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Paul Mitchell's Extra-Body Sculpting Foam Review


I started using Paul Mitchell's Extra-Body Sculpting Foam about two months ago at the advice of a co-worker. We were discussing various hair products and the effects the products have on our naturally curly hair.

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My co-worker noticed how stiff my curls were and suggested I try one of the products she uses. I hesitated, at first, because I already spend too much money on hair products that spend the rest of their shelf life under my bathroom sink. I then reached over and felt her curls. They were soft and well defined, unlike my own hair, which was stiff, brittle and shapeless (I had yet to discover Phytologie's PhytoMousse S88 Nourishing Shampoo).

She told me she saturates her hair with Paul Mitchell's Extra-Body Sculpting Foam. I was amazed, because at the time, I too was using a Paul Mitchell product, Super Clean Gel, which feels great on the hands and in the hair but produces the brittle, stiff result I was trying to escape.

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I took my co-worker's advice and bought a bottle of the sculpting foam that evening after work. The next morning, after shampooing and conditioning, I towel-dried my hair and applied four large handfuls of the sculpting foam to my bangs, both sides and back of my hair.

Heck, if saturation worked for my co-worker (whose hair is 3 times as long as mine) then it might as well work for me.

I blow-dried and styled my hair, as usual. I immediately noticed a big improvement. My curls were slightly crisp, yet soft and well defined.

This is exactly what the back of the bottle claims! "… strong, flexible body while enhancing shine and defining natural curls and waves."

Paul Mitchell's Extra-Body Sculpting Foam can be purchased at most chain salons (e.g. SuperCuts, Trade Secret). I have even purchased a bottle of the sculpting foam at the local hair salon (next to the shoeshine) located on the 1st floor of the downtown skyrise, where I work.

I have only purchased the small sized bottle (6 oz, $7.95-$8.77 U.S. dollars), but a larger size (about twice as much, both in weight and price) can be purchased as well.

The only draw back to Paul Mitchell's Extra-Body Sculpting Foam is that the 6 oz bottle only lasts about three weeks (remember, I saturate my hair with it). It would last longer if I used the product according to the directions; "…use one palm full for short hair, more for longer hair." It also loses pressure and becomes a runny, white mess when the bottle is near empty.

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But, combined with PhytoMousse S88 shampoo and Back to Basics Wildberry Conditioner, Paul Mitchell's Extra-Body Sculpting Foam blends nicely to create soft, cascading waves and ringlets.

To read Nichole's reviews on Phyto products check out:

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