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Romantic Hair Textures For All Special Hair Events


Lush Curls & Waves

There's no question that romantic hair textures are always on the leading edge of hair fashion trends. Beautiful curls, waves and natural texture is always desirable.

Curls, waves and amped up natural textures are often the hairstyle of choice for special hair events like weddings, proms or special romantic hair events.

Curls and waves are often big on the Red Carpets where a dizzying array of curls and wavy tresses from wild and unruly to soft and finished are designed to add softness and romance to gorgeous gowns.

Steal This Style

The beauty of this romantic hair style is that it can be easily changed to be worn in a variety of ways".

Lush Curls & Waves

The style shown throughout this article is displayed both in a very soft loose down style and a wilder updo style. This basic style provides lots of great styling options.

The same hairstyle is also shown with and without a soft "bandeau" style headband worn near the front of the face to instantly change up the look. Jesse likes the fact that the style can be "dressed up or down" with the hot fashion trend of adding "headbands".

Basic Style Notes

This hairstyle can be created on any type or texture of tresses, but is easiest to recreate on hair that either has natural bend or is naturally curly or wavy. It can be created on straight hair properly prepped with styling sprays, creams or spray.

The optimal hair length would be shoulder length or below. This style can also be created on hair that has been "extended" or with clip in hair pieces.

Step By Step Instructions Down Style

Listed below are the detailed steps to follow to recreate his spectacular basic wave style:

Lush Curls & Waves

1. Shampoo hair with volumizing shampoo designed to enhance natural waves or texture.

For hair that is chemically treated or has been colored or highlighted, use a moisturizing shampoo that will protect and add moisture. Or utilize your favorite cleansing method including Diluted Shampoo (DS), Conditioner Only (CO), Water Only (WO) or a combination of methods.

2. Finish shampoo treatment with a rinse-out conditioning product designed for your hair type, texture and condition.

3. Complete the final rinse with cool/cold water rinse to close cuticles.

4. Towel blot hair to remove excess water.

5. Apply detangling or leave-in detangler and working from the ends to the roots, carefully detangle strands. Create desired parting (front, side, high or low).

6. When hair is completely detangled, apply a styling cocktail that includes a mixture of leave-in conditioner and/or styling cream or mousse. .

Lush Curls & Waves

Note: If your hair requires extra hold you may wish to apply a styling glaze and/or gel in addition to a leave-in product.

7. Use a blow dryer set on medium heat and "scrunch" 1-2 inch sections of your hair with one hand as you direct the heat "up the shaft" from the "ends to the roots" with the blow dryer.

Continue to work completely around your head from side to side scrunching 1-2 inch sections until the entire head has been scrunched and texturized.

8. Optionally you can use a long finger diffuser to create loose waves. Select 1-2 inches of hair at a time and drape the section of hair into the bowl section of the diffuser.

Use the air flow to dry the strands, creating natural texture. Continue this process until all the hair has been completely dried.

Note: Hair that has a natural wave, curl or bend will respond well to the finger diffuser drying technique. Straight hair may not develop much texture or wave utilizing a diffuser.

Lush Curls & Waves

9. To crank up the waves and texture, use a medium barrel curling iron and work from side to side creating a series or different sized spiral curls.

Release the curling iron and carefully pin the newly created curl to your scalp while working on the next section of hair.

10. When hair has been completely curled, cooled and ready to be finished, spray the entire head with a firm hold hairspray.

11. Unpin the individual sections and "finger tousle" to achieve desired wave pattern.

12. Slide "bandeau style" headband up over the front of the hairline. Push the headband farther back then you ultimately want it, then slightly nudge it forward. This gives the front of the hair a little lift. Pull any side fringe gently out from under the band.

Lush Curls & Waves

13. Finish with a light spritz of hairspray and a light application of shine spray or drops carefully palmed over the top of the waves to prevent them from getting too much product which can make hair greasy or oily. Remember, a little goes a long way.

This style looks stunning with either a strapless gown to show off your shoulders or a halter top gown, as shown above.

Keep dress and accessories relatively simple so they don't compete with your fabulous curls and waves.

Step By Step Instructions Up Do Style

Lush Curls & Waves

This updo style (shown to the side) is a modified version of the basic wavy style created above.

Once the basic style is completed, and the headband positioned in the desired location, use fingers to gently pull individual waves forward over the front of the headband.

Use bobby pins in the same hue as your current hair and anchor the waves so that they naturally cascade from the back of the crown down around your face and over your ears.

Working from side to side along the back, pull individual waves up from the nape of the neck and pin them against the back of the head so that they form a messy tousled "faux" chignon.

The key to this look is to be creative and pin waves in a random pattern so they cascade down around the face and up along the crown.


Lush Curls & Waves

This brilliant curl and wave infused hair style is perfect for Prom, a wedding or any special hair event.

Whether you wear the hair down in loose waves or pinned up with cascading texture, the style can be adopted perfectly for any face shape, hair texture or length.

If you desire more hair fullness or length, experiment with add-on strands. Another option is to have a series of hair extensions added before your big event.

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Social Media Network Information

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