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If you are a fan of cable's HBO' s Sex And The City (now in reruns on TBS) you may remember how Samantha Jones played by Kim Cattrall struggled with buying a wig after her chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer.

(Image to the side from the Jacquelyn Custom European Collection).

Ultimately Kim let her true femme fatale personality loose and snapped up a dizzying array of fun and fabulous wigs.

There is no question that in real life, real people struggle with the very same issues that Samantha did. Buying a hairpiece without the experience and knowledge in choosing the right one for your lifestyle can result in a very unhappy and costly experience.

Never fear, the great folks at Jacquelyn's wigs understand better than all others how to help consumers find their way through the wig and hairpiece jungles.

(Image to the side from the Jacquelyn Hair Blends Collection).

The following tips kindly provided from the Jacquelyn experts can help you make the right decision in choosing the perfect hairpiece.

First, determine why you want a wig or hairpiece

  • Is it for health reasons?
  • For fashion
  • Will it make your life easier?

Your answer to these questions will help you decide what kind of hairpiece to buy (synthetic, human hair, Hairlife, or a combination of both). Each type can be used successfully when matched to the appropriate needs of the individual.

Understand The Difference Between Various Fibers

Synthetics such as Jacquelyn's Advanced Elura retain their style well, but are less responsive to major styling changes than other materials.

(Image to the side of Daniella from the Jacquelyn Synthetics Collection).

Generally, the least expensive of all hairpieces, synthetics work best if you want to add it to your fashion accessory wardrobe, or to pack in a suitcase for carefree travel.

100% of all Human Hair is recommended when Hairwear is to be worn every day, or even very often. All human hair HairWear is the most expensive choice, but will give you many more years of satisfying wear.

(Image to the side of Charisma from the Jacquelyn Human Hair Collection).

Hairlife, a blend of human hair and synthetics, offers the best of both worlds, combining the easy care of synthetics with the natural appearance and styling versatility of human hair and at less cost than 100% of all human hair.

Assure a Comfortable Fit

Make sure the wig or hairpiece you select is as comfortable as your own hair. Comfort begins with a good fit. A lesser quality wig is usually made with a cheap heavy base and will feel like a tight helmet on your head.

All good wigs today are made with a "capless" construction, virtually guaranteeing a truly comfortable fit.

Make Sure It Looks Natural

You may or may not want the world to know that you're wearing a wig or hairpiece. If you want to keep the fact that you are wearing a wig private, select one that looks like your own hair, matching color and style, if possible.

(Image to the side of Ivana from the Jacquelyn African American Collection).

If you want to walk on the wild side like Samantha Jones did, select any wig that suits your personality and lifestyle. Remember how much fun Sam had with her different wigs which she wore like sizzling new accessories?

If you can't find exactly the wig style or color you are looking for Jacquelyn can make it for you, to your exact specifications, in their Custom Department. Jacquelyn can make full coverage wigs and partial pieces for any need in any design in any color, with any type of hair.

Where To Purchase

Available around the globe, Jacquelyn wigs have been featured on television and in major fashion magazines such as Vogue, Glamour, Good Housekeeping and Elle. Jacquelyn wigs have even been worn by a First Lady in the White House!

(Image to the side from the Jacquelyn African American Collection).

It is important to purchase your HairWear from a reliable source with HairWear specialists who have the experience and knowledge to help you make the right choice.

If you decide to purchase from a mail order house, as many people do, follow up with a visit to a good hairstylist who will shape and style the hairpiece so that it looks and fits just perfectly.

Remember, even if you get the best hairpiece in the world, it can look "wiggy" if it's not shaped properly to suit your face.


To maintain your hairpiece, make sure you wash it after 12-15 wearings in the summer, and 6-8 wearings in cooler weather.

Always keep your own hair clean underneath to reduce frequency of washings. Apply spray on conditioner for shine once or twice a week. To spot restyle, add mousse or gel and use electric rollers on a medium setting. Never use a curling iron on your hairpiece unless it is 100% human hair.


Jacquelyn Wigs, established in 1969, quickly earned a reputation for being the premiere company in the wig industry. Located in New York City, Jacquelyn caters to an international clientele.

Jacquelyn delivers the most naturally beautiful hair in the world. Since all Jacquelyn wigs offer many styling options, keep in mind that all Jacquelyn wigs can be styled into hundreds of different looks.

For a free catalog of the latest Jacquelyn Collection, please contact 800-272-2424. Be sure and tell them that sent ya. If you prefer you can visit the Jacquelyn Collection on the web at

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