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Anna Kournikova

Celebrities, supermodels and actresses have long understood the secret of transforming their ho-hum short locks instantly with hair extensions.

At the hands of the very talented celebrity hairdressers like Ken Paves, short tressed beauties like Lara Flynn Boyle strolled down past year's Golden Globe red carpets coiffed with a luscious long flirty ponytail.

Jessica Simpson recently steamed up the 2006 People's Choice Awards with beautiful long blonde waves that were eye-popping and jaw-dropping.

Ken has graciously shared the secret of transforming Lara and Jessica into instant long haired lovelies. The secret? HairUWear's PutOnPieces which is a collection of patented attach-in-an-instant

Anna Kournikova

hair additions designed for today's active, fashion savvy woman. Be it straight or curly, long or short, your options are limitless.

Tips For Instant Add-on Tails

With Put On Pieces, anyone can take their short or medium length bobs and instantly transform them into a long sultry pony styles.

In fact, with the PutOnPieces you can copy your favorite celebrities like Anna Kournikova, famous for her long thick blonde ponytail that she often matches with a front quiff or pompadour style.

The PutOnPieces has a specific Put On Ponys collection which offers spectacular ponytails in a fabulous range of lengths, textures and hues.

At Hair-U-Wear Put On Pieces you can select the fabulous Swing style. It is long, shiny sleek hair that falls to mid-back on a claw clip attachment. It's overall length is 27". The top is 23" and the bottom is 19".

Steal Anna's Ponytail Style With Put On Pieces

While you may not have a celebrity stylist like Ken Paves on hand to create a perfect pony like Lara Flynn's or Anna's, you can still achieve the same instant award-winning style.

Swing Style Pony

Follow the steps listed below for creating your own version of a great ponytail:

1. Purchase one of the fabulous add-on ponytails like the Swing Style Pony (shown to the side) from Put On Pieces in the length, style and color that is compatible with your current hair color or the look you wish to achieve. If you prefer, your favorite hair extension expert can also craft a custom ponytail for you and your hair using the fabulous Great Lengths extensions wefts also available from HairUWear. When in doubt, ask your hairstylist to help you select the best Put On Pieces for you.

2. Whether your hair is super short or longer in length, match the rest of your hairstyle with the add-on ponytail piece. Prepare your hair by washing, blow drying, curling and brushing so that the front and sides smoothly and seamlessly merge with the ponytail to give a natural look. If you wish to exactly copy Anna's look, brush the front of your hair up from your forehead. Back comb the strands to create a quiff or pompadour. Brush the sides and back of your hair up towards the crown so that you can attach the Put On Pieces ponytail where your natural hair comes together.

3. Anchor the Put On Pieces ponytail very carefully and securely to the rest of your head. Whether you attach the pony to the top of your scalp or near the nape of your neck, take your time to make sure the pony is firmly attached. When possible, use bobby pins which match your hair color to minimize detection. Experiment with using a long piece of your own hair to wrap around or overlay the top of the pony to create a more natural looking connection.

Sleek Ponytail

From the Put On Pieces Collection - All rights reserved

4. Camouflage the area where the add-on ponytail merges with your natural hair by adding a gorgeous jeweled ponytail holder, a crystal encrusted barrette or other hair babble to draw attention away from any obvious seams or attachment pieces. You can also take one strand from the ponytail and wrap it around the base and then anchor it to form a natural pony tail holder.

5. Be creative and have fun. Apply a light glitter infused gel or spray to the front of your real hair or near the top where the ponytail is attached to your natural strands.

6. Apply a light shine defrisant product to the palms of your hands and carefully glide over your own hair and to the ends of your ponytail to add shine and remove any frizz.

7. For a sassy look, use a curling iron for just a few seconds on the ends of your add-on pony to curl slightly. Note: Do not leave the iron on the ends more than a few seconds.

8. Try other ponytail related looks for an instant change. Wrap the ponytail into a topknot, ballerina bun or soft nape-hugging chignon.


Regardless of the length or condition of your own natural hair, an add-on pony offers endless possibilities for instantly updating and changing your style.

Don’t be surprised if you start to see a lot more ponytails in the very near future since their recent appearance on the Hollywood red carpets.

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Original Publication Date: 03/01/2006 - Revised Publication Date: 05/22/10

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