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Pixie Haircut For 2008


Sharon Stone 2008 All Rights Reserved

Actress Sharon Stone is no stranger to the pixie short hair cut which is also sometimes called the crop or the cap or even a chop.

The super short pixie hair, when cut with precision, is a great hairstyle for anyone without kinky curly hair who wants to showcase big beautiful eyes, gorgeous skin or luscious lips.

The pixie haircut combines the softness of a short fringe and wispy hair in front of the ears to frame the eyes and make them pop. It also opens up the face showcasing the skin and lips.

Pixie Haircut Options

Depending on whom you talk to and what terminology they use, her hair is a very short cut with lots of layering along the hairline and crown with longer lengths extending to the nape of her neck.

Whether you would call this a super short haircut or just a short cut is another way that people differ. If you are talking to a hairstylist they might call Sharon's pixie cut a short crop.

This is because hair consumers and professional hairdressers often have a different of opinion of what labels to apply to different hairstyles, lengths and even color.

Right now many people are calling Sharon Stone's latest short cut a pixie.

The Brown Aveda Institute Rocky River, Ohio Stylist: Lori Udrija 2008

Tom Carson All Rights Reserved

Which brings forth the burning question. Are pixie short cuts coming back into style for 2008?

Will Hollywood suddenly be transformed into a sea of short haired celebrities?

Will hair consumers follow creating a hair craze worthy of Jennifer Aniston's "The Rachel" or Farrah Fawcett's "Wings"?

Reasons Why Pixie May Not Be Coming Back

Anything is possible but in my ten years of hair watching, I would say its doubtful for a number of reasons that include:

1. A super short haircut doesn't work for all ages, face shapes, hair types and body shapes. 2. Hair consumers are in love with hairstyling options, which explains the craze for the Jessica Simpson clip-in hair extensions. Super short cuts can offer limiting styling options including the ability to add clip-ins or regular hair extensions. 3. Hollywood glamour is defined around long lush tresses. 4. Short hair requires more disciplined cut maintenance with more frequent trips to the salon. This takes more time and today's hair consumers are pressed for time. They want ease and sexy styles without repeated treks for trims. 5. Super short cuts require flawless skin, great make-up and beautiful features. Not everyone has the right combination to look stunning in short hair and most women understand this requirement. 6. More men prefer longer hair than shorter and many women still care about the opinion of the men in their lives.

Nancy Oliver The 13th Annual Critic's Choice Awards 01-07-08 All Rights Reserved

New Bobs

Even though more short hair cuts like Sharon's are indeed popping up on the runways, the shorter style is still lagged behind other looks including the new bobs which are being spearheaded into popularity by Katie Holmes.

This is not to say that everyone that opts for a new short haircut in 2008 is going to select just a bob.

Someone who has their heart set on a pixie, chop, crop or whatever they are calling the short haircut of their dreams should weigh all the options and then follow their heart.

Hair By Bennie and Friends Louisville, Ky Stylist: Bennie Pollard Photographer: Edward Brown 2008

Tom Carson All Rights Reserved

There are obviously pros and cons to all hairstyle selections like the Pixie Cut.

A super short cut should never be undertaken for all the wrong reasons such as a fight with a loved one, because you feel like something new or if you currently have below the shoulder tresses.

Short cuts undertaken in extreme haste will almost always grow out with regrets.

The good news? Once a short haircut has grown at least 6 inches, it is long enough to have traditional hair extensions applied.

A little longer growth and you can invest in some of the popular Jessica Simpson clip-in strands.

Best Face Shapes For Pixie Haircuts

Patrika Danka Los Angeles Premiere of "The Water Horse, Legend of the Deep" 12-08-07 All rights reserved

Most hairdressers will agree that an oval face shape can wear a pixie, crop or cap short cut with ease.

This does not account for the possibility of other challenges such as a prominent nose or ears. A short pixie cut leaves nothing to the imagination and if defocus on your ears or nose is desired, a super short cut is not the right one for you.

Face shapes that would probably not do as well with a pixie include round shapes where the pixie will accentuate the roundness of the cheeks. A square face shape would have a similar problem with the pixie showcasing any pronounced square lines along the jaw line.

A heart shaped face also would not be an ideal option since the pixie would accentuate the width of the forehead area.

Some rectangular face shapes might carry a pixie well. An inverted pear could also work with a pixie.

Terri J Vaughn World Premiere of "First Sunday" 1-18-08 All rights reserved

How do you know if you would look good in a Pixie? Visit the free Hair Wizard. The Hair Wizard allows you to try on a wide range of hairstyles to get a sneak peek of how your face will look in a wide range of hairstyles.

It should be remembered that even if your face shape doesn't follow current beauty conventions for the hairstyle you desire, you can still select a hairstyle purely because you like it.

While face shape rules are always nice to have as a rule of thumb, ultimately you must select hairstyles that make you feel great, regardless of the "rules". The same case is true with the Pixie haircut.

Best Hair Types & Textures

A Pixie cut works best on hair that is medium in type, neither too thick nor too thin. A pixie may work for naturally curly hair in some cases if the curls are not too tightly formed.

A Pixie cut can actually work nicely on a lot of naturally wavy hair since it creates an interesting texture that still lays clos to the scalp but has movement.

Steal A Pixie Hair Style

Sharon Stone 2007 - 2008 All rights reserved

Actress Terri J Vaughn appeared at the recent world premiere of First Sunday rocking a brand new short pixie with a heavy fringe. She is expecting a baby which works great for a new pixie. Not only is she wearing the latest hair fashion, it will be easy to take care of when the baby arrives.

If you would like to re-create Sharon Stone's sleek 2008 Pixie follow the steps below:

Step 1: Shampoo and condition your hair with hair care products designed for your current hair type, texture and condition.

If your hair is like Sharon's it's probably been chemically colored or highlighted. Remember that it is important to use products that honor the special needs of chemically processed strands.

Shampoo & Conditioner to try for naturally curly and/or chemically relaxed strands: PhytoCitrus Vital Radiance Shampoo

Cloud 9 Salon Martins Ferry, Ohio Stylist: Jerry Oliver Makeup: Kat Bishop 2008

Tom Carson All rights reserved

Step 2: Gently towel blot your hair with a thick towel designed to help absorb moisture. Avoid rubbing hair vigorously to avoid frizz. Continue to gently blot hair until all excess moisture is removed.

Step 3: Mix a cocktail of leave-in conditioner and frizz buster in the palms of your hands. Apply to damp strands to help keep hair soft and frizz free.

Frizz Fighter to try for naturally curly strands: Phytodefrisant - Relaxing Baum - 3.3 fl oz (100ml)

Step 4: Apply a tennis ball size of mousse to the palms of your hands. Distribute well through damps strands in order to provide just the right balance of moisture and sheen.

Note: Avoid using gels or similar styling products which will make hair stick and tacky. For a softer, more natural look, stick with mousse or very light cream.

Step 5: Use a wide toothed comb to detangle gently and make sure that the applied styling products are well distributed.

Renee Zellwegner "Bee Movie" Los Angeles Premiere 10-28-07 All rights reserved

For a tousled look:

Step 6: Use a blow dryer along with your fingertips and tousle hair dry.

For a finished look:

Step 6: Use a blow dryer along with a round brush and separate strands into 1/4" sections in order to achieve uniform blow drying.

Step 7: When hair is 100% dry, use a brush to finish. If you want to change up the texture, you can use a small flat or curling iron to touch up the hairstyle.

Step 8: Apply a shine serum and carefully brush over the top of the bun.

Step 9: Spray well with soft hold hairspray.


The Pixie haircut appears to be cycling back into hairstyle fashion at the moment. More celebrities are opting for the short haircut look.

Does the Pixie haircut work for everyone? Probably not, but if you love the look and want to wear it, then let any face shape or other rules be broken.

- Revised Publication Date: 11/21/11

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