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Naturally Curly Hairstyles - Myths, Facts & Fallacies


Above & Beyond Salons Stylist: Allison Randall 04-11-08

Hair consumers with naturally curly hair or hair that is "mixed" with one part naturally curly and other parts wavy or straight, often have a lot of misconceptions about natural curls.

What are some of the most common hair myths about naturally curly hair?

Listed below are the most common misconceptions with the appropriate answers.

1. Naturally curly hair should only be worn curly Truth: Natural curls can be worn straight, curly, up, down or in a combination of styles depending on the desires of the wearer. 2. Curly hair is not as attractive to the opposite sex as other hair textures Truth: While curly hair may not be attractive to the entire opposite sex, there are many people who find natural curls very attractive. 3. All shampoo products dry out natural curls. Truth: It depends on the shampoo line. Some shampoo products are very harsh on natural curls, others are not. 4. Curly hair is less professional than other types of hair textures. Truth: It depends on the profession. It also depends on the position within the profession.

Above & Beyond Salon Stylist: Ashley Dietz 04-11-08

5. All curly hair is created equal. Truth: There are many different curl patterns that can fall into a wide range of categories such as kinky curls, medium to loose curls and softer waves with a hint of curls.

6. Curly hair should be cut when bone dry. Truth: Most curly hair experts believe that you should not cut curly hair when it is dry. This is because dry curls do not contract or bounce like slightly damp curls. Depending on which curl expert you talk to, cutting curly hair may actually minimize style options for naturally curly hair.

7. Water dries out curly hair. Truth: Water, especially soft or distilled water, is the best moisturizer for naturally curly hair. I personally watched Lorraine "Curly Girl" use water in a spritzer bottle instantly transform dry curls into bouncing ringlets.

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Curl Hair Experts

Every major curl expert from Ouidad to Christo has their own way of advising their clients how to deal with curls.

Above & Beyond Salon Stylist: Kristen Phillips 04-11-08

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Christo of New York teaches his clients with natural curls how to style their curls. The curl master recommends dividing curly hair into five sections.

The New York curly hair expert then recommends finger combing a dime sized amount of leave in conditioner into the subsections. This will allow the curls to soften. He then shakes or scrunches the curls, one section at a time.

Christo also provides his curly hair clients with diffuse drying as an option.

Texturing curling hair means that longer layers are cut on the inside of the hair making the curls interlock which means less expansion at the bottom and more lift at the top of the head which is what naturally curly hair needs.

Note: Hairstyles-&-Hair-Style-Articles - Visit our section devoted to hairstyles.

Turning Curls Into Soft Waves

Transforming hair from tight curls to softer waves without chemicals, styling products or hot tools can be done by trying the following method:

1. The secret of successful styling is to maintain “Healthy Hair”. While in the shower cleanse your hair with a very gentle moisturizing shampoo once or twice a week, followed by a rinse out conditioner. Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week to avoid dryness and frizziness.

2. Towel blot to remove moisture.

Sandra Bullock

3. Pour a dollop of leave-in conditioning into the palms of your hands. Work it into the entire palms of your hands. Finger pick the conditioning product beginning at the top of the ears and distribute to the very ends. Be sure to distribute evenly throughout the entire head.

4. Separate hair into 4-6 individual sections.

5. Use a long finger diffuser attached to a blow dryer and allow individual sections of hair to rest in the diffuser cup. Use a warm to cool heat on a low speed. Take your time drying. Finish with a blast of cool to cold air.

6. After hair is completely dry, twist the individual sections very tight from root to end and clip the twist on the top of your head.

Leave the clips in place for a minimum of 10 minutes, longer if possible. After you undo the twists, your hair will be transformed to less tight but looser waves until you get it wet again.

Taming Frizz Tricks

Hair by Barbara Lhotan

Curly hair is most prone to dehydration. As a result, it attracts water. As water is absorbed the hair swells.

To keep hair moisturized which counters dehydration, limit shampoo to 1-2 times a week and make sure hair is very wet before adding diluted shampoo.

To deal with extreme humidity, add 1/4 deep conditioner to three quarters styling products to block frizz.


Hair is a major part of any wardrobe. Whether you like it or not, you will be judged in all areas of your life according to the way that you wear your hair.

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