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Sancho: Super Pepper For Gray Hair


My eagle eye is always on the lookout for that latest and greatest scoops about hair. Recently as I was flipping through the April 18th issue of the Examiner at my local grocery store, I discovered an article about a hot new pepper (no pun intended) that scientists are claiming will naturally and safely banish gray hair forever.

Can this really be true? Yes, according to Dr. Ohji Huku and his team of scientific researchers in Tokyo, Japan.

Dr. Huku has been researching the effects of a Far Eastern pepper known as sansho on the pigment cells of the hair that produce color. This pepper is not anything new. It is commonly used by the Japanese to season food, specifically chicken and fish dishes.

Dr. Huku, through his research, has been discovering that this common pepper will actually rev up the pigmentation cells of the hair that control color.

According to the Examiner, Dr. Huku has discovered that if you rub a special lotion that contains sansho on your scalp at bedtime, it will cause your melanocyte cells to regenerate color on your hair.

In other words, if people use the sansho lotion on their scalp every night before they go to sleep, they may banish gray hair forever.

According to experts, the pigment cells, called melanocytes, actually control hair color. These cells are very active during childhood and early adulthood, but decline as the body ages. This results in hair color fading or the pigment losing color so that the hair turns gray.

Many experts believe that the sancho lotion may definitely work to eliminate gray hair. If this is true, there will be a major demand for the product around the world.

Hair Boutique Note - November 2005 & August 2009: Although this article published in 2000 promised hope with Sancho pepper, constant monitoring by has netted no new information regarding this potential gray busting product.

It is our opinion that the Sancho pepper, while offer promise has not delivered results to date.

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