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Paul Penders Rosemary Treatment Shampoo Review


Maybe it is because I was born in Missouri, the "Show Me State". Or maybe it is because I am a "cut to the chase" person. Whatever the reason, I always want to known a head of time what the payoff will be for any action that I take, from trying a new shampoo to investing in the stock market.

When I experiment with any hair care product I want to understand the benefits that my hair will reap. Will it make my hair softer, cleaner, fuller? Will it maintain my highlights or will it just make my hair look hot?

If all things are equal I always lean towards a natural product over a chemical laden one. When I can find a hair care line that gives me the same results as a line that has lots chemical ingredients I will go with the natural line.

Although I have tested many of the "health food" store lines, I have learned that just because a product is sold next to the sprouts and tofu, it doesn't mean that the product is all natural, or even chemical free. That is why everyone should always read the labels and never assume that a product is "all natural" because it happens to hang out in a natural health food store.

Even when I find products that are truly "all natural" it doesn't mean that the products will give me the results that I want with my hair. I have shampooed my way through everything from Aubrey Hampton to Giovanni, California Baby and Paul Penders.

Yes, I am a big believer in avoiding unnecessary chemicals whenever possible. While I try to avoid certain potentially damaging chemicals and eat healthy, my evil twin wins sometimes and I use products that I know are not the best for me. Hey, I'm very human.

When I am following the path of good living I pay special attention to chemicals in the products that I use and the foods that I eat. This includes both hair and skin care along with any bath and body products. The Paul Penders products fall right into line with good clean hair care living.

The Paul Penders Philosophy

All of the Penders formulas are guided by traditional European aesthetic principles and each formula is handcrafted in small batches using the finest and freshest ingredients. The Penders folks would personally have it no other way. They care deeply about every product that they create.

In addition to sparing no expense for the best natural traditional ingredients, the Penders people are at the forefront of developing skillful formulations using new nature-based advances which include powerful antioxidants, ceramides and vitamins. The health and well-being of every customer is always the first priority at Paul Penders.

Rosemary Treatment Shampoo

The Paul Penders company is famous for great all natural shampoos and related products. The Penders hair line includes formulas for normal hair care (Rosemary Treatment Shampoo), for fine and limp hair (Jasmine Treatment Shampoo) and dry & chemically treated hair (Walnut Oil, Treatment Shampoo).

A great compliment to the three shampoos is the Lemon Perfecting Rinse for all hair types.


The Rosemary Treatment Shampoo comes packaged in a crisp clean white plastic 10 ounce bottle with a screw off lid. The shampoo has a yellow and gold label with a slight rendering of herbs or flowers in the background of the label.

The Rosemary Treatment Shampoo has a wonderful fragrance that is very fresh and invigorating. I could definitely pick up the honeysuckle, rosemary and sage aromas.

Since the product is all natural is important to shake the product before using it. Ingredients that are as pure as the one used in the Rosemary Treatment Shampoo will settle. So remember to shake it up before you use it. Apply sparingly to your hair, massaging from your scalp to your ends. Let the products remain on your hair a minute or two, then work up a gentle lather. Rinse completely.

Good Results

The first time I used the Rosemary Treatment Shampoo I was very careful to follow the directions to the letter. I made sure to shake the bottle and then poured about a quarter's size of the shampoo liquid into my hands. I decided that maybe I was using too little for my thick long hair. So I added another squirt for good measure. It seemed to work just right.

I applied the Rosemary Treatment Shampoo to my hair and let it "rest" for about 1 minute before I did the lather thing. I rinsed with lukewarm water followed by a cool/cold rinse.

I decided to try the Rosemary Treatment with and without the Pender's Lemon Perfecting Rinse.

Rosemary Shampoo Ingredients

I have to tell you that the first time I read the list of ingredients in the Rosemary Treatment Shampoo I was amazed. I could not believe all the herbal "goodies" that were included on the ingredients list. Not only does this product have great stuff like Lavender and Rosemary, it has jojoba oil and honeysuckle (my own personal favorite oil that I spray in my office every day from my aromatherapy bottle) it has Arnica for healing and calendula. hops and lemon balm. WOW. I can not tell you enough what a goldmine of great ingredients is included in this product.

The ingredients in the Rosemary Treatment Shampoo include:

LevensESSENTIE (Angelica, Arnica, Calendula, Chamomile, Comfrey, Elderflower, Ginger, Ginseng Root, Honeysuckle, Hops, Horsetail, Juniper, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Nettle, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sage, St. John's Wort, Witch Hazel & Yarrow, Aloe Vera Extract, Laureth Decyl Polyglucose, Jojoba Oil, Soybean Oil, Calendula Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Plant Gel, Alginate, Seasalt Minerals, Panthenol, Vitamin C, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Essential Oils of Rosemary, Lavender, Geranium and YlangYlang, Carotene (Natural Coloring), Sodium Hydroxymethyl Glycinate (Derived from Glycine), Vitamin E.

Paul Penders LevensESSENTIE

The ingredients in the Rosemary Treatment Shampoo also include LevensESSENTIE. This ingredient is included in ALL Paul Penders's natural products.

What is LevenESSENTIE? LevensESSENTIE (pronounced layvens-ee-sen-see) is derived from two Dutch words and means "living essence". Over 100 years old, it is a concentracted extract of European and Chinese botanical blessings enriched with 2 Malaysian Rainforest herbs.

The synergistic working of LevensESSENTIE produces remarkable benefits for healthy hair as well as healthy scalp and skin. The Paul Penders company holds LevenESSENTIE in such esteem that it is an integral component of ALL Paul Pender's natural products. Penders combines "old-world" mixing of plant oils, herbal extracts and exquisitely blended essential oils with the most advanced technology in cosmetology available in the present.

Rosemary - A Great Oil

As a side note, I love that the product includes Rosemary herbs and oils (shown to the side) as a major ingredient.

Rosemary is antiseptic and is a great hair care ingredient for normal hair and scalp. It is also known to soothe sensitive scalps. Rosemary belongs to the rather large family of labiate plants. The remains of rosemary plants have actually been found in the graves of Egyptians from ancient times. Rosemary has many stories, legends and folktales tied to it. The key factor to remember about rosemary is that it is a great ingredient for helping create healthy hair and scalp. It also stimulates blood circulation.

If you dig out a good aromatherapy handbook and read about all the different ingredients contained in this fabulous skin care product you will be amazed at how carefully the formula was designed to smooth and heal the scalp and hair. If your hair and scalp are in good shape already, you don't necessarily need to rely on the healing properties but can be assured that the Rosemary will help you attain the status quo with your current hair condition.

How I Tested The Rosemary Treatment Shampoo

The Rosemary Treatment Shampoo is very gentle and I knew that as a rule it would not strip hair color. I liked the fact that I didn't have to worry about the shampoo fading my highlights prematurely. The Rosemary shampoo contains no laureth or harmful oxide derivatives, and has absolutely no animal derived by-products. It is never tested on animals. Penders has always been a leader in the no animal testing wars.

Many all natural shampoos do not create very much lather. This was not the case with the Rosemary Treatment Shampoo. I found that it lathered just fine. Not too much and not too little. Just about right. If you love super heavy lather you may be disappointed. However, this product falls in the middle of the lather scale. I suspect a lot would also depend on the type of water that you use for your shower. Hard and soft water have a different effect on how much a shampoo will tend to lather.

Lemon Perfecting Rinse

Because my hair is thick and prone to tangling, I found that the Rosemary Treatment Shampoo worked best for my hair when I coupled it with the Lemon Perfectin Rinse. It was a nice combination.

The Lemon Perfecting Rinse is a one minute treatment. The instructions suggest that it be applied sparingly to clean wet hair. Which I did. Then I gently massaged the Lemon Perfecting Rinse through my newly washed hair. I set my timer and left the Lemon Rinse on for exactly one minute the first time. I also experimented with leaving it on for longer times and found I needed about 3 minutes at least. It is recommend on the bottle that you leave the Lemon Perfecting Rinse on longer for damaged ends.

I rinsed thoroughly with lukewarm water followed by a cool rinse. Brrrrrr. I hate those cool rinses but they do wonderful things for my hair. The cool water closes the hair cuticle and adds instant shine to my hair.

For extended protection of your hair you can also work a few drops into overly dry, chemically damaged hair as a leave-in conditioner.

I actually tried the Lemon Rinse as both a rinse out conditioner and as a leave-in. I actually preferred it as a rinse out conditioner. I also applied a few drops to just my ends. That also worked well but I still prefer the Lemon Rinse as a 3-5 minute rinse out treatment.

It is important to remember that everyone's hair will react differently to different products. If you decide to try this product remember to be willing to experiment to find the best method for your hair type.


I have to tell you that the Paul Penders Rosemary Treatment Shampoo is a very good product. This product is gentle and could work on most hair types. It is not designed to add volume or to work with damaged hair, but it is gentle enough to cover most other hair types. Not only is it all natural with no chemicals, it works great.

I have been working my way through all of the Penders hair care products over the past several months. I am very impressed with everything I have seen from the Paul Penders hair line to date.

It is important to mention that Paul Penders products are recognized and endorsed by a panel of experts including Dr. Laan, MD, Dr. Azian, MD, beauty consultant Antoinette Kluinhaar and skincare educator Sue Wilson.

Do I recommend this product? Yes. I think it is a very good product for most hair types. I personally liked the Pender Walnut Oil Treatment shampoo a tad better because I have very dry hair. However, I did find the Rosemary Shampoo to be gentle and it did a good job on my hair.

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