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Twilight Songs + Hair Hero = Muth Math

If you haven't heard of the band Muth Math you may not be a Twilight fan.  Muth Math won lots of attention in 2008 for their song Spotlight on the Twilight Soundtrack for the movie.  If you want to listen to a sample you can hear it at the website by clicking this link.

(Image of Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno - Mutemath - MBC Photo - Paul Drinkwater - All Rights Reserved - All Rights Reserved).

Muth Math which is sometimes written as MUTEMATH is a Grammy Award nominated American rock band from New Orleans, Louisiana formed in 2003.

The group, according to Wikipedia, is composed of Paul Meany on Rhodes piano, bass, keytar, keyboards, samples, vocals and more recently guitar.  Darren King on drum, Greg Hill on guitars and vocals.  Roy Mitchell-Cardenas is on bass guitar upright bass and bass drum.  The band's music is a mixed bag of rock, new wave, electro, psychedelia and jazz with ambient vocals.

Recently, January 15, 2009, the band performed on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on NBC (11:35 - 12:35 ET).

One of the band members, Mexican-American musician Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas looked resplendent with a full head of hair as he played his bass guitar on the show.

(Image from Wikipedia - all rights reserved)

Roy Mitchell-Cárenas was born July 25, 1977 in Houston, Texas.  He is a renowned musician and author.

Although Roy is well-known for his work with the Mute Math band, he has been playing music since was twelve years old working as a session bassist for the past ten years.

The appearance of Muth Math on Leno triggered my attention not only because of their Twilight song but because of the great hair worn by Roy.

The bass player has extremely healthy looking long, silky and shine brown hair that falls in thick curtains to his shoulders.  Roy also has a full beard which blends in with his strands.  He finishes off his edgy look with glasses.

Although Roy, who is a Virgo, has a lot of hair between the strands on his head and his facial hair, he still looks very groomed.  It's a great look for him while giving him that musician image and ethereal vibe.

Do you like Roy's long hair and face hair or not?  Let me know.

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