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New Shag Haircut For 2011


Kris Jenner Shag Hairstyle 2011

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What's old is new again in the hair world. The shag hairstyle is back according to Louis Licari, Hairstylist to The Stars and The Today Show.

Indeed, the hairstyle which was so popular from the 70s and 80s is back with a vengeance. One great example of the sizzling hot 2011 shag style is Kardashian mom, Kris Jenner, who has a stunning head of raven black hair precision cut into a modern shag.

Ushering in the new trend is actress Jennifer Aniston who recently unveiled a brand new shorter bob style haircut with a hint of layered texture and shagginess, especially around the edges of her style.

Jennifer who launched the Rachel chin length bob craze during her early years on TV's Friends is showcasing a new hair trend.

Shag Haircut Is A Bold New Look

Today christened the revived shag haircut as a "bold new look." The classic shag hairstyle has a whole new look. Some beauty and hair experts believe the 2011 Shag haircut is more beautiful than ever. Others may not agree.

Kris Jenner Shag Hairstyle 2011

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The shag may be back, at least according to some, but what exactly is the definition of a shag?

According to Licari "the shag is an overall layered haircut with more of a fringe on the edges." Licari pointed out "its the easiest of all haircuts to maintain."

Why? Because the shag haircut, unlike a traditional bob or precision haircut, is so layered, it doesn't matter if it grows out because the layers will all mesh together and goes with the look.

Licari said "you can groom the shag or not groom it. You can make it look a little more coiffed or rough and textured which is actually a little more modern."

Indeed, it's a good easy hairstyle to have and a lot of stars have the look right now.

One advantage to the shag hairstyle which is back with a vengeance for 2011 is that there are many variations of the style.

The beauty of the shag is that you customize it to your own face. Which is what Jennifer Aniston did with her new look. She also went very blonde compared to her previous hue.

Jane Fonda - 70s Shag Poster Girl

Jane Fonda & Donald Sutherland Klute 1971

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Jane Fonda is the original poster girl for the shag hairstyle which she made popular in the 1971 movie Klute.

Although Jane introduced the shag style in Klute she has worn a version of the shag style off and on over the decades. How has Jane's shag evolved since the 70s?

In the Klute version of the shag Jane had, as Licari described it, the actress had "a long tail in the back."

Jane's current shag for 2011 no longer has the long tail in the back. Licari explained "we got rid of the old shag tails in the back. The emphasis is not more on the front."

Jane looks gorgeous with her current shag which has tons of layering and "fringe around around the edges" which Licari stated is the signature of the 2011 shag haircut.

Jane Fonda December 2010

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Tina Turner - Rock n Roll Shag Queen

Tina Turner was another fan of the shag which she rocked at the height of her music career. She has continued to wear a version of a shag haircut ever since.

What's different from Tina's original shag and her current hipper, more modern version? Tina's original shag was very wild and as Licari pointed out "a little overwhelming with a little bit too much hair."

Her current shag has evolved throughout the years into a much shorter, tailored, snazzy and definitely chic shorter layer shaglike style.

There's no question that Tina is hot, no matter how long or short her hair but her shag has changed along with her career and it still looks amazing.

What's New About The 2011 Shag?

Tina Turner 1984

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The focal point of the new 2011 shag is on the front fringe of the haircut and the precision cut layers, but not so much on the back like in the past.

It used to be with the old shag you had a shorter front and a longer back, which was the infamous hair tail.

The tail, made famous by Florence Henderson's shag haircut on TV's Brady Bunch is gone, gone, gone for 2011.

Other fans of the old shag tail were Goldie Hawn and David Cassidy. The shag's tail, much like a mullet, is definitely gone for 2011.

For 2011 the focal point is in the front of the face and hairline. Not in the back.

In the Today Studio Licari showed the results of three different makeovers which were created on three different female model before the show to demonstrate how to incorporate the new shag in a range of hair types, textures and length.

Tina Turner 2005

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Makeover Model #1 - Shoulder Length Layered Textured To Ear Length With Heavy Fringe

The first model Licari had long red hued layers which cascaded to the top of her shoulders and a side swept fringe with lots of texture.

Licari explained the first model had fine hair. An advantage of the shag is it can make thin hair look thicker and thick hair look less bulky.

The first model was transformed into a short shag which extended just past her ears. The old shag had very short layers throughout the crown and top of the head but in the makeover Licari explained that the 2011 shag's top layers are much longer.

The first model's side-swept bangs were cut into a full heavy bang which extended fully across her forehead and was point cut to give it some separation.

Kris Jenner Kim Kardashian Shag Hairstyle 2011

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The models color was deepened with highlights interwoven to showcase the cut.

Licari explained the cut and color work together to provide a total hair look. Indeed, the texture, the color and the layers all worked in unison for a very modern 2011 shag hairstyle.

Makeover Model #2 - Shoulder Length Layers To Ear Length Shag With Long Fringe

The second model who was a brunette also had a shoulder length layered hairstyle with a hint of side-swept bangs. In her make-over her hair was taken to ear lobe length with a heavy long fringe which was only slightly brushed across her forehead. Her fringe was longer on one side and extended down to the bottom eye lid. There was slight separation to the fringe.

Lots of long layers were added to the top and sides. Licari explained the second model's face was getting lost in her previous "dream haircut" and the new shag opened up her entire face. It was definitely a very big change with length, added full fringe and lots of layers on top.

Her hair was also enhanced with subtle highlights and lowlights.

Makeover Model #3 - Collarbone Length Layers To Heavily Layered Shag With Longer, Heavier Fringe

Kris Jenner 2011

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The third shag makeover model on the Today show had longer layered hair than the first two models. Her tresses originally extended down to her collarbone with a side-swept fringe.

Her new fringe haircut was cut so a bit of her original length remained but the original fullness was removed through the use of extensive layering. The ends of her hair in front extended just below her shoulders but were curved in around her neck.

Her original side-swept bangs were transformed into a much fuller and longer version with the ends of the fringe falling below her lower eyelid on one side. The third model's shag looked a lot like Jennifer Aniston's original Rachel hairstyle.

The third model's shag was designed to show that you can keep some length with the new cut. However, due to all the heavily and precision layering, it would not really work, in most cases, on hair which is shoulder length or longer.

How To Care For The Shag

Because it is so heavily layered, the shag eliminates the need for a lot of post-shampoo styling time. It is a wash and wear style. Licari explained that you can jump out of the shower "apply a little mousse or styling cream" and then finger pick or fluff into shape. The layers, when properly cut on a shag will fall into a perfectly tousled finish without need for a blow dryer, hot iron or rollers. Which makes the new shag a true wash and wear hairstyle.

Kris Jenner Shag Hairstyle 2010-2011

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Licari explained that you can even go out of the house "with your hair wet and on the way to work just do a little fluffing with the fingers and look great."

There's no question its a more simple look. In fact, Licari said "it's a random look that almost looks like you did it yourself. But of course a professional should do it because some of the layers fall precisely where they should to show off your face.


The new shag haircut for 2011 can be worn so that it's sporty or it can be finished in such a manner that it looks polished and elegant.

It's perfect for all hair types and textures. It is as appropriate in the boardroom as it is in the bedroom. Licari said the new shag will work on every face shape, hair type, texture and color.

As Licari pointed out, the new shag for 2011 is perfect for summer because its very light and airy.

More About Louis Licari

Louis Licari is his name and perfect color is his game. Louis was originally trained as a painter at Syracuse University, but shortly afterward took his artist's eye and put it to use as a colorist. Now Licari owns two successful salons in New York City and Beverly Hills.

Louis Licari

Louis Licari All Rights Reserved

The hair colorist's goal in life? To offer women hair color perfectly suited to their skin tone, facial features and lifestyle. His mantra is "the right hair color can lift a complexion and take years off a woman's face." Licari really does believe that.

Licari loves what he does and his passion for hair makes anyone who sits in his chair feel special. Whether you're an actress, a runway model or a businesswoman, this famous hair colorist takes pride in providing all clients with his undivided attention, while he listens and accesses his client's color needs.

And of course, Licari believes the occasional gossip session helps keep things interesting as well!

Licari's list of celebrity clients is far from short. And even though he promised them their secrets are safe with him, that doesn't mean he can't tell an occasional juicy story or two.

A few years ago Licari joined NBC's Today show team as a Contributing Editor. He appears regularly on the morning show, giving advice and demonstrating the latest in beauty and grooming.

Don't be surprised if you tune in and catch him doling out tips. Licari's writings can also be found on

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