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Best Places For Most Romantic Kisses

In an ideal world, the best kiss would be picture perfect down to the last detail. Romantic music would swell, fireworks would explode overhead, and breath would always be fresh.

Twitterthe company that has been making kisses sweeter for decades, presents its top ten kissing spots and scenarios, many inspired by screens big and small.

Just be sure and keep Binaca FastBlast or Binaca Aerosol at the ready, and the fantasy could come true!

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1. On a Ferris Wheel. There's just something about an old fashioned amusement park ride. It worked for the "OC"'s Ryan and Marisa, who shared their first kiss atop one.

2. In a club. Preferably one of the new "speakeasies." Or perhaps a salsa club somewhere in South America.

3. In a torrential downpour. Think the steamy reunion kissing of Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling in "The Notebook."

4. In the kitchen, preparing dinner together, or on a banquette in a romantic restaurant. Shakespeare said music was the food of love, but food itself feeds romance too!

5. At an airport, whether you are coming or going. Remember the opening montage shot at London's Heathrow airport in "Love, Actually?" Or Jess's swoon-worthy goodbye to her Coach before flying off to LA in "Bend it Like Beckham?"

6. On a beach. Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in "From Here To Eternity." Enough said.

7. On a train. There's something so retro and romantic about train travel. Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke proved it in "Before Sunrise."

8. On a cruise ship, especially if you have just met on that very ship. Better yet, in a car on a ship, like Kate and Leo in "Titanic."

9. At a wedding, even if you and your partner are not the bride and groom.

10. On stage, after accepting your Oscar. Adrien Brody famously demonstrated this one with Halle Berry. And he didn't forget to spritz with Binaca first.

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