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Summer is all about hot, humid, sunny days bursting with exciting new adventures.

Whether you opt for long lazy days lounging by the Surf, or hitting the sand packed volleyball courts, fabulous fun filled days don't have to be a bad day at the beach for your strands.

Sometimes the very things you adore most about summertime may cause major challenges for your lovely tresses.

The best thing you can do your stressed our strands is to give them a much-needed vacation.

Step away from your hot blow dryers, rollers and styling irons. Instead it's best to go with the flow and embrace your hair's natural texture.

Sexy Hair Equals Natural

Do your own “mane” thing. Let your hair’s born-with-it-textures gloriously emerge.

Stylish tresses, from sexy ringlets, sultry waves and shag inspired layers, to finger tousled and fringed perimeters, are the rage. Deep six rigid, over styled tresses which are definitely no longer happening.

Begin the Summer with a precision cut which works easily with your hair’s natural texture and type. When choosing your ideal summer look, select styles which will work best with your vacation time plans.

Select hairstyles which transition easily from a day playing in the surf, to a romantic candlelight dinner at a post eatery. Intentionally finger tousled strands are chic for any type, length or texture of hair.

Make Summer Haircare A Breeze

Model Enjoying Summer

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Think back to your childhood when fun filled days frolicking in the sun took precedence over hair worries. Women often spend too much time trying to recreate those effortless days-at-the-beach tresses of their youth.

Explore your hair’s natural comfort zone and wear styles that are quick, easy and make you feel fantastic.

Think low maintenance. Highlight and enhance what Mother Nature gave you by utilizing summer inspired shades that compliment your natural complexion.

Letting your hair do its own thing doesn’t mean ignoring it completely. It means cranking up the healthiness factor so your locks have beautiful body and movement. Schedule regular trims and deep conditioning treatments to keep tresses in tip-top shape. Remember that the health of your hair coupled with a great cut is the key ingredient for sultry strands at any length.

Get In Shape This Summer

Rogue rays of the sun, chemical laden pools and outdoor activities may severely damage fragile follicles.

Convert toasty heat-filled days to your advantage by unleashing the power of conditioning products when creating chic summery styles. Not only do conditioners do double duty as strand softeners and styling aids, they also protect delicate hair cuticles from blistering solar rays, pool chemicals, water damage and other environmental toxins.

Utilizing hair conditioners to create chic styles before playing in the sun provides all the benefits of deep conditioning treatments without the time commitment or tedium of hanging out under hot hairdryers.

Model Enjoying Summer

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The heat from the sun coaxes the outermost layer of your cuticles open allowing the conditioners you applied to penetrate deeply all day for maximum and intensive benefits. The result? Silky smooth, do-it-yourself, touchable tresses.

Naturally textured, easy-to-wear summer hair looks spectacularly sassy in a series of messy braids, buns, ponytails and twisted chignons.

Fun And Easy Braids For Lounging On The Beach

Beach braids never go out of style. Create a fun and easy plaited look by liberally applying a leave-in conditioner all over your locks. Distribute well with a wide toothed comb or your fingers. Gather at the nape of the neck.

Secure with a “hair friendly” bungee cord. Separate strands into two or three equal sections.

Weave into a traditional two or three strand English or Dutch braided style. Tie off with an elastic band or second bungee. Add some cool shades, sunscreen and lip gloss for a fabulous beach look. Chill while your coiffure is being deep conditioned.

Clean Up With A Ponytail

Transform your strands from day to night with a sultry off the face style. Nothing is sexier than the sway of a flirty ponytail. Mesmerize with the toss of your strands. It captures the essence of sassiness.

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Apply conditioner or a conditioning product and firmly pull your mane into a high ponytail. This is a clean, chic look that oozes confidence and a sassy attitude. Jazz it up with a saucy flower or seashell encrusted decorative pony elastic.

Quick But Sultry Chignons For Dancing Under The Stars

If you can pull your mop into a ponytail you can create this delightful style. Start by applying conditioner or a conditioning product to slightly damp strands. Smooth your fringe back and gather into a ponytail that nestles into the nape of your neck.

Secure with a “hair friendly” bungee or elastic band. Wrap hair around the ponytail base forming a loose circular bun. Continue twisting your strands around the circular formation until all but a small “tail” section of hair is left. Gently tuck the tail under the body of the new bun and pin against your scalp with bobby pins that match your hair.

The current trends towards softness and simplicity mean the hottest hair accessories include a fantastic array of floral designs, single jewel encrusted chignon sticks, or French hairpins.

Adorning and securing your chignon with a flower or jeweled clip is an easy look to show off at the beach or under the stars.

Have fun with shorter styles by using headbands or jeweled clips to hold the hair back.


Model Enjoying Summer Views

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Remember, real hair divas never conform to specific hair trends but find their own strand groove. Sexy, Sultry, Summer Hair Styles allow your hair to do what it was destined to do, look and feel great!

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