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Numb3rs - Math, Murder & Good Hair Days


CBS, the network that has spawned the various CSI franchises has hit the jackpot with their latest drama series, Numb3rs. While it does hint of CSI style crime detective work, it brings a whole new twist with the math component.

(Image of Sabrina Lloyd as FBI Agent Terry Lake - Monty Brinton/CBS 2005 CBS Broadcasting Inc. - all rights reserved).

As I was riveted to my seat watching the fast-paced, well-written and acted premiere I was thinking that CBS has another huge winner on their hands.

The sizzling new drama offers a fabulous award winning cast including Rob Morrow, David Krumholtz and Emmy Award winners Judd Hirsch and Peter MacNicol. Swirled into the mix are some other fabulous actors including sour faced Anthony Heald as Morrow's boss with Alimi Ballard and blonde Sabrina Lloyd (Ed) as FBI peers.

Note: Sabrina Lloyd did not return for the second season in Fall 2005.

Adding a hint of potential romantic entanglement is the raven tressed Navi Rawat as David Krumholtz's math whiz student. It was unclear whether romance would evolve from the older or younger brother. Both seemed potential suitor candidates. Hopefully her role will expand in coming episodes. There is even potential there for a little brotherly competition along the way.

Inspired by actual events, this drama series follow an FBI agent played brilliantly by Morrow (formerly of Northern Exposure) and his math genius baby brother portrayed by Krumhotz (Ten Things I Hate About You). According to those in the know, the series was inspired by mathematician Richard Feynman.

The fabulously talented Peter MacNicol, whom I adored in Ali McBeal, adds a layer of quirky intensity and interest as the physicist friend of mathematician Krumhotz.

All In The Family

As the two brothers take on the most confounding criminal cases it is fascinating to watch how the two brothers approach the crime from completely different viewpoints. Seasoned investigator Don Eppes (Morrow) deals in hard fact and evidence while baby brother Charlie (Krumholtz) take to the chalkboard to spin a web of mathematical probability and equations.

With The Help Of Friends

Dad Alan Eppes (Hirsch) cements the relationship of the two sons with his fatherly advice and wisdom. MacNicol as physicist Dr. Larry Fleinhardt provides wisdom and friendly insights as only the MacNicol can.

The premiere episode offers a peak at what appears to be an award-winning series. As Don Eppes (Morrow) races to capture a serial rapist who has begun to murder his victims, nerdy baby brother Charlie is recruited by Don to help track the killer.

(Image L-R of Judd Hirsh, David Krumholtz & Rob Morrow - Photo: Robert Voets/ CBS. 2004 CBS Broadcasting Inc., all rights reserved).

Baby brother Charlie creates a mathematical equation to identify the killer’s point of origin by working back from the crime scene locations. His obsession with the case leads him to seek the help of his friend and colleague, the feisty and outspoken physicist, Dr. Larry Fleinhardt.

Not only is the writing and acting top notch, the portrayal of all of the characters from physical demeanor to outward appearances seemed very true to life. Rob Morrow looked exactly like I would assume an FBI agent might look. He was serious, stressed and totally focused while wearing what might be standard issue Bureau attire of white shirt and dark slacks. His naturally curly hair was neatly trimmed and styled, almost as an afterthought. Obviously an FBI agent hunting a serial rapist/killer would not have time for an elaborate haircut and style.

Ironically, Morrow, Krumholtz and Hirsh as the Eppes men share certain physical characteristics that makes it very believable that they are father and sons. Even better, Morrow and Krumholtz seem to have a natural chemistry that makes it believable that they could actually work together as brothers solving crimes from two different viewpoints.

(Image of Charlie Eppes - David Krumholtz - Photo by Monty Brinton - CBS 2005 - all rights reserved - CBS Broadcasting Inc.)

David Krumholtz with his wild mop of disheveled curls, expressive big brown eyes and fondness for riding a bike, OK, which seems a little odd for LA, makes him the ideal math nerd oozing quiet sexiness. Did I say sexiness? Yes indeed. Don't be surprised to find that this brainy but nerdy role catapults Krumholtz into a whole new stratosphere of female fan worship, not to mention a wall full of various acting awards. You can help but want to take him home and well, you get my drift.

Good Hair Days

Pretty and petite Sabrina Lloyd as Terri Lake, was very appropriately coiffed in a casual, yet striking blonde streaked razored bob, that would be fitting for a harried FBI agent. If you look closely you will see that Sabrina has what appears to be soft,fine hair and a pear/oval shaped face that is enhanced with her current hairstyle.

(Image of FBI agents Don Eppes (Rob Morrow) & Terri Lake (Sabrina Lloyd). CBS Television Network Photo by Monty Brinton of CBS 2005 - CBS Broadcasting Inc. all rights reserved).

After all, in real life, Sabrina's character would be pulling all-nighters that would leave little time for complicated tress styling techniques. In fact, in the premiere show, Sabrina is shown with her bob casually pulled back and up off her shoulders into a messy pony (shown above) that is pinned up to the back of her crown. This is exactly the type of style that would be totally fitting for a long stretch of nights and days tracking serial killers.

Sabrina's attire consisted of dressy casual fashions that would fit right in at the office or out in the field crawling through a window to rescue a rape victim. Lloyd's overall look and hairstyle was very complimentary to her role and did not distract from her characterization of a bright, hardworking yet stressed FBI field agent. The only problem I could detect with Sabrina is that she had little to say in the pilot. I hope that her role becomes more defined and she has a chance to contribute in future episodes.

Math student Amita played by Navi Rawat was also the picture of what you would expect a female college student to look like. Her thick curly hair was worn in a loose, casual style befitting busy days calculating math formulas.

(Image of Navi Rawat as Amita - Photo by Monty Brinton/CBS 2005 CBS Broadcasting Inc. all rights reserved).

Lets not forget the quirky but always entertaining Peter McNicol who does a brilliant professor turn or meddling yet supportive dad Judd Hirsch who also needs a much bigger role to showcase his amazing talent. In fact, if you think about it, every single character seems perfect for the role that they play. My only complaint is that I would love to see and hear more of Hirsh, McNicol and Sabrina.

Does it help that the writing is excellent and the plots are carefully executed? Of course, but throw a bunch of exceptional actors together like this cast and you have a guaranteed winner.

Guaranteed Winning Series

The series has excellent special effects and if you are a fan of how math plays out in today's complicated world, an interesting new twist.

With famous brothers Ridley and Tony Scott producing this drama, how can this show be anything be inspired and gripping? Numb3rs is product by Scott Free Productions in association with Paramount Network Television. Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Brooke Kennedy and Alex Gansa serve as the executive products. Cheryl Heuton, Nick Falacci and David Zucker are the co-executive producers. The series was created by Cheryl Heuton and Nick Falacci.

Don't miss this fantastic new drama series which will be broadcast on Fridays from 10:00 - 11:00 pm ET/PT on the CBS Television Network.

Advisory Note: Due to the violent content of this show, parental discretion is strongly advised.

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