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Romantic Hair Tips


Alicia Witt

One of the most provocative inspirations for poets, musicians, painters and romantics throughout history has been the beauty of women’s hair.

Some of the earliest recorded references to female hair was in 3000 BC where masses of curls were revered as the essence of beauty and sensuality

Although times and hair fashions have changed, there is nothing more sensuous and inviting to the touch than shiny, silken layers of tantalizing tresses.

Hair can be caressed, stroked and incorporated into romance. It can also give off inviting aromas and visually enhance overall attractiveness.

Try some of these tips for irresistible and romantic tresses:

1. Ban the use of hair chemicals a few days before a romantic rendezvous. Opt for color enhancing shampoos and a good curling iron to get odor free results.

Alicia Witt

A diffuser can be your hair’s best friend. It can help you curl and wave or just ruffle-up your hair. Chemical processing aromas can linger in your hair and may scare him away. Remember that men love to bury their faces in your shiny manes and inhale the fabulous scents.

2. Schedule a hot-oil or deep conditioning treatment every week, or whenever your hair needs it. Healthy vibrant shiny hair is a major turn-on.

3. Sleep on silk, satin or rayon pillowcases to keep your strands silky soft.

4. Right before a special romantic evening go heavy on conditioning. Your style should hold through the few hours you will be out. Touchable softness is what matters.

5. Shampoo your hair right before your date. Freshly washed hair that smells yummy will tempt most men to bury their faces into it.

6. Plan your hair care product use in advance so that they all have the same aroma. It has been scientifically proven that men respond well to scents of licorice, chocolate, vanilla and musk.

Alicia Witt

7. Avoid spraying perfume directly onto your hair. Lightly mist a little cloud into the air and then walk through it to allow a light residue to settle on top of your locks. Co-ordinate your perfume with your hair care product scents for a unique and sensuous personal signature.

8. Use minimal styling products. Remember that less is more. Avoid stiff, over-styled or “every hair in place” looks.

9. Adopt light shine, leave-in conditioning or mousse products that won’t leave hair sticky or tacky. Opt for water-based styling products that have lighter hold than alcohol formulas. Avoid hairsprays that will give a dry or crunchy look.

11. When in doubt go for a simple, straight and shiny look. Men have can’t resist glorious shiny locks.

10. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair go for a rumpled catwalk style that invites bold fingers to caress and stroke. Think Mena Suvari’s sexy rumpled Botticelli curls in American Beauty.

Alicia Witt

11. Surprise and tantalize him by wearing your glistening hair up in a sexy topknot for the evening held softly in place with one beautiful clip or barrette. When the lights dim let your gorgeous mane down in all its glory.

12. Consider a Veronica Lake look and let your hair fall in a seductive wave over one eye. Not only will you come off as mysterious it subconsciously encourages men to gently brush your hair out of your eyes.

13. For casual dates wear your hair off your neck in a simply sensuous ponytail. Many men are intrigued and attracted by the beauty of a woman’s uncovered neck.

14. Avoid styles that have to be “undone”. Although she looked Bo Derrick looked hot in 10, most men would pass on cornrows, heavily crimped and braided styles. Unless your hottie already loves your bright pink hair colors, skip the wild or garish colors.

Alicia Witt

15. Minimize hair jewels, glitter or other accessories. These get in the way of exploring hands and fingers. Keep earrings small and simple and close to your ears. Large hoops get in the way.

Remember that sensuous romantic hair can heighten romance. Use your hair to attract attention, tease or tantalize.

Here are some additional tips for romantic hair play:

1. Gently play with your own hair using body language to signal your interest. Let that guy know that you have come-play-with-me attitude.

2. Do the famous hair toss. Men have long recognized that when a woman flips or tosses her hair back away from her face it is a play for male attention.

Alicia Witt

3. Use your fingers to slowly and seductively pull your hair up off your neck and then let it fall softly back into place. This allows you to tempt and tease with a brief glimpse of your sexy neck while showing off your soft, shiny mane at the same time.

4. Ask your guy to brush your silky tresses with your favorite brush. Few man could resist.

5. Invite your lover to shampoo your hair. What could be more romantic than a long shampoo with lots of sumptuous suds?


Take a hint from those famous hair beauties like Lady Godiva and Deborah Jo Fondren, and package your own hair to tantalize, enchant and romance the man of your dreams. So what are you waiting for?

Original Publication Date: 09/4/2001 - Revised Publication Date: 01/27/12

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