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Put Your Best Face Forward: Classic & Trendy Wedding & Updo Hairstyles


The big day is almost here and you want to look your best. Whether it is prom night or your wedding day, all eyes will be on you.

Though your dress is hot…what will you do with your hair? We consulted with the South Carolina Association of Cosmetology Schools, whose team offered the following recommendations.

Consult With A Professional Hair Designer

Mr. Kenneth Shuler, President of SCACS first suggests, “You are always best off by consulting with your professional hair designer for a review of the many options available to you today.

Ask them to share updo and bridal stylebooks that offer hundreds of glamorous ideas. Then ask them to personally offer their advice for hair, makeup and nail services that will create a wonderful total image.”

A classic updo is the best way to add a stylish touch of elegance and formality to any special event.

With so many new hairstyles and trends out there right now, how do you know what is the best look for you?

Maybe you would look better with a few pieces of hair down to frame your face. Maybe you need some extra body if you have fine limp hair. Maybe you will want to add some exciting face framing highlights or hair color. The options are endless!

A good way to begin is by first taking a look in the mirror at your face.

What facial shape do you have? If it is round or heart-shaped you might want to pull your hair back tight away from your face with only one piece of hair flipped down to one side.

If you have a long, narrow shaped face you might want to try framing your face with some extra strands of hair. If you have bangs you might try separating them slightly or pinning them back.

Another important fashion element to consider in selecting the right hair design is what style of dress are you wearing. If it is a prom type of dress, it might be fun and short. You want your hair to reflect that with a cute spiky do or a few added accessories like a sparkly hairclip or hairpins.

If you are wearing a more formal style of dress or gown, than you might want to consider a much more simple classic updo hairstyle.

A clean upsweep in a tight bun can be a very powerful statement. On the other hand, you may elect to have some fun and colorful hairpieces added.

You can certainly have your professional hair designer add hair ornaments, hair jewelry, snoods or a tiara.

A very important thing to remember though, is that if the hair is thin or fine—then some extra body may be needed to give the updo a fuller look.

Before beginning to have your hair styled, it may be essential to have your hair designer dab a little mousse or gel to the nape of neck or roots of damp hair, then blow-drying outwardly with a round brush.

It is important to start at the roots when drying to give hair its maximum body. It is also important to begin styling with clean damp hair.

If your hair is thick and curly then you should to consider a leave-in conditioner or paste to help wear down and hold the curl for your special party or evening out. Thick waves can be upswept and curled at the ends.

If you do decide to straighten curly hair, then you might want to consider a ceramic hot pressing iron.

It is less harmful to your hair and it works best to smooth out hair to give a more polished look. It is also a good tool to piece out individual hairs to make them stand out or curl under.

Plan Ahead

For a really big party or event such as your wedding day, the last thing you want to worry about is your hair. However, it will become an essential part of your total fashion statement!

That is why it is very important to think ahead. If you will want your hair `up’ for the big event, try to let your hair grow out to at least shoulder length.

Then take your time and look at bridal hairstyle books. Try to find a hairstyle that you would feel confident wearing. Also try to find one that will allow you to wear the style of veil you have chosen.

Once you have your dress and veil, then give yourself time.

When you have narrowed down a few hairstyles, bring photographs of these styles and your veil to a hair designer that you trust.

You will need at least a week or two before the big day to try out a few of the hairstyle designs with your professional hairstylist. Take the time for a trial nail care and makeup session while there.

Stylish Savings At Cosmetology School Clinics

Kenneth Shuler suggests, “If you are looking to save a little money or are looking for fresh ideas then you might want to try going to a Cosmetology School Clinic near you! These schools are available in every community and can be found in the Yellow Pages.

Like the members of our South Carolina Association of Cosmetology Schools, licensed instructors supervise all of these talented school students and they are eager to please you with stylish new looks.

If you're interested in trying a new hairstyle, yet are a bit unsure of what you are looking for—then you might want to consider volunteering to be a model for these students.

The students that are on the Cosmetology School Clinic floor are very well trained and they often have competed in statewide competitions.

Besides offering you an array of extremely talented student hair designers, the cosmetology school clinic service prices are often very reasonable.”

So, get ready for your big day and every special event with numerous new updo hair fashion options, while also exploring the latest trends in hair, makeup and nailcare.

For more information visit the South Carolina Association of Cosmetology Schools listed on the SCACS website at: or call 803-798-8515.

Photos: South Carolina Association of Cosmetology Schools; Stylists, Makeup & Nails By: SCACS Students; Photo: Chip Foust

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