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Men's Hairstyles: Hugh Laurie: Classic Male Hairstyle


Hugh Laurie Fox All Star Party 7-16-04

Hugh Laurie aka "Dr. House" was born June 11, 1959 in Oxford, England. He was educated at Eton and Cambridge.

Hugh first got involved in acting at Cambridge when he joined the Cambridge Footlights, the school's acting troupe. The wanna-be actor served as a writer and cast member and eventually was president of the group during his last year.

Hugh met actress Emma Thompson through the Footlights and eventually Emma introduced Hugh to Stephen Fry in 1980.

The multi-talented performer has been acting quite successfully since 1975 when he performed in Who Sold You This, Then?

Lucky for me, celebrity hairdresser Robert Hallowell met the now famous Dr. House (Fox TV) when they worked together on the three Stuart Little movies.

Robert, who has a long term working relationship with Geena Davis (Mrs. Little) was the head hairdresser for all of the Stuart Little movies and thus designed all the hairstyles for the primary characters, including Hugh Laurie.

Yes, I know, it's a shock to imagine that the ultra crabby Dr. House was actually the sweet and nuturing adopted father of the cuddly mouse. But yes, they're one and the same. Which explains why Hugh Laurie won awards for his role as Dr. House. He is a brilliant actor able to completely shift roles so that it is impossible to even link the characters together.

During his tenure as head head dresser for the Stuart Little films, Robert coiffed Hugh's hair on a daily basis. That included cutting his hair and styling it for all of his scenes in the films. Robert graciously shared his hair memories of Hugh's haircut and styles with me when I realized the connection that Robert had with "Dr. House".

In fact, at one point when I was bugging Robert for Hugh Hair tidbits, I called him "the mouse dad" instead of Dr. House. Robert laughed and assured me "he knew who I meant". He also told me that he had watched House and noticed Hugh's current haircut and style.

Hugh Laurie Fox All Star Party 4-10-04

Traditional Men's Cut

Robert explained "Hugh wears his hair in a traditional businessman's haircut which in essence means that it is cut with a scissors." It is layered in a graduated style with the layers being the longest at the top of the head and tapering to a square shape at the back of the head".

Why a square shape? Robert believes that the squared off back is "more masculine" and that the "rounded taper, on the wrong head, give a Q Tip appearance". Hmmm, I never thought of that before but Robert is right.

Robert commented "the layers would be crafted by pulling individual strands out from the scalp with fingers and then layering with a scissors or scissor/shears".

Hugh's hair is "cut to create some lift and fullness along the top and crown of the head". Robert noted that Hugh's haircut "balances his face shape and plays off Hugh's strong square facial lines which give House a very rugged and masculine appearance". The slight lift along the forehead area draws attention to Hugh's piercing blue eyes.

This haircut can be worn by most men, especially if they wish to give a professional appearance, accentuate a square face shape or firm up a softer jaw area. Depending on the individual features, most men can wear this style and modify it slightly to account for any features that need to be minimized or highlighted.

Another advantage to this style of men's haircut, as Robert noted "is the fact that it can be changed up by utilizing different styling products and techniques". It can be worn very "finished" with every hair in place "or it can be tousled for a more casual look". The top could even be spiked or combed into a faux hawk look. There are lots of styling options.

Stuart Little Films

Hugh Laurie An Evening With House 4-17-06

For the Stuart Little films, the producers, according to Robert, wanted Hugh to have "a much more conservative look" than for the disheveled and just-out-of-bed tousled style that he wears for House. In fact, Robert noted "the human son in the Little films was required to have the exact same cut as Hugh so that they looked like a real father and son".

Robert pointed out "in essence Hugh has the same cut for House that he wore in Stuart Little except that the lengths vary and the styling products are different".

To honor the personality of the eternally crabby Dr. House, his hair is style to look like he just woke up from a nap in his office - which his character would definitely do. It also works with Dr. House's love or riding a motorcycle that would give him a wind-blown devil-may-care style.

Robert commented that "Hugh has a classic male face shape, which is square". The actor's hair is a medium brown hue, is medium thick and has a bit of bend to give it some nice texture with a little bit of wave.

Steal This Look - Step By Step

Hugh Laurie & House Cast Members An Evening With House 4-17-06

To achieve Hugh's look start with the right haircut. Either print out photos of Hugh or similar cuts that achieve the same look. Work with your favorite hairdresser or barber to craft a haircut that works with your face shape, hair type, texture and current condition.

This style might not work as well for some hair textures as others. Be willing to modify the look to work for your own hair and features.

1. Shampoo hair with a product designed for your hair type, texture and current condition.

2. Use a rinse-out conditioner if your hair is dry or damaged. Hair that is fine, thinning or straight should consider a leave-in conditioner as optional.

3. Finish with a cool/cold clear rinse.

4. Towel blot hair and detangle. Apply Robert Hallowell's Dream Cream to the palms of your hands. Distribute through your hair with your fingers making sure that all the strands are covered and tousle strands as you apply the Dream Cream.

5. Air-dry for a natural tousled look.

If you prefer more volume, apply a volume enhancing product to the roots and blow dry the roots, tousling the hair with your fingers as you dry. Finish with an optional spritz of hairspray.

More Finished Look

For an more finished look apply a gel or mousse and blow dry hair completely. For more lift at the forehead apply a volume enhancing product right at the roots. Finish with hairspray.


For a complete range of different hair photos of Hugh Laurie be sure to stop by and visit the Photo Galleries of Hugh Laurie's style.

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