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Nancy O'Dell - Access Hollywood Hair


When Nancy O'Dell's brilliant blondness light up the screen on tonight's Access Hollywood program I was primed to hit the slow-mo button on my Tivo control. Never mind the fascinating exclusive interview with Angelina Jolie about her ruptured relationship with her movie star dad. And yeah, it was good to hear that Toby McGuire would be able to fly "just fine" for his next Spiderman saga.

But the really big story for me was Nancy's hot new hairdo. "Come on Nance, turn more to the left," I coached her from my sofa, yes, that's right, "swing your head a little so I can see the movement and flow of the cut" I begged. "Amazing layers", I shouted back at the screen. It's absolutely stunning, pure wow, I gurgled to my puzzled friend who was watching me scrutinize every single solitary hair on the lovely Ms. O'Dell's beautiful blonde head. (Image above of Nancy O'Dell - Courtesy of NBC - Access Hollywood - all rights reserved).

So what the heck was I doing you might ask? Good question but really, I am not totally insane. Just totally mesmerized by Nancy's hot new hairstyle. Why you might ask? Well I was actually studying the latest styling masterpiece of Ken Paves, celebrity hairstylist to some of the most beautiful and talented stars in the world.

Earlier in the day when I was chatting with Ken on the phone, while he was letting the blonde hair extensions for Christina Applegate's upcoming Cosmo photo shoot "air dry" on a beach towel in his backyard, he filled me in on Nancy's new cut.

I was beyond curious to see what hair magic Ken had performed for the lovely Ms. O'Dell. Even though Ken was describing Nancy's new style as "many many layers upon layers with sultry side swept bangs" and "lots and lots of movement" I wanted to see his magic. Yes, it's true that curiosity killed the cat and I was one very curious cat.

Ken reminded me that I could see Nancy's new hairstyle on her Access Hollywood broadcast, which lead me to a mad dash for my home and the one way conversation with my TV.

Sure enough, Nancy looked spectacular in her brand new edgy, choppy, layered do, which I studied in slow-mo pause for an extended period of time. (Image above of Pat O'Brien & Nancy O'Dell - Courtesy of NBC - Access Hollywood - all rights reserved). Her sultry new layered style flows beautifully from her crown to her shoulders. It opens up her entire face and eyes. Her cap of shiny blonde bangs can be worn to the side in a flirty side sweep, or worn brushed down around her eyes.

One question I always ask Ken is how he hooked up with his various celebrity heads. I always want to know this information because of what I have learned about how he works. Ken prefers to work with a client that is open to forming a professional relationship that allows him to dig down into their soul.

You only have to look at the hair designs of Ken's favorite "girls" like Lara Flynn Boyle, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson and Carmen Electra to see what I mean. Ken captures their true essence, heart and soul with his scissors and hands. He gets inside their head and then designs a hair masterpiece that truly reflects who they are, their dreams and realities and their desires.

So how did Ken come to working with Nancy O'Dell's hair? Although Nancy and Ken have been acquainted for some time through mutual Hollywood connections, this was the first time that Ken had the opportunity to work on Nancy's hair. In a scene stranger than fiction, Nancy, who is one of the most recognized and respected journalistic faces in Hollywood, saw the spectacular new hairstyle that Ken created for Dance Fever's Carmen Electra on a recent Regis and Kelly show. In true Hollywood fashion, Nancy's people called Carmen's people who called Ken's people. All of those Hollywood people pulled it together so that Ken Paves was able to schedule a special haircut session at Nancy's home on Sunday morning at the virtual crack of dawn.

So in true Ken Paves fashion, he met with Nancy and he spent "a good portion of the haircut session chatting and getting to know the real Nancy O'Dell a little better".

Just like with all his clients, when Ken starts working with them at the beginning, they will go through a series of haircut evolutions until they emerge, like a butterfly from their cocoon, with a Paves style that reflects their beauty and soul. This process usually takes 2-3 haircuts over a span of weeks or months as Ken works with them and builds a foundation of trust and knowledge that he translates to their style.

It is actually an amazing process that mere mortals can only dream of. To find a hair muse that will help them be who they really are.

But then everything about Ken Paves is truly amazing.

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