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Rene Furterer's Carthame Oil


Several years ago I spent a fabulous time in the South of France on business. While haunting the fabulous cities of Antibes, Cannes and Nice, I learned to shop every day for fresh baked breads, cheese and incredible wines. I also discovered the fabulous French hair care lines like Phyto, Rene Furterer, JF Lazertique and Leonor Greyl to name a few of my personal favorites. By the end of my visit to France my hair never looked better and I lost weight walking to the shops every day.

When I returned to the United States after my fabulous European visit I also discovered that it was hard to find the very lines I had found. Some years later I traveled to New York to eat my way across The City and shop. While there I again found Phyto and Rene Furterer. I literally shipped back a box of those goodies to last me about 6 months.

Jennifer Lopez & Rene Furterer

Recently when I interviewed celebrity stylist Ken Paves I learned that some of my favorite Phyto and Rene Furterer, products are the very ones that he uses constantly on his celebrity clients.

Ken got incredible results with Rene Furterer - Carthame Hydro-Nutritive Serum while caring for Jennifer Lopez's hair during the filming of the Wedding Planner. Ken explained that JLo's hair is extremely curly, naturally dry and fragile for all the chemical processing that she endures for various movie roles. Ken instructed JLo to apply the Rene Furterer - Carthame Hydro-Nutritive Serum every night she was on the Wedding Planner site right before she went to bed. JLo slept in the oil and washed it out in the mornings.

Ken reported that after three months on the set, JLo's hair, as a result of the nightly Carthame, was healthier, stronger and shinier than it had been at the beginning of the movie.

Is this possible? Absolutely. I have personally experienced similar results from the Rene Furterer - Carthame Hydro-Nutritive Serum

Don't get me wrong. I love Phyto products. However, I also enjoy many of the Rene Furterer products because they provide different benefits for my hair than Phyto or some of the other lines I use. (Photo of Jennifer Lopez & Kirsten Dunst - Copyright ABC/CRAIG SJODIN - All rights reserved).

Ken Paves agreed that he uses the Phyto, Furterer and some of the other European lines together at the same time to get the very best results for some of his celebrity clients like JLo (who also loves Phytodefrisant) Jessica Simpson (who uses both lines such as Phytolaque and Furterer conditioning products), Heather Locklear and Kristen Dunst.

As Ken pointed out, a good stylist will mix and match from the best of the best lines. Phyto and Furterer are considered the best by some of the world's top stylists.

The Carthame Scoop

Before I heard that JLo's hair had responded well to the Carthame, I was already personally aware of the benefits of this fabulous product. I had a wonderful scalp massage with the Carthame Product a few years ago. The stylist used the Carthame for the massage. My scalp and hair felt wonderful.

This past June I actually received a birthday present that included the Carthame along with several of the Furterer Okara products. What a great gift.

My tailbone hair can get really parched at times and I am a big believer in using hot oil treatments. I often alternate between the Phyto and Furterer oils with great results. The Rene Furterer - Carthame Hydro-Nutritive Serum was designed to treat my type of naturally dry, wavy, thick hair.

The beauty of the Carthame line is that it has been especially created for dry to very dry hair and scalp. The Carthame nourishes and softens the hair. Ken Paves is right, constant use of the Carthame will revitalize some of the most damaged hair.


Rene Furtherer promises the following benefits for dry to super dry hair and scalp:

  • Deeply nourishes the scalp
  • Restores the hydrolipidic film
  • Gives shine and suppleness to the hair


Rene Furtherer uses the best ingredients for the Carthame as well as their entire line of products. The Carthame is based on safflower and is packed with essential oils of orange and verbena. It also contains hair helping Vitamin E.

How To Use

The Carthame comes in a small glass bottle known as "ampoules". You can apply the oil to either dry or damp hair, depending on your needs. I personally believe that damp hair will absorb the oil better, but this is just my own experience. You may want to experiment by using the Carthame on your hair when it is damp and also bone dry.

The oil can be used weekly, or according to the needs of your hair.

Carefully break off the top of the ampoule and apply to the palms of your hands. If you have a dry or itchy scalp you can also massage the treatment into your scalp. If not, smooth the Carthame onto your hair from the tops of your ears down to the ends. Concentrate the product on the dry or damaged parts of your tresses.

For best results wrap your hair in a plastic cap or wrap and then add a hot towel to help the treatment penetrate into the cuticle. If you prefer, use a steamer or sit under a hooded hair dryer. Use heat for 15 to 30 minutes for the best results.

Can you leave it on overnight? If your hair needs extra care or conditioning, do as JLo did and sleep in the product. Be sure to protect your bed lines with towels.

This wonderful treatment revitalizes hair that's been damaged by the sun, hot irons, curlers, and chemical processes.

Removing The Carthame

Whether you use the Carthame or some other similar hot oil treatment, there is a trick to getting the Carthame or other oil out without losing all the moisturizing benefits. Apply a small amount of shampoo to the palms of your hands. Pat the shampoo (don't add water) carefully on top of your hair. Apply lukewarm water and gently create some suds. Let the suds flow down over the length of your hair to cut the oil without removing all the benefits of the treatment.

Rinse well after the first shampoo. If your hair still feels oily, follow the process again to remove remaining treatment product or oils.

Depending on the condition of your hair you may want to also apply a rinse-out or deep conditioning treatment. Towel blot your hair and then apply a leave-in conditioner if appropriate for your hair type and needs.

Enjoy newly soft and shiny hair.

For More Information

The complete Rene Furterer line is sold at in the Marketplace. For more information about Rene Furterer or to order the products call the toll free line at: 1-866-469-4247 .

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