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Men's Fashions: Suit Up For Great Looks


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Men's fashions have gone through a series of transformations over the years.

There was the tasteless fashions of the 70s, the boom and bust economy of the 80s and the business-causal revolt of the 90s that was the undressing of specialty retailers such as Reynolds-Penland, Jas. K. Wilson, Cylde Campbell and Thurman & Reynolds to name a few lost male fashion souls.

Although clothes don't make the man, many guys can be transformed by well-tailored clothes.

Like it or not fashion is a statement and men should consider the message they sending with the clothes they wear.

Men's Perfect Wardrobe Suggested Items

If you dream of being a well-dressed man consider stocking your closet with the following bare essentials. Listed below is what men's clothing experts recommend for the "perfect" wardrobe:

1. Tuxedo: This is a must for the well-dressed man. Two weddings or related special formal events will pay for your tux over the life of the formal suit compared to hitting the rental racks which offer many disadvantages.

2. Black or navy blazer: If you can't go crazy and opt for one of each, go for at least one and pair it with well made gray pants. If your budget permits, get one of each type of blazer and gray slacks in light, middle and dark tones.

3. Two seasonal sports coats: Opt for one designed for year round wear and one for the fall through winter seasons. Buy matching slacks.

4. Slacks: Go for one pair of navy, charcoal, tan, brown and black. When possible, purchase them in a well-made year round weight. Supplement with cotton casual print slacks in your favorite shades of khaki, navy and black.

5. Dress shirts: As a minimum select two whites, two blues, one cream or tan shirt and a couple of fancy shirts with stripes or great weaves.

6. Sport shirts: Depending on your work needs, 1 to 2 shirts per pair of slacks. Slight more if you wear them to work every day.

7. Knit Shirts: Six to eight and skip the gold or other logos.

8. Ties: Two ties per suit or sport-coat outfit. With basic color palettes there will be a natural crossover between outfits.

9. Shoes: Select dress shoes in black and either brown or dark tan. Casual shoes should be selected in black, tan and brown.

10. Belts: Black, brown and tan plus one or two casual belts.

11. Raincoat and topcoat: One or two well made depending on your local weather patterns.

12. Jacket: Opt for leather or cloth depending on your preference and local climate.

Fashion Changes Quickly

Men's fashion is constantly changing. If you are unsure about how to construct your own top quality men's wardrobe consider hiring a men's fashion consultant or head to the nearest men's clothing boutique and work with a personal shopper.

Once or twice a year gather the dated, the worn and unworn and the uncomfortable and create new combinations.


No matter how fashionable your wardrobe comfort needs to be part of the final equation. If you don't enjoy your fabulous wardrobe chances are you won't want to wear it and will sink back into your old rags.

Take your time and select fashions that separate yourself from the masses.

Looking sharp is necessary armament for deal making finesse. If you have no confidence in your tastes and find shopping intimating turn your closet over to your wife, significant other or expert at your local men's high fashion boutique.

A great premier men's clothier is Pockets in Highland Park Village in Dallas. Founded many years ago, Pockets was designed to be fashion forward and not fashion silly. Pockets sales consultants are trained to be fashion innovators.

Other fine men's clothiers include but are no limited to:

David Wood Clothiers Portland, Maine

Pockets Dallas, Texas

M.Penner Houston, Texas

Malouf's Fine Apparel Lubbock, Texas

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