going to have to spit in the face of Bree Van De Kamp (Marcia Cross) who plays his mother.

Although he said he loves watching "Desperate Housewives" he also enjoys Entourage.

Shawn Pyfrom 7-19-06 All Rights Reserved

Ken has been known to partner with famed colorist, Rita Hazan, who he met in the trenches at the salon of another famed celebrity hairdresser in New York.

Contrary to media reports, Ken has never created the range of blonde or brunette hues worn by the Simpson Sisters. While he publicly declared his pride over Ashlee's "going brunette from a box" he did not actually color her hair.

Rita Hazan is famous for her magical color tricks that she has dispensed on Jennifer Lopez, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. Rita also colors Tina Simpson, mother of the Simpson sisters.

While the tabloid and related media may wag their fingers at Ken for "being unfaithful" to Jessica and Eva for his work with other celebrities, Ken has been working with many of the celebrities that he has pulled "unfaithfulness attacks" for many years.

Shawn Pyfrom 08-05-06 All Rights Reserved

Understanding his responsibility to his "girls" to honor and protect their private lives, he often does not blow dry and tell. Nor would he ever tolerate any of his close family, friends or other confidantes from ever letting a whisper of innuendo escape regarding any of his girls that do not want the media to know he is their mane man.

While the rags profess celebs are secretive about their strand rendezvous with Ken, the truth of the situation is actually more troublesome. As the results of his spectacular work with his many famous women have been documented, the papparrizi, aka the Papps, have targeted Ken with their frightening lens.

Never wanting to compromise his celebrity relationships, Ken takes extreme measures to protect the privacy of his beloved girls. These measures have included fleeing

for his life in life-threatening auto chases to throw the Papps off his path.

He has been featured in numerous magazines, and on “Oprah,” as well as on the sets of MTV and VH-1.

Seasonal Hair Care Tips

Ken is constantly educating his clients as well as the general public about seasonal hair care:

Winter Hair Care Tips

“Hair tends to be more dry and dull in the winter months.

It becomes dehydrated from the added heat we use inside, plus we tend to take warmer showers,” says Ken.

“Dehydrated hair tends to make color look faded. In order to bring new life into your dull hair you must hydrate. I recommend introducing a thicker conditioner into your routine to alternate with your normal. Once to twice a week should do.”

Shawn Pyfrom 09-08-05 All Rights Reserved

Spring Hair Care Tips

Spring color trends are less about light and more about bright!” says Ken. “Hair that is too light can look dry and make skin appear dull. Instead, choose a color or highlights that enhance and brighten your current color.

For example instead of platinum hair opt for a light honey blonde. Like I just had Ashlee Simpson’s hair colored from platinum to a pale honey blonde because it tends to look very healthy.” He also recommends that girls-on-the-go choose a base color not too far off from your own and add highlights to brighten.

“This way you can avoid highlighting every time and still get the same light effect,” he says. “By choosing a base color close to your own, when your roots come in it won’t be as bad and you can get away with a little extra time in between. Think Giselle!”

Summer Hair Care Tips

Shawn Pyfrom 12-13-05 All Rights Reserved

Ken is constantly educating his clients as well as the general public about seasonal hair care:

Fall Hair Care Tips

Ken is constantly educating his clients as well as the general public about seasonal hair care:

Paves Professional Use Tips

Ken is singled minded in both his dedication to his girls along with his desire to impart wisdom to all of his clients about the need to grow healthy, vibrant hair.

His signature product line, Paves Professional is built around "the foundation of healthy hair".

Shawn Pyfrom 2-25-05 All Rights Reserved

It’s also important from season to season to use the right products to maintain your new hue.

And what does Ken favor? The new Kerastase color line, for one. “I’m obsessed with it! It instantly makes colored hair look bright and shiny.” Be sure to make caring for your color a top priority too.

For people with fine hair Ken suggests concentrating the heavier conditioner mid shaft to end, and recommends Paves Professional Conditioning Creme.

“I also apply a light shine serum to keep the hair moisturized and supple, like Paves Professional Essential Oil Shine Serum,” he says.

“Apply to wet hair after shampooing and conditioning before other styling products. Also apply more once your hair is dry for added hydration and shine.”

Shawn Pyfrom 10-03-04 All Rights Reserved


Although Shawn's role as Andrew has diminished significantly, the show itself is going strong and still holding a top spot in the ratings. In the current storyline Andrew is dealing with the revelation that his father had another son who his mother Bree has embraced and brought into her business.

It's anyone's guess what direction the Andrew/Bree storyline will take for the future. It's also unknown at this time whether Shawn will continue to appear on the show or will eventually be completely written off. With Desperate Housewives only time will tell.

In the meantime, watch for Shawn to continue to grow and evolve as an actor.

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