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Sex And The City Movie Hairstyles


As a huge fan of the Sex And The City (SATC) franchise, I had to be one of the first in line to see the movie when it opened in Dallas.

Sex And The City Movie Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie & Samantha 2008

So there I was, at 10:00 am in line for the very first viewing.

It was interesting to see the theater packed with tons of women, and a few men, who were eagerly anticipating the movie version of the beloved HBO series.

The movie was fantastic with lots of fabulous fashions, amazing accessories and great plotlines.

Of course for me, I had to pay close attention to the hair and I was not disappointed.

In many ways the hairstyles of the four SATC friends were not all that dissimilar to their original looks from the series. However, all four have evolved into better, more sophisticated and even sexier versions of themselves.

Carrie Bradshaw's Hairstyles - Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker Sex And The City Movie 2008

For the early part of the movie Carrie wears her hair blonde with alternating textures. The highly defined curls of the past HBO days were replaced by softer waves. The super tight ringlets were never in view during the movie.

At one point while hanging out with her three female friends she has her hair in a high ponytail and there are waves and some curls, but not the tight ringlets of the past.

For some scenes she wore her hair silky and straight in a completely contrasting texture.

Throughout the entire film she alternated between wearing her hair down cascading around her shoulders and rocking it up in a series of ponytails, buns and twists.

Since Sarah Jessica Parker has naturally curly hair, it would be challenging for her to wear any sort of bangs or fringe unless she was willing to straighten them.

Sarah Jessica Parker Sex And The City Movie 2008

Since her hair for the movie was more about either soft waves or shimming sleek strands, bangs would not have worked. Which probably explains, at least partially why none of her SATC movie hairstyles had any hint of fringe or bangs.

In an early Fab Four scene, Carrie sports a Ralph Lauren top, pants, tie and vest with her favorite Manolo Blahniks with her naturally curly hair pulled back in a half up/half down style with lots of well-defined waves billowing softly out from the back of her crown. The top of her hair is pulled tight against her scalp.

When she wore the feather bird, her hair was pulled tightly back from the hairline and fashioned into a barrel curl updo to showcase the feathers and the veil.

After a particularly humiliating event, Carrie goes into a period of sadness and mourning which she symbolizes by trading in her sunny blonde locks for dark, somber chocolate brown tresses.

It's interesting how she symbolizes her need to disappear into the woodwork and go low key by changing her hair color from bright and sunny to dark brown. What a great use of hair color to telegraph mood and emotions.

Throughout the entire movie Carrie's hair was brilliantly styled to complement all of her fashions and accessories.

Samantha Jones Hairstyles - Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall Sex And The City Movie 2008

Samantha (Sam) Jones (Kim Cattrall) is still very blonde with below-the-shoulder tresses. Since we saw her tresses last the character has turned up her sexiness a few notches. Not only with her fashions, but with her hairstyles.

Although Carrie Bradshaw definitely provided an array of beautiful and intriguing hairstyles, in many ways, Samantha covered a much more dramatic range from a relaxed beach house ponytail, wrapped in beads, to a dramatic add-on pony cascading down to her waist from a mid-back hair knot to provide flair and drama.

Samantha didn't change her hair color during the movie but she went from below-the-shoulder to longer, as well as transitioning from sleek and straight to wavy and textured. She also alternated parts and even her bangs.

In some scenes she wore her couture sunglasses on top of her head ala Hollywood style which punctuated her hairstyle of the moment.

Samantha's wardrobe was also kicked up several notches and she morphed from a sophisticated power diva to a Mae West meets Auntie Mame glamour queen.

Sarah Jessica Parker & Kim Cattrall Sex And The City Movie 2008

Kim Cattrall has been quoted as saying "I wanted her (Samantha) to be like the stars from the '30s and '40s that I think Samantha pays homage to. She has Mae West tendencies—she is an Auntie Mame."

Because she wears so mean spectacular accessories such as big, bold and gold hoop earrings and stunning necklaces, she also appeared with her hair pulled back into a sleek twist to show off the various ear and neck candy.

At the point she appeared in the long cascading add-on ponytail she was wearing a mirrored dress, Stuart Weitzman shoes and carrying a shimmering Swarovski bag. A perfect hairstyle for her fashion.

When Samantha made an appearance wrapped in a vibrant yellow Versace, carrying an eye popping Nancy Gonzales handbag and wearing Jimmy Choo sandals her hair was worn with a slight side-parted, side-swept bang with the rest of her off her face and worn in back with a sexy twist. She looked ultra glamorous.

In another scene she wore a gorgeous red Valentino skirt, Thierry Mugler jacket and carried a Fendi tote. Her slightly below the shoulders hair was worn sleek, straight and with slight side-swept bangs.

Kristin Davis & Kim Cattrall Sex And The City Movie 2008

The ends of her modified bob/shag hairstyle curled softly in towards her neck. She had lots of great sexy volume throughout the crown.

Throughout the entire movie Samantha was coiffed in a brilliant array of hairstyles. She alternated between full feathery bangs, partial or full side-swept fringes and tresses completely pulled back and off her face.

At one point she appeared in a wedding scene with her hair completely brushed off her face and directed towards the back of her head with lots of lush texture and topped off by a vibrant red hair flower.

In another scene she wore a simple but elegant thin woven headband placed a few inches from her hairline. Her hair was pulled back into a tight bun.

Of course there was also the beaded ponytail wrap with her sassy soft pony.

In the film Samantha and her three best friends celebrate her 50th birthday. In the case of Sam's hairstyles and fashions, she isn't getting older she's getting better. Much, much better.

Charlotte York Hairstyles - Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis Sex And The City Movie 2008

Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) still has her long brunette strands she was known for during the entire course of the original HBO Sex And The City franchise.

Charlotte has always been a true classic with both her hair and her fashions. That aspect has not changed.

If anything, Charlotte has become more feminine in her look with her long healthy locks worn in looser less finished hairstyles.

In one scene the always beautiful Charlotte appeared in a pristine white Prada dress and matching shoes with her silky dark brunette hair providing a perfect contrast. Her strands were worn down around her shoulders in sheets of straight shimmer.

She looked sophisticated yet soft and pretty.

A key element to Charlotte's storyline was the existence of her adopted daughter and the pending arrival of a new baby. This information played into how the hot mom wore her long brunette strands.

In one scene she wore a beautiful Oscar de la Renta polka-dot dress with a soft pink trench coat. Her tresses were worn brushed off her face and pulled back into a soft twist.

Miranda Hobbes Hairstyles - Cynthia Nixon

Miranda's trademark red strands were still in beautiful view. Like the other three SATC women she has changed up both her fashion and hair style.

Cynthia Nixon As Miranda Hobbs Sex And The City Movie 2008

The workaholic attorney has dumped the conservative business suits for softer and more elegant dresses, skirts and gowns. Her red hair was softened with carefully placed highlights which brightened her face.

She shows off her short to medium length sassy hairstyles with big, bold hoop and circular shaped earrings in gold and various metallic shapes that punch up her hair color.

Besides turning up the wow factor with her fashions and accessories, her hair was worn in a series of short to medium bobs and chops with lots of volume, movement and natural texture.

Her hair, as well as her overall style, was sophisticated with a slight edge and sexiness that was never present in the original series.

When Miranda appeared in an Alberta Ferretti dress with Luciana Padovan heels her hair was coiffed to pump up lots of texture around the perimeter.

Her medium length choppy bob was cut on an angle so that the style had a perfect flow from the front of her chin towards the back.

The hair had an element of movement and swing that was sexy and in perfect harmony with the Ferretti dress.

Louise From St. Louis Hairstyles - Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson Sex And The City Movie 2008

Jennifer Hudson was a newcomer to the SATC franchise. However, she was fabulous in the part of Carrie Bradshaw's personal assistant. I would kill for someone so organized and together.

Jennifer wore her hair very naturally in curls that were perfectly shaped and trimmed to form lovely ringlets. Her hairstyle worked perfectly with the role she played in the movie and she was a great addition to the original cast.


As always the Sex And The City Girls don't disappoint with it comes to their hairstyles and fashions.

The movie picks up some years after the HBO series ended and the hair and fashion of the four key characters - Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda - have evolved in such a manner as to be perfectly in tune with the characters they play in the film.

No matter what the critics say, whether they love the movie or not, if you loved the original series you will definitely love the movie. Trust me, you've have a fabulous fashion and hairstyle feast.

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