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Nelly Furtado MTV 8-28-05

I am a self-professed workaholic although some of my friends claim I am more a work-a-manic than anything.

Regardless of the term that is used to describe me, I love to write new content for Doing anything for never really seems like work to me. Maybe it feels more like fun because I load up my IPod with a diverse range of my favorite musicians and rock out while I do whatever.

Recently my IPod found its way to my Nelly Furtado tracks from Whoa, Nelly and one of my favorite songs, I'm Like A Bird. Many people apparently agreed with my tastes since the song was a hit.

I also discovered that Nelly was about to release her third CD (Loose) which already is stirring a bit of controversy because of its reported new musical direction (Promiscious) along with Nelly's completely revamped hair, makeup and style.

Who Is Nelly Furtado?

Nelly Furtado Lara Croft 6-11-01

Sagittarian Nelly Furtado (December 2, 1978) is a multi-talented, first generation Canadian musical performer. Her life has been centered in a very diverse range of musical cultures since the early age of four when she sang a Portuguese duet with her Azorean-Portuguese mother.

In various media interviews over the past several years Nelly has shared the fact that she started playing the trombone and the ukele at the tender age of nine. She ultimately played the trombone in the school marching band which is quite a vision to assume for this brilliant and fiery performer.

Along with her trombone skills, Nelly eventually mastered the keyboards and the guitar.

Before she even finished high school, the multi-talented young woman visited Toronto where she met up with Tallis Newkirk, member of the hip hop group Plains of Fascination. As a result of that meeting Nelly ultimately provided vocal contributions to their 1996 album Join the Ranks on "Waitin" 4 the Streets.

Although one of three children from an industrious working class background, Nelly has made her way up the ladder of success through determination and true grit. Her mother who was a housekeeper inspired Nelly to work for eight summers as a chambermaid to make money.

Nelly Furtado Performing on Last Call With Carson Daily Photo: Theo Wargo 3-12-02

Besides having a diverse musical background and a bag full of never ending talents, Nelly is multi-lingual. She speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish and a little Hindu.

A nomad at heart, Nelly digs deep inside and draws her musical inspirations from her many travels to different cultures where she allows her mind to be expanded by new philosophies and lifestyles.

Part of Nelly's rapidly growing popularity is based upon the fact that her works are so diverse.

Drawing on many different musical influences that include R&B, hip hop, alternative rock, Brazilian music she is one part Mariah Carey, one part Mary J. Blige with swirls of U2, Beck and Smashing Pumpkins. The result of all this blending and mixing is her very unique and ever changing tracks.

Short Pony Style In 2001 To Sizzling Look For 2006

Nelly's jet black hair is more often than not worn in a short or medium chin length style. Nelly prefers to wear her tresses brushed up off her face and when performing, is often spotted with a short mini-ponytail that is casually pulled behind her head.

Unlike her female musical peers, Nelly has always adopted a more casual performance fashion. Understanding that Nelly's ultimate fashion goal is to reflect the energy of her albums accounts for the appearance of her hair, fashions and overall image that she projected for her first two albums - Whoa, Nelly and Folklore.

Nelly Furtado 6-1-01

Nelly Furtado 6-1-01

Nelly Furtado 6-1-01

Nelly Furtado 10-26-01

The award winning songbird's hairstyle, clothing and image have historically followed a pattern of tracking with the energy of the album she recorded. A lot of attention has been focused on the fact that for her latest CD her image has changed significantly.

Nelly Furtado Grammy Awards 1-4-02

For her latest album Nelly has gone with much a shorter, sleeker hairstyle and a very hot, sexy image that is very different from her past image when she was communicating a casual and relaxed vibe.

When questioned in the media about her new image Nelly has linked her sizzling new sexy look to the fact that she "recorded in Miami and thus picked up the hot sexy feel of the city".

She also mentioned the fact that her third album is a complete departure from anything else she has every done and her image change is honoring that new direction in her creativity.

The world is eagerly anticipating Nelly's third album which is entitled Loose and is scheduled to be released in June.

For this third work, the very talented songbird and musician took a completely different direction. The new album features Furtado heading in a more R&B and hip hop direction than ever before.

Nelly has categorized her latest work as punk-hop which she has explained is is poppy, spooky music.

Nelly Furtado 5-21-04

Nelly Furtado 8-27-05

Nelly Furtado 8-25-05

Nelly Furtado 3-12-02

On the BBC's Top Of The Pops site Nelly comments that the classic look for her "is the Adidas shell toes, the jeans, the tank top, the hoped earrings and the hair pulled back". After commenting that the classic look might not suit her now, she does say she "likes the gowns that you get to wear at award shows - all that fancy couture - I love that".

For a complete range of different hair pictures of Nelly, be sure to stop by and visit the Photo Galleries of styles.

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